===================== Captain Amazing action figure =====================

Short and slender, with pale blue hair hanging limply near his eyes.
With his flashy clothes and eyeliner, Rafe looks a bit like a young
rock singer. Most of the time, he wears a goofy grin.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Neck> a velvet choker
<Torso> a glitter shirt
<Hands> some nail polish
<Legs> some shiny vinyl stretch pants
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Nexus Plaza

Rafe skips playfully into the plaza and bounds up to a bench. He stops suddenly and sits primly.

You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Rafe fiddles with an action figure. He moves his mouth, but remains silent.

Rafe sees that he has the plaza all to himself, so he scratches his balls unselfconsciously.

Rafe wanders around, looking at the advertisements.

Cara arrives from the east.

Rafe pauses in front of an ad for a new action movie, seemingly entranced by the flashing images and bright colors.

Cara looks at you.

Rafe self-consciously puts his hands in his pockets, now that someone is in the plaza with him.

Rafe looks wistfully at the advertisement, his mouth partly open.

Cara grins.

Rafe pulls an action figure from his pants pocket and holds it tightly.

Cara looks at the advertisement, wondering what is so inspiring

Rafe grins like a little boy. He holds the action figure up to the ad and moves it around, as if it's fighting with the characters in the movie.

Cara smiles, remembering her action figures

Rafe crouches low, resting on his heels, holding the figure up above him, still 'fighting' the ad. He makes quiet noises: gunshots, explosions, and screams - all sound effects.

Drew arrives from the east.

Cara grins.

Cara begins to think.

Rafe allows the action figure to fall to the ground with a long, drawn out scream (quiet scream, that is). He gets a different figure to replace it.

Cara grins.

You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.
You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

A corporate guard looks at you accusingly.

Cara wonders to herself how many action figures one can have

Rafe scurries to the other side of the advertisement, away from the guard.

Rafe suddenly notices how many people are around, and he stands slowly, his hands falling to his sides.

Rafe walks over to the pool and sits on the edge, smiling at nothing in particular.

Cara looks slowly at Rafe's hands, wondering what he was so selfconcious about.

Rafe clutches an action figure tightly in one fist, seemingly forgotten.

Cara smiles.

Rafe puts the action figure in his pocket, in favor of the first, favorite one.

You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.
You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Rafe smiles warmly at the action figure in his hand.

Cara sighs.

You sigh.

Cara looks at you.

Cara grins.

Rafe smiles shyly.

Rafe waves at Cara with his empty hand.

Cara waves back, and smiles, more bolder though.

Rafe blushes and skips out of the plaza, waving over his shoulder.

============ Later the same day ================

Rafe skips back into the plaza.

Lain waves.

Havoc nods.

Rafe spies Cara and bounces over to sit by her.

Rafe beams happily. 'Hi!'

Cara grins.

Cara smiles lightly.

Lain says, 'nice.'

Lain says, 'fashionable even rafe:)'

Rafe blushes and smiles.

Rafe tugs self-consciously at his choker.

Havoc leaves north.
Lain leaves north.

Rafe shows Cara his action figure. 'This is Captain Amazing. He's a superhero.'

Cara looks at Captain Amazing, in awe

Rafe grins proudly.

Cara smiles, thinking of all the bad-guys he musta bagged

Standing 5'5, with a narrow, but strong frame, long light brown locks of hair complete her face. Slowly turning to meet your gaze, gentle green eyes gleam back at you, troubled and alone.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Neck> a cultist's necklace
<Neck> a bandanna
<Torso> a sports bra
<About Body> a bomber jacket
<Right Wrist> a Switch watch
<Legs> some Auroran BDU pants
<Lower Legs> a heart-shaped tattoo
<Feet> a skateboard
<Wielded> a stun prod (humming)

Rafe's eyes go wide in surprise. 'Umm... is that a *real* stunner?'

Cara nods 'Yea.'

Cara shows Rafe her Stun Prod

Rafe scoots away, to the other end of the bench.

You shake your head.

Cara shrugs.

Cara stops using a stun prod.

Cara grins.

Rafe looks quite terrified, for a moment.

Cara puts a stun prod in a nylon hockey bag.

Cara smiles. 'Is that better?'

Rafe looks a bit more relaxed, and his breathing slows.

Rafe nods tentatively.

Cara grins.

You say, 'I... uh... don't l.l.like those things.''

Rafe shudders.

Rafe glances nervously around the plaza, not meeting your eyes.

Cara looks at you questioningly. 'Why, did some one get you with one of them?'

You shake your head.

Cara says You don't like weapons then?

Rafe grimaces. 'I d..don't wanna talk about it, though.'

Cara nods, mad she brought up the subject

You get a chainknife from a nylon hockey bag.

You put a chainknife in a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe winks. 'I know how to use a weapon, if I have to...'

Rafe looks like he just revealed the biggest secret in the world.

Cara giggles slightly, for she knows how to too

Rafe beams happily.

Cara grins.

