==================== Pikachu! =================

Holden bows down his head to you all and does a little twirl before he turns into a pokemon and blows up.
Holden has left.

Fi claps her hands with delight. 'Pokemon!'

Kes grimaces at the mention of pokemons.

Ean exclaims, 'AAAAK!'

Kes shoots Fi.

Ean screams like a... girl.

Fi starts guiltily. 'Sorry.'

Delirium says, 'hey pokemon kick ass!~'

Kes blows imaginary smoke from her finger.

Kes raises an eyebrow at Delirium.

Delirium says, 'sorry '

Kes looks at Ean. 'Quick! We've been caught in a nest of pokemon-lovers. You throw the deck of cards in the corner while I make a break for it!'

Fi hears the word "cards" and looks around with great interest.

Kes exclaims, 'Ack!'

Kes dives for cover.

Ean says, 'Discussion degenerated beyond point of no return :P'

Ean leaves.

Fi says, 'we can do more, maybe... er...'

Kes points at Fi. 'She started it.'

Kes sticks her tongue out at Fi.

Fi pokes Kes and whispers, 'Pikachu!'

Kes whimpers.

Fi says, 'Pikachu! Pikachu! Mew-Two!'

Fi makes Pikachu ears with her hands, wagging them at Kes.

Kes actually doesn't know anything about them except Pikachu's the little yellow demon with the horns and the pointy tail.

Johny arrives from above.

Fi nods. 'That's all I know, too.'

Johny says, 'oye..'

Fi says, 'too late. Die.'

Johny says, 'by yer hand? I doubt that.'

Kes uses Fi's distraction to bean her with a pack of Pokemon cards and dodge around her toward the exit.

Fi gets poked in the eye with a corner of the deck. 'Ow!'

Johny laughs

Kes glances back. 'Sorry!'

Fi clutches her hand over one eye and screams, 'You'll put someone's eye out!'

Kes laughs.

Kes asks, 'Isn't that like, the goal of all little kids, however?'

Kes blinks innocently.

Fi removes her hand and blinks tentatively. 'Yeah, I guess so.'

Johny says, 'neva seen someone get twacked with a deck a' cards..'

Kes hustles it for the stairs.

Fi snatches the cards off the floor. 'They're Pokemon cards!,'

Johny asks, 'an'?'

Fi oohs and aahs over the cards.

Kes stops, one foot on the bottom stair as she glances warily back at Fi.

Fi says, 'It's... it's... Pokemon!'

Johny says, 'big deal..'

Fi's eye glint with mischief, and she tosses the cards back at Kes' head.

Kes gestures to Johny, whispering, 'Quick! While she's distracted...'

Kes ducks quickly, the cards soaring over her head and scattering over the stairs.

Fi cackles wickedly. 'And you thought I'd fall for the old Pokemon trick! Muahahaha!'

Johny smiled at Kes, obviously not threatened by Fi.

Kes raises an eyebrow, then puts on her best Yoda voice, rubbing her hands together. 'You will be. You will be."

Fi clenches her fists and glares at Johny and Kes.

Fi's expression softens.

Fi nods in agreement with Kes.

Johny extends his arms out to the side and bows slightly at Fi.

Fi says, 'Listen to Yoda, man. He's the shit.'

Kes whips out a Pikachu stuffed doll-thingy (spawn of Satan in neon yellow), and waves it in front of Fi.

Johny scoff indignantly.

Fi says, 'Oooh! Pikachu! Come to Mama, little darling! Oh, let me cuddle him!'

Fi reaches for the Pikachu.

Kes throws the Pikachu monster-thingy-kick-it-in-the-head-stuffed-icky-yellow-awful in the corner.

Fi dives headfirst after the Pikachu.

Kes smirks at Fi.

Fi cuddles the Pikachu close to her bosom, making little cooing noises at it.

Johny says, 'this is fockin' sick..'

Kes wonders whether she should mention the Superglue she spread all over Pikachu's back....

Fi removes her hands, leaving the Pikachu stuck to her bosom.

Kes laughs.

Johny snickers.

Fi looks down at the new wonderbra add-on.

Fi sticks out her bosom, jiggling the Pikachu.

Johny says, 'loks like somethin' outta aliens..'

Kes says, 'That's gonna hurt later....'

Fi chuckles. It's the new style!

Kes shakes her head sadly.

Fi OOCs: Soon, all the trendy women will wear Pikachu's on their bosoms, too.
Fi OOCs: It's like a third eye, but different.

Johny's left eye twitches.

Ean OOCs: Next person to mention Pikachu is gonna get a fire axe up the pikachu.
Fi OOCs: Right, then. <zips her mouth shut>
Kes OOCs: It's all her fault! <points at Fi>

Kes tilts her head slightly to the left, raising her right eyebrow.

Fi tugs at the Pikachu, frowning slightly.

Fi hanks harder at the toy. 'Ow!'

Delirium has returned.

Delirium asks, 'can I pet your pikachu?!?'

Delirium smirks devilishly

Fi falls over laughing.

Fi guffaws loudly, clutching her pikachu.

Johny moves over to a chair and sits down.

Delirium reaches over and pets the little devil

Fi stops laughing and says, 'no.'

Delirium says, 'oops sorry'

Delirium sulks

Fi wags her finger at Delirium. 'I didn't say "Pikachu says"...' She laughs.

Delirium giggles

Kes gapes at Fi. 'Oh, that's awful.'

Delirium says, 'he's really cute'

Johny reaches into his boot and pulls a folding knife out..

Fi rips the yellow critter off her bosom suddenly, the tearing sound seeming quite loud in this small room.

Kes winces.

Johny says, 'ouch..'

Fi opens her mouth to scream, but no sound comes out.

Fi blinks and stares, wide-eyed, at her bloody chest. 'Shit.'

Johny unfolds his knife and pokes at a nearby tabletop with it.

Fi tosses the Pikachu at Johny.

Delirium cringes and looks concerned

Johny hoolds out his knife, impaling the pikachu on it..

Fi dabs at the blood with her fingers, tentatively.

Kes's jaw drops slightly, her face twisting as she covers her chest with her arms. 'Ow......'

Delirium covers her eyes

Fi creases her brow and sucks thoughtfully on one fingertip.

Johny whips the pikachu off his knife to the floor.

Johny folds his knife back up and ducks it back into his boot.

Kes looks at the floored pikachu, then idly kicks it.

Fi whips a hanky from her pocket and presses it to the bloody area, letting it stick there like a bib.

Johny asks, 'didn't ruin all yer fun did I?'

Kes shakes her head.

Fi shakes her head. 'Cut the bastard up.' She grins wickedly.

Kes removes most of the pikachu's stuffing.

Johny laughs

Kes scatters the stuffing around the room.

Fi climbs the steps with as much dignity as one can muster, with a bloody hanky stuck to one's chest.