===================== Rafe and Azander ======================(sent)

Azander stalks up the steps from Nexus Station and walks towards the pool paying
 no attention to the Plaza inhabitants.

Sayuri turns her back to Rafe, then bends over to picks up her stuff. 'Where's the fun in that? Where's the drama?'

Rafe frowns slightly and sulks his way over to a bench.

You sit down.

Rafe mutters, 'I dunno. I have enough drama, I think.'

Azander walks to the pool and lifts his mask a bit as he splashes some water on his face before replacing his mask. He turns and sits on the edge of the pool.

Sayuri drops her bag, then cartwheels over to Rafe's bench. She raises her hands high above her head before bending low into a deep cursey, then winks.

Azander turns and looks at Rafe.

You giggle.

Rafe laughs with delight at the girl's stunt.

You say, 'You're okay.'

Rhoades raises an eyebrow to the female who just performed the cartwheel...

Rafe beams happily and jumps to his feet. 'Check this out!'

Bobby asks, 'ahh... but can you do a split?'

Azander slides out of his seat.

Rafe does a backflip, landing solidly on his feet, smiling.

Rhoades prepares cautiously with his walking stick to trip up anyone who passes by his direction...

Rafe gives Bobby a grin and a wink, sliding into a split on the concrete.

Azander stalks towards Rafe making no attempt to hide his advancing.

Bobby says, 'ouch'

Sayuri says, 'Sorry, a cartwheel is the extent of my gymnastic ability..'

Rafe looks up at Azander from his position low on the ground.

You say, 'Uh.'

Sayuri steps in front of Rafe quickly, then smiles dryly at Azander. 'Can we help you?'

Azander gets within a few feet of Rafe and throws his cloak behind his back and glares down at the man in the splits.

Rafe awkwardly gets to his feet, keeping his eyes on Az.

Azander's glare turns to a menacing grin. 'Been such a long time hasn't it?'

Rafe frowns and stares at Az, trying to place him. 'Uh.. do I know you?'

Azander crosses his arms over his chest and nods. 'You may not remember me, but I remember you.'

Rafe shakes his head. 'You're wearing a mask... Are you in trouble with the ASA or something?' Rafe edges slowly away from Azander.

Rhoades sits up straighter as his ears prick, he reaches for his stun rod preparing to keep any scuffle in Nexus from spilling over onto his bench...

Azander follows Rafe as he pulls back. Reaching up he throws back his hood to reveal blond-roooted hair that turns white as it reaches the tips.

Rafe peers at the blond hair, no sign of recognition.

Azander shakes his head slightly, the ponytail swaying off his shoulders. 'No, I'm not in trouble with anyone. I'm just saddened that you don't remember me.'

You say, 'I... uh... '

Sayuri rolls her eyes.

Rhoades scratches at his chin in slight anticipation...

Azander reaches for his mask and removes it, a nasty scar on his left cheek resembling claw marks and pink, blood-shot eyes staring at Rafe with intensity.

Rafe keeps moving backwards slowly, keeping his eyes on Az. He clenches and unclenches his fists nervously.

Sayuri shoves her hands in her pockets, then looks at Azander with disinterest.

You gasp.

Azander arches one of his golden eyebrows. 'Oh? You do remember me then?'

Rafe points at Az with one shaking arm, his face gone nearly white with fear. 'You... you're a ...'

Azander shakes his head. 'Was.'

Rafe moves his mouth silently for a few seconds, trying to get the word out. 'a d..d..'

Sayuri sighs, exasperated. 'A what, sweetie? What is he?'

Rafe stumbles backwards over a bench, trying to put some distance between him and the blond man.

Rafe shakes his head in disbelief.

Azander tsks as he continues to move forward. 'I wish a word with you, nothing more.'

Rhoades watches with slight annoyance as the two men inch closer to his bench, he starts up his rod's charger...

Sayuri looks around the plaza once more, then sprints towards the north.

Rafe gets on the opposite side of a bench from Az and clutches its back tightly. 'W.. what do you w..want to t..t..talk about?'

Azander turns a look at Rhoades and chuckles as he looks back at Rafe. 'Just a simple message to deliver... but, I'd rather tell you in private. Might we go somewhere more private?'

Vix arrives from the north.

Rafe rustles in his bag without looking and brings something out.

You get a laser scalpel from a nylon hockey bag.

You wield a laser scalpel.

Rafe nods slowly. 'Okay... But not too far.

Azander sighs a bit and shakes his head. 'I don't want you dead.'

You say, 'I.. I don't trust you.'

