============== Blinky and the Binky Baby =============

Short and slender, with short, pale, blue hair arranged in artful disarray. Rafe fairly vibrates with manic energy, constantly moving or fidgeting.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Torso> a 'slacker!' t-shirt
<About Body> a clear plastic trenchcoat
<Waist> a kilt
<Right Wrist> a hero patch
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

You inspect a binky baby nanite closely:
Nadine the Nanite

Nexus Plaza
Above this sprawling plaza at the center of the city, a network of massive skyscrapers rockets domeward, linked with a tangle of bridges, tunnels and a latticework elevator system as they compete with each other in their quest for heaven. Between them, a gleaming chrome spire launches itself from four matching phoenixes at the exact center of the square, stretching beyond the confines of the city dome. Two wide staircases descend into the bowels of the earth towards the subterranean railway system. Holograms and advertisements call out from all directions, creating a sense of claustrophobia despite the fact that this wide-open plaza is at least five hundred feet across.
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.

Rafe dashes over to the pool and dunks his head in.

Blinky arrives from the north.

Blinky says, '....it seems like I have been walking for days...!..'

Rafe yanks his head out of the pool with a loud gasp. Clearly, he stayed under the water for a long time. He shakes his head like a dog, sending droplets of water flying in all directions.

Rafe grins manically, ignoring the cold water running down his neck and wetting his t-shirt.

a thin young girl with waist length bright red dread locks, pale skin and vibrant red lips, her face is covered in a thick white pastey make up, wearing all black vinyl, buckles and straps covering her, and a blue cowboy hat
<Torso> a corset
<Outer Torso> a swan feather coat
<Waist> a bikini bottom
<Hands> a pair of fingerless gloves
<Legs> stockings

Rafe blinks and grins at the girl.

Blinky jumps away

Blinky sits down and rests.

Rafe smiles. 'What's the matter?' He cocks his head to one side curiously.

Blinky says, '...I got very, very lost..'

Blinky wears a pair of six-inch heels on her feet.

Rafe nods sympathetically. 'This city takes some getting used to.'

Blinky says, 'so do these heels!...'

Blinky laughs.

Rafe chuckles. 'I know what you mean!' He waves one hand around, his wrist limp.

Blinky says, 'why just sitting around?..'

Rafe rubs water out of his eyes, smearing his eyeliner. 'I came here for a break. The pool's great!'

Blinky stops using a corset.

Blinky stops using a swan feather coat.

Blinky wears a bikini top on her torso.

Rafe watches curiously, but doesn't seem to have any prurient interest in the undressing girl.

Blinky stops using stockings.

Rafe says, 'You gonna swim? It's a bit cold.'

Blinky changes into a bikini and jumps in the water...!!!

Rafe sits on the pool's ledge and sighs contendedly.

Rafe splashes Blinky playfully.

Blinky splashes rafe....

Blinky laughs.

Rafe shrieks with delight as the cool water hits him.

Rafe gets a binky baby nanite from a nylon hockey bag.

Blinky says, 'so... how long have you lived here... if you do'

Rafe tosses a binky baby into the pool, towards Blinky.

Rafe rubs his chin thoughtfully. 'Well, I grew up here, so it's been a long time... a long time.' He nods.

Rafe's brows knit briefly. 'Um... how long have *you* been here, then?'

Blinky pets the cute little toy

Rafe beams happily.

Blinky says, 'just for... a few days...'

Blinky what's its name.....[the toy]

Rafe grins broadly. 'That's Nadine, the Nanite! Do you like her?'

Blinky says, 'I love it!.....'

Blinky gives Nadine a little kiss.

Rafe says, 'You can have her, then. She'll be your guide! She's much more reliable than most of my toys.'

Rafe nods wisely.

Blinky says, 'well.. you know they have medicine for that type of "problem".'

Blinky laughs.

Rafe frowns and begins to pout. 'I don't have a problem...'

Blinky says, 'just joking!!!....you said....nevermind..'

Rafe shrugs.

Blinky turns her back to him to change...

Blinky stops using a bikini top.

Rafe continues on, seemingly oblivious to her changing. 'Well, my name's Rafe. It was nice to meet you.'

Blinky exclaims, '...well!!! aren't you going to TRY to peek!!!'

Blinky wears a corset on her torso.

Rafe blinks.

Blinky exclaims, 'at me changing!!!!'

Blinky wears stockings on her legs.

Rafe runs one hand through his damp hair, fluffing it slightly. 'Oh, that.' He shrugs. 'Nah. I suppose you're not really my type. Oh, but don't be offended!'

Rafe beams happily.

Blinky gets a binky baby nanite.

Blinky ...well , thank you for nadine...

Rafe nods and grins.

Rafe waves.

Blinky kisses you.

Rafe exclaims, 'Gotta split! Have fun!'