================ Nurse Rafe hands out drugs (8-23) ===============(sent)

Look out! It's Nurse Rafe!
Rafe cuts quite a figure in his little nurse outfit.
Be careful if he asks you to bend over and cough!
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Torso> a white nurse dress
<Lower Legs> white stockings
<Feet> white nurse shoes

Nexus Plaza
Chasity is resting here.
Rob is resting here. [OOC]
Saalshar is resting here.

Rafe sits on a bench and crosses his legs.
Rafe gets a pill bottle from a nylon hockey bag.

Chase arrives from the south.

Rafe opens a pill bottle, spilling the contents into his palm.
You ask, 'Hmmm. I've got enough to go around, I think. Anyone hungry?'

Chase glances at Rafe

Rafe holds out his hand, full of multi-colored pills.

Chasity raises her hand.

Chase asks, 'What're ya' offerin', hombre?'

You say, 'The usual. Uppers, downers, hallucinogens, Banshee, Anti-freeze.'

Chase whispers to you, 'I'll take some a' them hallucinogens. What's yer askin' price?'

You whisper to Chase, 'free. I'm not a dealer, just a pusher.'

Rafe hands Chase three yellow pills.
Rafe beams happily.

Chase whispers to you, 'Well sheeeeeit, man, I appreciate the hell out of it.'

Chase happily pops one in his mouth.

Rafe looks through the pills in his hand, as if deciding.
Rafe takes two blue pills and one white pill.
Rafe puts the rest of the pills in the pill bottle and closes it.

Rob leaves down. [to go IC]

Saalshar leaves down.

Rafe begins to shift on his bench. If you look closely, his pupils are quite large.

Chasity looks closely at Rafe.

Rafe uncrosses his legs, then crosses them again. He tries to focus on Chasity.

Chasity says, 'Yes, his pupils ARE quite large.'

Rafe blinks.

Chasity giggles.

Rafe smiles dreamily and rests his hand on the arm of the bench.

===================== Rob arrives IC, Rafe's high =========================
Rob arrives from below. [IC]
Rob walks, slightly staggering, out of the station, and heads over to a bench.
Rob sits down.

Rafe rubs his eyes, smearing his eyeliner.

Rob looks at the empty bottle in his hand, growls slightly, and hurls it across the plaza, sending it shattering on the ground.

Rafe licks his lips after his drink, then jumps at the sound of breaking glass.

Rob looks around, eyes slightly bleary.
Rob looks at you.

Rafe blinks quickly, trying to focus.

Rob blinks, and cocks his head, looking at Rafe again.

You ask, 'What was *that* for?'

Rob says, ''cuz it'ss empty...'

Rafe leans forward on his bench, bud doesn't get up.
Rafe's eyebrows furrow as he begins to recognize that voice.
Rafe blinks and rubs his eyes again, staring at Rob.

Rob leans forward, massaging his temples with his fingers as his elbows rest on his knees.

Saalshar walks up the steps from Nexus Station and surveys the crowd once he reaches the top.

Rafe slumps back onto his bench, sighing happily, all else forgotten for the moment.
Rafe closes his eyes and begins to hum a tune.

Jasper emerges from the train station, black hair contrasting with the morning light. Tapping his stick on the concrete steps, and looking straight ahead.

Rafe raises his head and squints one eye at Jasper.

Rafe twitches at the sound of the stick on the pavement.

Rob's head whips around, facing the direction of the cane-on-pavement sound, lips pulling back in a snarl, showing sharpish teeth.

Rafe stops using a little white nurse cap.
Rafe runs his fingers through his hair. He mutters, 'Maybe this isn't gonna be such a good trip, after all.'
Rafe shivers.

Chasity chuckles.
Chasity asks, 'You cold Rafe?'

Jasper stands on the top step for a brief moment, scanning the large crowd through shaded eyes.

Chase glances at the guy making all the noise, and chuckles softly, almost totally to himself, before pulling out a cigarette, lighting it, and taking a loving drag.

You smile.

Rob's ears perk a bit at the mention of the name, and he looks once more at the man in the nurse's uniform...

Rafe beams happily.

Chasity leaves north.

Rob says a single word, voice slightly growlish, eyes fixed on Rafe. 'You.'

Rafe rubs his legs against each other, then pauses at Rob's voice.
Rafe freezes, and his eyes open wide.

Rob pulls his shades off, revealing red-rimmed, bloodshot green eyes.
Rob stops using some Dialens mirrorshades.

Rafe sits up slowly, bracing himself against the back of the bench.
Rafe gasps. 'Oh, shit!'
Rafe tries to hide in the bench, but fails utterly.
Rafe closes his eyes tightly, his lips moving silently.

Jasper notices the commotion but thinks nothing of it, walking in the opposite direction of where the people are gathered.

