Iconoclast is a MUD (multi-user dungeon) where I have roleplayed a number of different characters. The main webpage is at http://www.iconoclast.org if you're interested in more background. It's a cyberpunk world, so there are no elves, dragons, or magic. Rather, there are genetically enhanced humans and an excess of technology. I like it there.

Most of these roleplays take place in Nexus Plaza, the central area of Iconoclasts's city, New Aurora. They usually begin when I enter the room, so I'll show a list of who's currently there. These are all from my point of view, so if it says 'You [do something]' it refers to Duff, Rafe, Fi/Emily, or Rio/Alexei.

I've also cleaned these logs up quite a bit. I've deleted extraneous stuff from other icons when it doesn't contribute to the plot. If I didn't do that, you'd be reading for days.

FAQ/Data page! Brand new, very relevant!

Just some fun stuff:

Aww, look at the widdle hurt robin!

Miscellaneous oddities. compiled for your pleasure.

Fi plays with a Pikachu. With Kes, Delirium, Johny, and a guest appearance by Ean.

Sticky bits of human. With Fi, Ean, Bok, and Kes.

OOC strangeness. Includes dirty words.

Martin's death. With Melchior and Jago. (One of the funniest things I never actually witnessed)

X-Files stuff. C'mon, you know you want it.

Emily Spencer (Fi): (new icon, involved in current RP)
Emily's a rich bitch. She came to New Aurora recently due to family problems, but she's wasted no time in finding her niche. She's got a rotten job as a bioware technician, low on the food chain, but it pays her bills. She deeply resents all the semi-human genotypes who compete for her job, and she's not shy about her preferences.

Emily Spencer
Emily looks like a poster child for Corporate success: expensive grey suit, classic jewelry, perfect straight brown hair, and flawless makeup. Her face is too angular to be pretty, though, and the movements of her tall body betray more tension than grace. She keeps a white-knuckled grip on her leather satchel.
<Face> some lipstick
<Eyes> some cateye shades
<Ears> a pair of diamond earrings
<Neck> a corporate lapel pin
<Torso> a nice blouse
<Waist> a chiffon skirt
<Legs> stockings
<Feet> a pair of high heels
<Held> a dark pamphlet

Recent roleplay:

  • NEW! 1. Emily says her piece to a Shifter, having no idea that Victor is their Alpha male. With Creed/Victor and Everlast/Jared.
  • 2. Angry Emily takes it out on a goth. with Ezekiel.

Alexei Tchenko (Rio): (new icon, involved in current RP)
Alexei is an aging hoodlum who's got his fingers in a lot of other people's pies. He runs a salvage business, where he buys and sells a wide variety of gear. He's also a partner in a Canada/Americorp import/export business which may or may not be completely above board. In any case, he gets shipments from Canada on an irregular basis.

Alexei Tchenko (Rio): (current description)
At first glance, Alexei doesn't deserve a second one. He's about 5'8, average build, pushing 40 years old. A second glance reveals a face that must have been very pretty in his youth, but now shows too many lines around the eyes and too hard a smile. Short-cropped dark hair is precisely gelled above light skin, greenish eyes, a small nose, and a weak chin. His mouth pulls to one side when he smiles, out of habit, resembling a sneer.
(Head)          a baseball cap
(Ears)           a silver ring
(Torso)           a t-shirt
(About Body) a heavy brown leather coat
(Left Wrist)     a neuroglove (hum)
(Hands)         some leather gloves
(Legs)           a pair of jeans
(Feet)            some scuffed leather shoes

Recent roleplay:

  • 1. A Fang follows Dwayne into Joel's bar, the Darts and Drinks. Includes Alexei Tchenko (Rio), Dwayne Coaste (Spyman), Maeveen (Jazz), Ona Matopeia, (Mystery), Joel Dart (SaintIgel)

Rafe: (an old icon from 1999, no longer active)

Rafe's a little cutie. He's a crossdressing gay boy with a history of mental instability. He's friendly and happy and a bit manic. But he's basically a coward, and he's easily frightened - he makes a great victim.

