================ Rafe's evil action figure (9-10) ================

Nexus Plaza
Eddie is standing here.
Tman is resting here.
Kain is standing here.

Rafe bounds cheerfully into the plaza, humming and grinning.

Rafe waves at Kain. 'Hi!'

Kain exclaims, 'Why hello there!'

Rafe shrugs and smiles.

Rafe skips over to the pool and sits on the ledge.

You sit down.

Tman looks at you.

Rafe winks

Tman smiles.

You get a cheap plastic action figure from a nylon hockey bag.

You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Kain looks at you.

Rafe peers intently at his action figure.

Rafe's face registers surprise and alarm. He looks at the action figure again, and shakes it.

Rafe gives his action figure a suspicious look.

Eddie leaves down.

Rafe shakes his head in disagreement with a cheap action figure.

Lain arrives from below.

l lain
You gaze steadily into the eyes of a most mysterious girl. Her eyes are the first and only thing you notice about her...so cold and empty. Impossible to forget, you lose yourself in them, hypnotized by her icy stare.

Lain bows to you.

Rafe's eyebrows furrow briefly, and he returns his attention to the action figure in his hand.

Lain looks at you.

Rafe shakes an action figure angrily.

You exclaim, 'Shut up!'

Kain exclaims, 'Shut up!'

Kain laughs.

Rafe blinks at Kain, puzzled.

Lain curls into a ball and repeats...we're all connected, we're all connected..we're all connected...

Kain exclaims, 'Damnit I'm tired!'

You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.

Kain looks over at Lain with a very strange look.

You put a cheap plastic action figure in a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe mutters, 'That'll shut him up!'

Tman snickers.

Rafe nods smugly.

Tman thinks someone has a problem.

Kain has a problem.

Rafe glares at a nylon hockey bag.

Lain leaves down.

Rafe roughly opens a nylon hockey bag and shoves his hands in it, rustling around.

Rafe yanks an action figure out of the bag, a look of fury on his usually peaceful face.

You get a cheap plastic action figure from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe throws a cheap action figure onto the ground and stomp s on it.

You drop a cheap plastic action figure.

Rafe pants and growls, grinding the action figure into the concrete under his boot.

Rafe clenches and unclenches his fists, and looks around the plaza restlessly.

Rafe runs off suddenly, tears in his eyes.