=============== Re-hashing the Droog thing (8-13) ===========(not sent)

Nexus Plaza
Neflite is resting here.
Eric is standing here.

You wave at Eric.

Eric spots Rafe and waves a greeting, not extremely enthousiastic. 'Great, great. You?'

Rafe looks at Neflite with worry in his eyes.

You say, 'Well...'

You say, 'Actually kinda shaken up.'

Neflite leaves west.

Eric notices Rafe staring at Neflite and gives a quick glance that way, too. 'Oh, that's bad. What shook you?'

You say, 'Uh... I th, think his nu, name is Rr, Rob.'

Rafe glances nervously around the plaza.

Eric blinks with big, innocent eyes. 'Rob? Who's Rob?'

Rafe sits on a bench to steady his trembling. He looks about ready to cry.

You ask, 'Well, uh, he's a du, du, droog...?'

You say, 'He, uh, du, doesn't like mu, me very much.'

Eric cringes physically as he hears the word 'droog'. 'J..Jesus. Not the big guy in the orange jumpsuit?'

Rafe looks back at Eric and nods, his eyes moist with unshed tears.

A short, skinny guy in his early twenties. Shaved head, blue eyes with
large pupils dart around constantly. A metal plate with several access ports is set in the back of his head; he's dressed in jeans and a wrinkly t-shirt.

Eric exclaims, 'He's /crazy/! What'd he do to you?'

You say, 'Nu, nothing yet, but he su, said he was g, gonna....'

You shiver.

Rafe wraps his arms around his chest, hugging himself for comfort.

Eric uneasily shifts his weight from foot to foot. '..He's..like, all air, no deeds, but..'

You say, 'He said I was only s s safe here, in the p p plaza.'

Rafe looks ashamed. 'He s s scares m m me.'

Rafe looks down at his boots, unable to meet your eyes.

Eric abruptly looks over his shoulder. 'Goddamn. He can't be, like, everywhere else.'. He frowns slightly. '..right?'

Sketch arrives from the south.

Sketch sits down and rests.

Rafe shrugs nervously.

You say, 'He s s said he'd already, uh, k k killed six people.'

Rafe stifles a sob.

Sketch asks, 'people? like u and me people?'

Rafe nods quickly.

Eric looks over the opposite shoulder. '..he's talking shit.'. He doesn't sound too sure of himself.

You say, 'Gu, girls...'

Eric looks at Sketch. 'People like you and me people? What other people are there?'

Sketch says, 'workers, guards I dunno'

Sketch leaves east.

Rafe looks about to lose it. 'But he s s said, he said, uh...'

Rafe flushes red and says, 'He might ch change from gu girls... to mu, mu, me!'

You begin to cry.

Rafe brings his hands up to his face, sobbing quietly.

Sketch arrives from below.

Sketch sits down and rests.

Eric pats Rafe on the shoulder. 'Easy, easy. He can say a lot of things, but..uh..there's always the ASA to protect us from freaks like him.'

Rafe looks around the plaza for ASA. Seeing none, he resumes crying.

You exclaim, 'The ASA didn't help p p poor Megumi!'

Eric looks puzzled. 'Who's Megumi?'

Rafe looks up at Eric. 'She's such a sweet g g girl.'

Lisa arrives from below.

Lisa slowly makes her way up the stairs and glances about the plaza.

Sketch leaves south.

Rafe wipes his nose with the back of his hand. 'Megumi got attacked by one of th th those, those, d d droogs.

Lisa notices an open spot on a shady bench and sits down. She crosses her legs and places her bags down by her side.

Sam arrives from the east.

Sam walks in and sits down on a bench by himself.

You exclaim, 'Right h h here in the plaza!'

Eric squeezes Rafe's shoulder and shakes him. 'Look, he's not going to get you. You see him, you run, or scream for help. Just - stay near other people until it's safe, you hear?'

Lisa listens up at Rafe's words and says directed towards him, 'Who? what happened?'
Rafe looks hopefully at Eric. 'You think s s so?'

Sporting a shaved head and eyebrows, this young woman stands straight and tall. Her build is quite petite and her eyes glow with a deep yellow tint.

Lisa slowly reaches down to grab ahold of her bags and stands up off the bench. Approaching Rafe she asks,'Whats going on?'

You say, 'Uh, well, nu nothing nu now.'

Sam searches his arm for a watch and says to Eric 'Hey man do you know what time it is?'

You exclaim, 'But those, those d droogs!'

Eric smiles uncertainly. 'Uh, yeah. Just don't go out alone. Get a gun, if you can.'

Rafe's eyes go wide in shock. 'I could nu never have a gun!'

Morbius arrives from the east.

Sketch arrives from the south.

Eric looks up at Sam, slightly irritated. 'Sorry, man. Busy.'

Ouka arrives from the north.

Lisa looks up at a holographic clock and says to Sam, '9'

Rafe looks at Lisa. 'This d droog, I think his nu name is, uh, Rr Rob...'

You say, 'He hates muh me...'

Sam looks to find where the voice came from. 'oh, thanks'

Lisa nods her head to Rafe's words and repeats, 'Rob..gotcha.'

Sam looks at Rafe sternly. 'Rob?'

Rafe nods, looking like he's about to start sobbing again.

Sam looks pale 'where what did he do?'

Eric nods. 'Rob, yeah. Sick fuck.'. Turns back to Rafe. 'Look, man, he scared the shit out of me, too, but I'm still here.'

Sam says again 'what did he do?'

