=========== 8-8 Duff taunts Keyser ===============

You are using:
<Neck> a chain collar
<Torso> a t-shirt
<Outer Torso> a leather gang jacket
<Legs> carpenter's pants
<Feet> a skateboard

Nexus Plaza
Jasper is standing here.
Azander is standing here.
Ace is standing here.
Keyser is resting here.
An autonomous robotic cannon slowly pans the room.

Keyser says, 'seems all the computers went screwy'

Azander stops and looks over at Ace as a smile slowly crosses his face.

Keyser asks, 'couldn't handle the 99 - 00 stuff you know?'

Keyser asks, 'Wonder if it will happen this time as well?'

Keyser twitches

Duff walks over to an empty bench and sits, crossing his legs.

Keyser asks, 'where are you guys gonna be Dec 31st 3099?'

Keyser looks at the assembled party

Azander ignores Keyser and continues to smile at Ace as he starts
Azander leaves east.

Jago attempts to move quietly in from the north.

Jago sits down and rests.

Ace leaves east.

Keyser says, 'feckers...'

Keyser twitches

Duff blinks, then says, 'That's a year and a half from now. I can't say
if I'll even be alive...'

Keyser says, 'nod'

Keyser says, 'that is true brother'

Keyser asks, 'you don't believe in making plans then?'

Zerrick arrives from the west.

Blazen arrives from the west.

Zerrick smiles.

Duff squints at Keyser suspiciously. 'I take things as they come.' A
malicious grin spreads across Duff's face.

Keyser twitches

Keyser says, 'Live for the now? Sieze the day? and all that...'

Keyser twitches

Keyser oils his chainknife

You say, 'I don't like to pass up opportunities, if you know what I

Duff gives Keyser a funny look.

Keyser asks, 'say what man?'

Keyser twitches

You say, 'What the fuck are you *on*, man? You look like a warmed over

Keyser looks at you.

Keyser's hackles start to rise

Keyser asks, 'say fuckin what man!?'

Keyser asks, 'Junky?'

Duff rolls his eyes impatiently. 'You're twitching. Did ya get some bad
stuff, or what?'

Keyser asks, 'Twitching?'

Keyser asks, 'Twitching!?'

Duff leans forward on the bench, towards Keyser.

Keyser says, 'Who's twitching man'

Keyser looks about

Duff nods slowly. 'Yes. You're twitching. You got a mirror?' He smirks.

You say, 'You should see yourself.'

Keyser says, 'I's just trying to have a conversation here and you start
on about twitching'

Duff shakes his head in amusement.

Keyser's face leaves rage, goes through doubt and settles on pain

Keyser says, 'feckin twitching...'

Keyser says, 'man...'

Keyser says, 'shi'...'

Ace arrives from the east.

Duff suddenly turns red in the face. 'Alright! Enough about the damned
twitching. Jeez, I'm almost sorry I brought it up!'

Ace sighs, as he takes a seat, on a vacant bench.

Ace sits down.

Duff clenches his fists in his short hair, as if trying to pull it out
by the roots.

Ace looks at you.

Keyser says, 'I should think so man - don't know why you had to start
ranting about twitching anyways'

Akasha arrives from below.

Symon arrives from the west.

Katlyn arrives from the south.

You stand up.

Keyser seems to calm down

You glare at Keyser.

Megumi arrives from below.

Keyser says, 'Sorry man'

Keyser shakes his head.

Keyser says, 'had a hard day'

Keyser says, 'sit down man'

Keyser waves at Duff

Duff takes a few steps towards Keyser. 'Look, nerd, Nobody cares about
your friggin 99-00 crisis.'

Katlyn gives a silk kimono to Megumi.

Megumi stops using a cheap shirt.
Megumi wears a silk kimono on her torso.

Akasha nods, noting her Kimono fits Megumi nicley

Megumi smooths it down and smiles. "Thank you, Akasha."

Akasha smiles.

Akasha says, 'no problem'

Duff unclenches his fists and sits back down on the bench with an
audible thump.

You glare at Keyser.

Katlyn looks at Megumi.

Akasha whispers something to Megumi.

Katlyn nods.

You sigh.

l megumi
Black hair billows about Megumi like a cloud. Her disturbingly pale
green eyes have a far-away look in them, as though she were always in
another world. Her voice is soft and her skin is a creamy pale.
Megumi is in perfect condition.

Megumi is using:
<Torso> a silk kimono
<About Body> a backpack
<Feet> a pair of sandals
<Wielded> a walking stick
Katlyn smiles softly, her grey eyes taking on a slight sparkle.

Duff leers at the girl who just finished dressing.

Megumi runs her fingers through her dark hair and smiles faintly, her
pale eyes shining.

Akasha whispers something to Megumi.

..... I lost the rest of this log, but it's the first time Duff taunts Megumi and Akasha. Sorta sets the stage for the next encounter. Summary: he says they want him, they disagree. He's a sexist jerk.