Rob's jaw and neck muscles visibly tense up at Rafe's outbursts, and he speaks, voice angry, gruff. 'Oh, give it the fuck up, Rafe. I've already seen you.'

Rafe opens his eyes. He realizes this is not just a hallucination, but an actual person.

Saalshar looks over at Rob for a moment in recognition, but says nothing as he walks towards the pool.

Rafe scrubs at his face, trying to restore some clarity to his world.

Rob rises from the bench and walks over towards Rafe, looking down at him.

Rafe begins to stutter. 'Whu, whu... what ...'

Rob smiles, a bit nastily. 'Yeah... what's about right. Sseen yoursself lately ?'

Rafe's face shows terror and disbelief. 'I hu, heard you wu, were g..g..gone.'

Rob's slurred s's seem more the product of drunkenness, as opposed to the previous sibilance witnessed.

Rafe shakes his head. 'What d..d..do you mm..mmmean?'

Rob waves his hand vaguely towards Rafe's clothing. 'The whole damn nursse thing. Didn't think I'd pushed you that far.'

Rafe sits up as straight as he can in this condition and straightens his dress. 'I'm n..n..not crazy!'
You glare at Rob.

Rob steps to the side and turns around, three-quarters sitting, one-quarter falling on the bench relatively close to Rafe. 'Yeah... you're not crazy. None of uss are crazy, right?'

Rafe leans away from Rob, half falling off the bench in his rush to get away.
Rafe shakes his head slowly. 'N..n..no... We aren't c..ccrazy.'

Rob looks at Rafe, a sort of weary anger on his face, and he shakes his head. 'The Wolf'sss dead, Rafe. Fucking dead. Gone. Sso calm down.' He sighs bitterly and closes his eyes for a moment.

Rafe blinks slowly at Rob. 'D..d..dead?'

Rob glares at Rafe for a long moment, before nodding. 'Yeah. Dead... never to return.'

Rafe clutches his hands in his lap, rubbing them unconsciously.
Rafe shivers, looking at Rob. 'Su.. so, you aren't g..g..gonna kuh... kill me?'
Rafe still looks terrified, despite the news.

Rob sneers a bit, laughing softly. 'I was never going to kill you, Rafe... neither wass the Wolf. You were jusst fun to torment.'

Rafe's lips purse as he pouts. He looks almost offended. 'Fun, huh. ... You b..bastard.'
Rafe frowns, his expression changing to anger.

Saalshar puts a knee down on the edge of the pool as he leans over, scooping water up into his hand and splashing it on his weary face.

Rob snarls slightly at Rafe. 'It's not too late to change that, Rafe... sso watch yoursself. The Wolf wasn't the only killer here... jussst the only one who didn't care.'
Rob continues, more quietly. 'I jusst need a reasson now... that'ss all.'

Saalshar wipes off the remaining droplets with his t-shirt before turning and sitting down on the edge of the pool.

Rafe stands unsteadily, not leaning on the bench. 'Ju..just leave me alone!' Tears run down his cheeks, but his expression doesn't change.
Rafe takes a few wobbly steps away from Rob, then trips on a seam in the concrete, falling hard to his hands and knees.

Rob glares at Rafe, a heavy note of arrogance visible in ever fiber of his being. 'Don't order me, Rafe. Ever.'

Rafe shakes his head in frustration.

Rob says, 'I'm... trying... to put your mind at ease, Rafe. That'ss all.'
Rob's voice is _very_ strained as he says that. It's likely as close to an apology as anyone has ever gotten from Rob.

Rafe sniffs and roll over onto his ass, sitting awkwardly on the ground. He wipes the tears from his eyes and nods at Rob. 'th..thanks, I think.' He has lost the anger from his face, and just looks deflated, now.

<Jasper/Chase get into an argument>

Rob looks at Rafe for a moment, a mixture of pity and disgust in his eyes, apparently at the sight of Rafe's tears. 'Yeah... ssomething like that.'
Rafe sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.

Rafe squints at Rob, looking confused and curious, but not terrified. He opens his mouth to say something, then stops.

Rob looks at Rafe for a moment, then nods. 'Ssay it.'
Rafe takes a deep breath and says, 'thanks.' No stuttering, this time.

Rafe turns away from Rob and crawls on his hands and knees toward the pool.

Rob glares at Rafe for a moment more, perhaps a slight tinge of gratefulness in his eyes... then he shakes his head and swallows hard, angrily.

Rafe pauses and says, 'for not killing me,' but doesn't turn to look at Rob.

Rafe reaches the pool and drags his upper body onto the ledge, so he can reach the water.

Rafe leans in and sticks his entire head into the pool for several seconds, then scoots back down onto the concrete and sits quietly.

Rob continues to slowly shake his head, pushing himself unsteadily to his feet.

Rafe blinks at Rob, trying to make out the details.

<Jasper/Chase fight some more>

Rob glances over at Chase, then at Jasper, Rafe apparently forgotten for the moment.