Rafe swallows and takes a deep breath. 'He's a k k killer. ... and he suh, said he wanted muh, muh, meeee.' Rafe starts sobbing again, holding his face.

Sam looks at Rafe 'umm. when was this?'

Lisa turns from Rafe and walks a bit to the side, still listening to his words.

Sam walks up to Rafe.

Sam looks almost scared. 'when did you see him?'

You say, 'He, uh, threatened m me yesterday, and, and the d day before that.'

Lisa sits down on the ground and leans back to look around the plaza.

Sam looks at his badge. 'alright stay around the Plaza and if you see him just yell.'

You say, 'and one of the other duh, droogs got Megumi, last ni night.'

Sam curses under his breath 'damn, where is Provyn when you need 'em?'

Eric sighs. 'Man..if he'd really wanna kill you, would he tell you beforehand? Three days?'. Another pat on Rafe's back. 'Just..be careful.'

Rafe looks up at Sam. 'So you're a uh, Wolfknight s s security?

Sam smiles at Rafe 'uhu.'

Owen mumbles under his breath

Rafe starts trembling violently, a look of horror on his face. 'Rrrob sssaid, he said... Provyn cu couldn't ssstop him.'

Sam curses again 'don't worry.'

You sniff sadly.

Eric looks up at Sam, almost hopeful. 'WolfKnight can do something about Rob, can't they?'

Lisa brushes her slim fingers through her multi-colored hair and winks at Owen.

Sam smiles at Eric 'uhu, we had a runin with him just the other day.

Owen raises an eyebrow at Lisa then gives her a small nod and smile

You ask, 'Rr really?'

Lisa lowers her shades down and glances out in front of her as she falls from view of the plaza.

Lisa leaves north.

Sam says to Rafe 'yep, one of his guys came in and tried to kill Provyn.'

You gasp.

Eric blinks. 'So bash his head in next time, make up charges later, dude. I hate them droog's guts.'

You ask, 'wuh, which one? wu what'd he l l look like?'

Sam continues 'luckily Provyn has a Glock M9 pistol.'

Sam says, 'he was some kinda morph'

Sam smirks.

You say, 'I've s s seen two of them.'

Sam says, 'uhu.'

Sam says, 'try to steer clear of 'em.'

Rafe sniffs. 'But there's mu mu more... the one who g g got Megumi...'

Rafe lets a look of relief pass over his face, briefly. 'At least she's okay...'

Eric has lost his link.

Sam says 'whay what happened to her?'

Rafe wipes the tears from his eyes with the end of his feather boa.

Rafe clears his throat and relaxes a little, cleary more comfortable talking about Megumi than Rob.

You say, 'Sssome droog, I mean some *other* dr droog, he attacked here, r r right here in the plaza, yesterday.'

You say, 'She got a, uh, concussion, but she said she wu was, uh, okay.'

You say, 'She'd seen him before, she said.'

Sam says to rafe 'well i'm sorry 'ta here that.

Rafe's eyebrows knit together in concentration.

You nod.

Sam pulls out a card from his pocket.

Sam looks up at Rafe 'do you have a phone?

You say, 'There's a phone at the hotel, where I l l live.'

Rafe looks at Sam with trust in his eyes.

Sam says, 'well if you are ever in trouble just give me a call, here's my number.''

Blazen arrives from below.

Sam gives a card to Rafe.

Sam says, 'just ask for Sam.'

Megumi arrives from the south.

Rafe nods. 'Thanks, really, uh' Rafe reads the card. 'Sam!'

You smile.

Sam smiles.

You say, 'I'm Rafe.'

You point at Megumi.

You say, 'That's Megumi.'

Sam says kindly 'well it is a pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry it had to be this way though.'

Rafe looks at Megumi and motions her over.

Sam looks at Megumi.

You exclaim, 'Hey, Megumi! Come meet the WKS guy!'

Megumi slowly blinks and walks over to Rafe.

You say, 'Megumi, this is Sam.'

Sam says, 'Hi there.'

Megumi stares at Sam for a moment before lightly inclining her head.

You say, 'I, uh, told him about the, uh <voice dropping> d,droogs.'

Sam pulls a massive hand out of his pocket to shake.

Rafe looks at Megumi. 'He's security. He thinks they can help.'

Megumi eyes remain flat. "I see."

You say, 'I've got his number, if you need it.'

Megumi shakes head tensely. "I do not need anyones assistance." Turns away to face the water, the wind lightly blowing her hair back from her face.

Sam nods.

Megumi says, 'I...'

Megumi says, 'will kill him myself.'

Rafe grimaces, not expecting Megumi's cold response.

You say, 'Well, thanks anyways, Sam.'

You smile at him.

Sam says, 'my pleasure. um. Rafe.'

Rafe rubs his red eyes and smiles, his shoulders relaxing finally.

Megumi nods to Sam. "I am sorry that we have bothered you.

Rafe stands up and looks around. 'I gotta be going. Not far from NP, though.' Rafe shudders slightly.

Sam says, 'aye.'

You wave at Sam.

Megumi reaches out and touches Rafe's shoulder.

Megumi stares him hard in the eye.

Megumi says, 'Tell me about them.'

Rafe blinks at Megumi, the fear coming back into his face.

Sam listens to the two conversing not saying a word.

Rafe nods slowly. 'Okay. I'm hungry, though. Can we go someplace to eat?

Rafe gives Megumi a pleading look.

Megumi nods faintly. "Your treat."

Rafe chuckles, despite himself.

Ouka laughs softly as she watches Megumi working this guy like silly putty.

Rafe leads Megumi out of the plaza.