OOC Strangeness
Not for Minors

You OOC: I'm gonna have a Jedi outfit, soon. <dances happily>
Someone OOCs: There is this place I know called Arkham Asylum you should visit it.
You OOC: me? it's not my theory.
Someone OOCs: No about you and the Jedi.
You OOC: But... but... the master/apprentice dynamic is so... Hot!
You OOC: and the little braid... <sighs>
Someone OOCs: I was re-incarnated from a 17th century werewolf.
You OOC: right. You'll be across the hall from me at the asylum?
Someone OOCs: No, Im on a special home visit out patient program atm.
You OOC: does blue cross blue shield cover that?
Someone OOCs: Just medicad
You OOC: Ah, too bad.
You OOC: and don't try to tell me you never had a thing for Princess Leia.
Someone OOCs: I did her.
You OOC: Mmmhmm. She wanted you all along, I'm sure.
Someone OOCs: Ive got her panties from Return of the Jedi. Ill fax them to you sometime.
You OOC: a fax's no good. I can't smell that.
Someone OOCs: Youre a sick monkey you know that?
You OOC: Can't compare with Obi-Wan's gym towel, anyways.
You OOC: Yes, I'm well aware.
You OOC: as if I'm gonna offend you...
Someone OOCs: Im a cross dressing, gay facist, how could I get offended?
You OOC: You're a fascist?
Digby OOCs: the fun never ends.
Someone OOCs: Yes and a registered member of the American Communist Party.
You OOC: How can you be both?
Someone OOCs: You could say..I swing both ways, *wink*
You OOC: you must be very flexible.
Someone OOCs: I'll save the punchlines for someone else.
Rob OOCs: I have a friend who's an atheist, and an ordained minister. <shrugs>
You OOC: for someone who cares?
Someone OOCs: You dont care?
Someone OOCs: I feel so used now.
Someone OOCs: And after all we have had.
You OOC: I know you like feeling used. that's why I said it.
You OOC: doesn't it give you that little thrill?
Someone OOCs: With you...yes..I'd say a 'little' thrill.
You OOC: man, I saw that coming as soon as I hit 'enter'

Aeon OOCs: ok, what's wrong with this sentence:
Aeon OOCs: This Amateur Pussy Porn site shows Naked Girls and pussy porn sex pic tures of hardcore pussy fucking.
Trauma OOCs: Naked Girls shouldn't be capitalized :P
Johnny OOCs: They may not be amateurs? Nah, sure they are.
Aeon OOCs: ok, Trauma is right. What else
Anarchy OOCs: nothin, yay for the pussy porn
Saalshar OOCs: Commas should be in the sentence somewhere.
Trauma OOCs: porn is sex pictures, too many words?
Aeon OOCs: ok, good. redundancy. we can eliminate some words
Saalshar OOCs: Don't need to use naked girls at all because most people would know the girls are naked with the description of the type of pictures.
Anarchy OOCs: pussy = chicks
Johnny OOCs: Now you're removing all the tantalizing marketing stuff. All ya got left is pussy. Who cares?
Aeon OOCs: so how would we rewrite this sentence to be better
Rob OOCs: "Porn here."?
Aeon OOCs: very good
You OOC: Naked chicks here.
Trauma OOCs: That was awesome Rob.
You OOC: otherwise, it could be naked anything.
Rob OOCs: Naked Lunch.
Saalshar OOCs: I agree with Rafe. Rob's sentence is too generic.
Rob OOCs: Mugwump Porn!
You OOC: different demographic, Rob.
Aeon OOCs: generic is good sometimes though. all things to all people
You OOC: Does the site in question bill itself as all things to all people?
Aeon OOCs: well, i would guess to all males
You OOC: all straight males?
You OOC: and some lesbians?
Saalshar OOCs: Depends on the perspective. Just have it say, "Porn here." Some guy clicks on it and he gets the hardcore shots of pussy fucking. He may be upset because he was after some goat fucking. Not a good idea on the part of people advertising the site.
You OOC: Saal, you're a man after my own heart.
Aeon OOCs: Perhaps we could say "Women having sex here"
Aeon OOCs: this way we wouldn't offend the reader
You OOC: Or mislead them.
You OOC: I'm wondering... what are the women having sex *with*? Each other? toys? men?
Aeon OOCs: It's generally accepted that it doesn't matter. But we could get a little more specific
You OOC: Some guys can't stand to see dicks in their porn. It's relevant to them.
Saalshar OOCs: Rafe has a good point.
Aeon OOCs: so perhaps "Women having sex with one another (sans penises)"
You OOC: I don't think you need <sans penises>. If the women had penises, there's a better term.
Saalshar OOCs: Hermaphodite porn here.
You OOC: Bingo!
Saalshar OOCs: Or use something a bit more specific.
You OOC: although there're rarely true herms. Usually, they're male to female, but keep the penises.
Jestyr OOCs: Freeeeeeeaaaaaaks.
You OOC: "freaks" isn't very specific. Goat-fuckers are freaks. It's confusing.