Rob says, 'Chainknife againssst an unarmed opponent... how very fucking vulgar.'

Chase collapses, blood gushing from his shoulder, as he grabs the fresh wound on his leg.

At the sight of blood, Rafe's face pales, and he staggers to his feet.

Rafe looks expectantly at the cannons.

Rafe looks around, confused. 'Somebody... call the p..p..police!'

Rob quietly growls, 'Or perhaps just the morgue.'

Rafe backs away from the men who are fighting.

Jasper watches shards of Chase's flesh fly, then looking to the witnesses in the plaza, he runs east, concealing his knife as he runs.

Jasper leaves east.

Rafe stands by the pool, weaving slightly. He looks away from the blood, a grimace on his face.

Chase lies on the ground, groaning in pain for a few moments before he pulls himself to his feet and staggers off, obviously semi-comatose.

Chase leaves north.

Rafe waves his arm towards Chase, not looking. 'Can somebody help him? The sight of blood makes me sick!'

Rafe doesn't realize the irony of being in a nurse's outfit.

Rob turns to Rafe, a bit of a smirk on his face. 'Plenty of people _could_ have helped him... but, really, why bother?'

Rafe turns green and leans against the pool ledge.
You shake your head.
You say, 'He was hurt......'
Rafe trails off quietly and sits down.

Rob walks over to one of the small pools of blood, and sinks to his haunches, albeit a bit wobbily. He runs a finger through the pool, then raises it to his face, sniffing it.

Rob shrugs, and without turning around, somehow clearly conveys that he's addressing Rafe. 'Many people are hurt. Some die, some live. Such is the way of the world, Rafe.'

Rafe glances over at Rob, then quickly turns away, his hand clamped tightly over his mouth.

Rob rises back to his feet, swaying for a bit, and walks over to the pool, kneeling to wash the blood off of his finger. He stares at the rapidly dispersing pink of the water for a moment more.

Rafe shudders.

Rafe rubs his head with both hands, muttering quietly, '6 more hours. 6 more hours.'

Rob stands once more, and glances at Rafe. '6 more hours until...?

Megumi arrives from the north.

Rafe blinks and looks at Rob. He sighs, '6 more hours until this stuff wears off.'

Rafe blinks at Megumi, squinting at her.

Rob shrugs, noncommittal. 'And then what, Rafe? Back to the same hell you tried to escape from. Trading one torment for another... that's all you're doing.'

Megumi walks slowly into the Plaza, looking around curiously, seeming in good spirits for once.

You ask, 'M.. megumi?'

Megumi looks over at Rafe and smiles faintly. "Good afternoon."

Rafe grimaces and pulls at his hair.

You shake your head in disagreement with Rob.

Megumi watches Rafe with concern flickering in her eyes.

Rafe clenches his eyes shut tightly.

Rob follows Rafe's line of sight, looking at the girl he addressed. There's a spark of recognition, but he says nothing.

Megumi's eyes flicker back and forth between Rafe and Rob, a slight frown creasing her features.

Rafe takes a deep breath and opens his eyes slowly, as if expecting something horrible to be directly in front of him.

Rafe lowers his arms to his sides and sits on the pool ledge.

Megumi walks over to Rafe and touches his arm lightly, looking down at him with compassion.

Rafe looks up at Megumi. His pupils are wide as saucers. He blinks blearily, trying to bring her into focus.

You say, 'Hi, Megumi.'

Megumi touches Rafe's cheek gently and smiles. "Hello, my friend." She looks around, her eyes flickering with a mixture of feelings. "Are you alright? Is someone bothering you?"

Rafe rests one hand on Megumi's shoulder, for balance, and whispers to her, 'I'm having a bad trip, actually.'

Megumi puts an arm around Rafe and kisses his forehead.

Rafe stands slowly, leaning on Megumi. 'I'm hungry. Will you help me find some cheesy poofs?' He looks unfocused, at best.

[Megumi buys me cheesy poofs]

Rafe weaves slightly.

Rafe blinks and rubs his eyes, smearing eyeliner all over the place.

Rafe takes a few unsteady steps, then pauses, holding his hand to his head.

You say, 'Oooh, Megumi. I think I should go lie down.'

Megumi's eyes crease with worry. She reaches out and touches Rafe's arm. "Would you like me to take you to the hotel?

You nod.

Megumi smiles faintly, worry still flickering in her eyes. She sighs, realizing how much of herself she had lost to these people, then escorts Rafe out of the Plaza.

You follow Megumi.

Solace Hotel - Economy Rooms

Megumi asks, 'Will you be alright?'

You nod.

Megumi says, 'Good.'
You say, 'I'll just sleep it off.'

Rafe beams happily.

Megumi smiles faintly, cocking her head to the side. "Take care of yourself."

Rafe wobbles into a coffin.