I am Fi / Emily. Clara is an innocent bystander (as much as any icon is innocent). Ean is one of the admins of the mud.

Emily's expression is tight and tired, her face and hands smudged with grime, her camos wrinkled and stained. Limp brown hair frames features that are too strong to be pretty. Only her posture and the set of her jaw hint at the privilege she grew up with. She looks like a woman who is not just down on her luck, but on the run from something.
<Head> an elastic ponytail holder
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Torso> an Auroran BDU shirt
<Legs> some BDU pants
<Feet> some combat boots

You OOC: Hey, guess what?

[ Icons ]
Clara 'Aren De Santis' Sometimes its just not worth getting up.
Fi 'Emily Spencer' I ride a hot potato.
Jestyr 'Seren' Yarg.
Aeon 'Neoma Michaels' www.baiting.org/Logs/Tiny+Little+Love/950776630
Ean 'Isabel Alameda'
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Clara OOCs: What?

You OOC: Oh. Nevermind. Hi, Clara. <whistles innocently>

Clara OOCs: Oh, really....

You OOC: No, no. I wasn't gonna say anything interesting. Unless... <grins> Do you watch the X-Files?

Ean OOCs: Aak!

Ean OOCs: If you mention X-files one more time, Mulder and Scully are going to hunt you down and kill you.

Clara OOCs: erm.

Ean OOCs: I promise it.

Clara OOCs: Sweet.

Clara OOCs: Can I get footage?

You OOC: Who? No idea. Nevermind.

You OOC: I'd rather be hunted down and killed by Krycek. <done, now>

Emily Spencer taps her foot impatiently.

Mulder says, 'I hear a strange whistling noise, Scully.... what could it be?'

You OOC: I can't talk about it. I'll send you a tell.

Clara OOCs: eek.

Your head explodes as a sniper's bullet slams into your face, killing you instantly!
Your senses fade as you slip into oblivion...
...an indeterminate period of time passes, and you return to your senses.

You are incapacitated, and will die without medical attention.

Scully says, 'Damn those alien snipers.'

Name: Fi   IC Name: Emily Spencer
You are incapacitated, and will die without medical attention.