Cara lazily pushes a stray strand of hair out of her face

Provyn arrives from below.

Cara nods unconsciously

Provyn wades up the crowded steps heavily to the masses in Nexus Plaza.

Rafe pushes his hair out of his eyes, as if he just noticed it.

Rafe leans back on the bench and crosses his legs.

Provyn's tall form, turns slightly as a passerby bumps into him, a low rumbling in his throat.

Rafe turns and smiles at Cara, then turns his attention back to his action figure.

Rafe hums quietly, moving the figure up and down one thigh.

Cara returns the smile and stares deeply into the crowd of passerbys

Rafe begins moving his mouth, as if speaking, but he makes no sound. He waves the action figure through the air in front of him.

Rafe tilts his head from one side to the other, his eyes always fixed on the action figure.

Cara smiles faintly, not amazed how one could have fun, while others are suffering

Rafe stops abruptly and frowns at the action figure. He puts it in his pants pocket and looks around the plaza.

You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.

Provyn paces through the crowd, boots thudding heavily against the concrete ground. Covered with leather, his broad shoulders draping the material to his feet, concealing much of his large form.

Standing at 6'8" with a hulking form to go with his height, Provyn meets
your gaze through soft gray eyes. Clean-cut black hair and square features
complete the image of this giant as he glances about carelessly.

Rafe lets his eyes trail over Provyn's form, soaking up the look of leather.

Cara crosses her legs, one over the other, and lazily glides her fingers through the pool water

Cara continues to distract herself by playing with the water, but is totally concious of what is going on.

Provyn pauses for a moment, head pivoting on his thick neck. You catch a flash as reflective lenses cast off light in your direction. The stiff composure of his square jaw denotes a mood of not the greatest aspirations.

Rafe hums happily, swaying a bit in his seat. He looks around the plaza, from one advertisement to the next.

Cara sighs and gazes around the plaza, stopping to look at the members of this..gathering.

Rafe's eyes gleam as he spots one particular ad, on the opposite side of the plaza.

You stand up.

Rafe jumps up and fairly runs over to the ad, a grin spreading across his face.

Provyn frowns slightly, a smug expression of disapproaval as he turns forward and moves on once again.

Provyn leaves east.

Cara shrugs.

Rafe squats in front of the holographic ad for the latest Captain Amazing movie, enraptured by the images there.

Rafe pulls an action figure from his pants pockets.

Cara casts a gaze to where Rafe is looking at, interested

You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Rafe sits cross-legged on the concrete, right in front of the ad.

Rafe gazes lovingly into the holographic ad, watching the repeating movie trailer over and over, almost without blinking.

Rafe moves his action figure to mimic the movie star in the ad.

Cara begins to think.

Rafe stares hypnotically into the holographic advertisement.

Alherst arrives from the north.

Rafe gazes adoringly into the holographic movie ad.

Rafe moves his action figure in front of the ad, mimicing the actions of the star.

Cara smiles at you.

Alherst says, 'hello Cara'

Cara grins.

Cara says, 'Hello Alherst'

Rafe looks up at the source of sound.

Alherst asks, 'hello rafe how ya been?'

Rafe blinks rapidly and squints at Alherst. 'Um... great!' He breaks into a big grin.

You stand up.

Nyctasia arrives from the south.

Alherst laughs.

Rafe walks back to the center of the plaza, the advertisement forgotten for the moment.

Rafe shoves an action figure in his pocket.

Nyctasia scans plaza, and decides all is well. Takes a seat.

Rafe walks over to the pool and leans over the edge. He rinses his hands in the cool water, then fluffs his hair with his still-damp fingers.

Rafe sits on the pool ledge, beaming happily.

Nyctasia turns attention at you.

Rafe hums quietly, looking around him at the motion.

Alherst walks toward the unfamilar face indicating Nyctasia and speaks ' hello my name is Alherst'

Nyctasia, showing no outward appearence of shock, nods at Alherst.

Alherst extends hand to shake

Nyctasia tips her head to side, scans you quickly and raises her hand to shake yours with her firm grip.

Alherst says, 'glad to meet you. I missed your name'

Nyctasia stands up and squares her shoulders, 'Nyctasia.

Rafe blinks and looks at the tall man, Alherst, making moves on the young lady.

Rafe fidgets nervously.

Nyctasia looks at Alherst.

Alherst asks, 'just incase do i offend anyone by being nude?'

Cara shakes her head.

Rafe blushes and shakes his head.

Alherst says, 'you seem to be pleased Rafe! '

Rafe beams happily and nods.

Alherst laughs.

Alherst looks at you.

Rafe self-consciously tugs at his choker.

Alherst says, 'it's alright Rafe. no fear'

Cara smiles reassuringly at Rafe

Rafe blinks and looks uncertainly at Alherst.

Alherst prances around gleefully

Rafe grimaces and pulls his choker off, rubbing a red line that remains on his throat.

You stop using a velvet choker.

Rafe smiles shyly at Alherst.

Rafe winks at Alherst, then looks away innocently.