============== Dead Slug =========================

l rafe
Short and slender, with short, pale, blue hair arranged in artful disarray.
Rafe fairly vibrates with manic energy, constantly moving or fidgeting.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Neck> a crystal necklace
<About Body> a clear plastic trenchcoat
<Right Wrist> a hero patch
<Left Wrist> a bundle of wires
<Legs> a pair of shiny leather pants
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Nexus Plaza
A very dead, very flat slug lies here.
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.
An ASA Security pod observes silently.

l slug
What was once a bright yellow banana slug is now a brownish-yellow, vaguely oblong flat smear on the ground.

Rafe grimaces distastefully at the dead slug. 'Ew.'

Rafe gives the smear a wide berth and continues out of the plaza, his face somewhat greenish.

You grab ahold of a pen.

You OOC: Actually, it's kinda amusing to emote to a dead slug.

Nyctasia arrives from the south.

Rafe pokes the dead slug with his pen.

Nyctasia wants to see you emote at the dead slug.

Rafe makes a face at the dead slug.

Nyctasia laughs, "I think it should come back alive..and lick you."

You sigh.

Rafe blinks over at the dead slug. He presses his lips together and braces himself against the unpleasantness, then steps slowly towards it.

Rafe holds his nose and leans over the dead slug. He moves his head from side to side, peering at it with fascinated disgust.

Rafe releases his fingers from his nose slowly and takes a tentative sniff. Since the slug doesn't smell bad, he sighs with relief and relaxes slightly.

Nyctasia laughs at Rafe's amusing antics.

Rafe reaches out with his ball-point pen to touch the slug. He pokes it lightly, once, then pulls his hand back quickly to watch it.

Nyctasia giggles, "I betcha it's not dead.."

Rafe pokes the dead slug again, harder this time. He watches intently for any sign of life.

Nyctasia OOCs: I think that the dead slug should become a zombie and violate Rafe.
You OOC: Eeeew!
You OOC: You're even meaner than Saalshar!
Nyctasia OOCs: *laughs* It'd be funny..
You OOC: <sniffs in a dignified manner> No, it would not.
Nyctasia OOCs: *nods* Yea, it would..
You OOC: Well, maybe it would, just a little.

Rafe tries to flip the flattened slug over with his pen.

Nyctasia laughs at the image of Rafe being violated by a zombie slug..

Rafe's face turns somewhat green.

Rafe grimaces with disgust as his pen just shlorps through the slug remains instead of flipping it over.

Nyctasia chuckles, "Fancy the slime, eh?"

You exclaim, 'Eeeeew!'

Rafe drops the pen by the slug and stands up, frowning down at the mess.

Rafe frowns and shuffles out of the plaza. He pauses to glance over his shoulder at the slug, just in case it has moved in the last few seconds.