You frown.

Rafe lowers the scalpel to his side but doesn't put it away.

Vix walks into the plaza slowly, her steps uneven. Her arm is pulled behind her in an odd angle, as she reaches for the tag on her tank-top.

Azander whirls around and turns his attention to Rafe once again and sighs again. 'No one ever does, but... I give you my word.' The last part of his sentence seems mocking.

Vix grabs ahold of a PocketNet cellphone.

Rafe frowns. 'Let's just go, then. I don't wanna spend all day on... whatever you w...want.

Rafe glances at Vix on the way out of the plaza.

You say, 'Vix, I'll be *right* back'

Vix waves at Rafe, still cradling her little phone.

Azander nods. 'Good.' He eyes the scalpel and big and shakes his head. 'Horrible weapon choice, but at least it can do better damage than a silly stun prod.'

Rafe gives Azander a meaningful look as he speaks to Vix.

Azander turns and looks at Vix, and smiling as recognition crosses his face.

Rafe looks at the stun prod and shivers, a faraway look in his eyes.

Vix covers her phone with her hand, then whispers to Rafe, 'Where are you going? And especially, where are you going with him?'

Rafe looks at Azander. 'Corporate Perks?'

Azander shakes his head.

You frown.

Azander says, 'Oh no... much too busy.'

You ask, 'Where?'

Azander grins at Rafe. 'The Byte.'

Vix says, 'Don't be surprised if I turn up there later...'

Rafe gets a funny look on his face. 'I haven't been *there* in a while. It'll be... interesting.'

Vix says, 'To check up on you..'

Rafe smiles at Vix with relief. 'Thanks!'

Azander turns and looks at Vix. 'Why wait? Join the fun before it begins.' He lifts his mask a bit as his slides his tounge out of his mouth and licks his lips.

Rafe takes half a step back from Az, due to the look on his face.

Azander lowers his mask again as he turns and faces Rafe.

Vix gives Rafe a look of warning, then pauses for a moment to speak into her cellphone.

Rafe waves at Vix, not cheerfully, but he doesn't look too upset at the moment.

You glare at Azander.

Azander looks at Rafe. 'Problem?'

You say, 'Jeez. You don't have to be a jerk to her, too.'

Rafe crosses his arms across his chest and frowns petulantly.

Azander half-shrugs. 'She enjoys it.'

Vix covers her phone with her hand once more, then hisses at Azander. 'I do _not_ like it.'

Rafe gives Az a doubtful look. 'Well, she's busy, so I guess she's not coming with us.

Azander looks back at Vix and smiles. 'Denial is the always on the mind of the addict at first.'

Vix whispers, 'Rafe, please be careful. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to ya..Oh wait, yes I do. I'd find Azander and then slaughter him.'

Azander chuckles coldly. 'Your knight will return.'

Azander leaves west.
You follow Azander.

Azander is standing here.
The bartender stands here, wiping the bar.

Azander walks up to the bar and leans against it, turning to face Rafe.

Rafe looks around the bar familiarly, nodding slightly.

The bartender tells you, 'Excellent choice ... that will cost you 3 credits.' You now have a shot.

Azander asks, 'A simple message is all I ask. You know of the Wolf correct?'
Rafe winces and tosses back the shot, staring above the bar.

Azander chuckles a bit.

Rafe nods without looking at Az.

Azander straightens up his posture. 'Good. I want you to tell him something next time you see him.'

Rafe's shoulders sag slightly. He rests his hands on the bar, including the hand holding the scalpel.

Rafe looks down at his hands. He says quietly, 'w..what?'

Azander says, 'Tell the Wolf he is now the hunted.' He grins widely behind his mask as his eyes show a bit of an insanity to them. 'Tell him... the Bloodhunt has begun... and the Bloodheart seeks him.'

Rafe turns slightly and looks at Azander sideway. He has a skeptical expression on his face. 'You're g..gonna hunt *him*?'

Azander arches his eyebrow and nods. 'I'm going to kill him.'

Rafe opens his mouth as if to add something, then pauses and shuts his mouth firmly. His expression is grim.

Azander reaches behind him.

Azander wields a cobra knife.

Rafe flinches away from Az.

Azander grips the knife and sneers. 'I will kill him with this.'

Azander asks, 'See that he gets the message?'

Azander returns the knife to where it was resting.

Rafe frowns, his eyes wide . He nods slightly. 'Sure. Whatever.' His tone is flat, expressionless.

Azander smiles. 'Good.'

Azander turns and walks away from the bar.

You sit down.