He's gone through some phases: For a while, he wanted to be a Jedi, so he cavorted around in a kimono and carried on about The Force. Then he wanted to be a faery, so he wore faery wings and danced around the plaza, waving his faery wand at people. Sometimes, he's a nurse, complete with a big needle and an enema bag. Recently, his action figures have been talking to him. Nobody else can hear them, of course, which is a good thing, since they don't always say nice things. You can sometimes tell what phase Rafe is in by what he's wearing, so I usually begin each log with a description of him.

Rafe's serious roleplays:

     Droog stuff:
  • 1. Rafe meets Rob, a Droog, for the first time.(this is one of my all-time favorites)
  • 2. Rob terrorizes Rafe again, after Duff attacks Megumi.
  • 3. Rafe re-hashes the Droog thing. With Eric and Megumi.
  • 4. Rafe learns there's no more Wolf. With Rob.
  • 5. Rafe talks to Azander, a former Droog.
  • Job stuff:

  • 1. Rafe interviews for a job as an entertainment promoter. With Nyctasia. (interesting bit of Rafe's background)
  • 2. Machine offers Rafe a new job. With Terek, Akasha, and Koan.
Rafe's frivolous roleplays:
    Faery stuff:
  • 1. Faery Rafe is attacked by misc icons. With Peter, Vix, Cat, Eric, Eris, and Megumi. (long and involved. sorry)
  • 2. Faery Martin analyzes Slicker. (I love this. Martin was a genius)
  • Drug stuff:

  • 1. Rafe has a hangover. With Eric and Minx.
  • 2. Rafe does downers and meets a talking duck. Really. With Sanosuke and Vix.
  • 3. Nurse Rafe hands out drugs, despite interference. With Kenneth, Cat, and Razor.
  • 4. Rafe overdoes it and ends up in the hospital. With Saalshar, Jacobin, and Brandon.
  • Action figure stuff:

  • 1. Rafe plays with his Captain Amazing action figure. Cara is there.
  • 2. This action figure is evil. With Kain.
  • 3. Nurse Rafe has a nursie action figure, to match. With Vix and Nia. (Fun!)
  • 4. Another evil action figure makes Rafe's life miserable. With Asphodel and Ariene.
  • 5. Blinky and the Binky Baby.
  • 6. Rafe versus the Dead Slug. With Nyctasia.
  • Misc Stuff:

  • 1. Rafe tries to count steps in the Plaza. With Terek, Provyn, and some newbie named Rabbit.
  • 2. Rafe has a flashback? Completely silly, with Rob and Digby.
  • NEW! 3. Eric dies. Rafe and Machine are on the spot - what will they do?
  • NEW! 4. Is someone killing random daemons around New Aurora? Rafe sees something that unhinges him, yet again. With Brygid, Sethys, Erinys, and Eric.

Duff:  (an old icon from 1999, no longer active)

Duff is the simpler of the two characters. He's a low-class tough who enjoys scaring people and starting trouble. He responds violently to anything that attacks his fragile self-esteem - he prefers to put others down in order to make himself feel bigger. And he's a sexist pig. Don't read these logs if you don't want to read about that sort of thing. Duff's not a nice person. I'm not he, and vice-versa.

He's also a Droog. If you've see A Clockwork Orange, you'll know what I mean. The droogs were a sadistic, whimsical gang who entertained themselves by beating, raping, and pillaging. On Iconoclast, Rob started the droogs; Azander was second; Duff was third. You can recognize a droog in roleplay by his outfit: orange jumpsuit, derby, mascara, and some kind of cane.

Duff's description:
Crew-cut red hair frames a baby face with pale green eyes. Duff is a graceful, good-looking young man, but clearly high-strung. When he's not sneering or laughing, an expression of distaste purses his lips.
(Head) a derby
(Eyes) some mascara
(Neck) a chain collar
(About Body) a day-glo orange jumpsuit
(Feet) a pair of 20 hole boots
(Held) a walking stick

  • 1. Duff menaces Keyser.
  • 2. Duff taunts three women.
  • 3. Duff attacks Megumi in Nexus Plaza. (This was fun, but some might consider it creepy)
  • 4. Duff attacks Diane in the Dirtwalk.
  • 5. Duff menaces Nia in Nexus Plaza.
  • 6a. Duff and Azander menace Liam. With Terek, Vix, and Jacobin.
  • 6b. Part two: Duff and Azander recover from the debacle and take their aggressions out on someone else.
  • NEW! 7. Duff harrasses and fights Brandon in Nexus Plaza.

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