========== Duff and Az, after the fight with Liam =========(9-21)

Altar Ego
In a another example of obnoxious wit, the bar itself has been shaped like a statue of a naked half-woman, half-animal creature of some sort, squatting
down on all fours as if in pain. Behind the bar, piles of dirty glasses go
unwashed in an equally dirty sink.
The bartender stands here, wiping the bar.

Azander walks to an end of the bar and takes a seat, turning his back towards it.

Duff takes a seat next to Az and rubs his lip with a thoughtful expression.

Azander looks over at the bartender for a moment and sneers before turning back around. 'That goth shall die.'

Duff nods and frowns. 'I've got a helluva headache, though.

Azander glares at the courier as he looks over at Duff. 'I must hunt now... I must hunt.'

Duff gives Az a small smile. 'Go, brother, and good luck.'

Duff raises his cane to his hat in salute.

Azander looks at Duff coldly. 'Are you not coming with me?'

Duff squints at Az and presses his lips tightly together. 'Like I said, I've got a helluva headache. But my brother comes first, of course. Just say the word.' He nods.

Duff presses his fingers to the bridge of his nose briefly, then stands.

Azander shakes his head a bit. 'I'm feeling pain as well, but it's all mental. You can soothe it for both of us.'

Duff leans over the bar to get a shot, and he downs it quickly.

Azander removes his mask showing off his sickly pale colored face and a nasty scar on his left cheek as he turns to the bartender.

Duff nods ruefully. 'That'll help me, and I can help you.' He peers intently at Az and concentrates.

Azander buys a shot.

Azander gets the glass and slams it back.

Duff settles himself comfortably. 'Look right at me, droog. This won't take long.'

Azander glares at Duff with his pink eyes.

Duff's brows crease with mental effort. He gazes into Az's eyes for several seconds. Sweat appears on his brow, but he does not appear to be in pain.

Azander places his hand on the bar as he closes his eyes. He opens them, placing hand on Duff's shoulder. 'Thank you.'

Duff nods and sighs tiredly.

Azander replaces his mask on his face and raises his hood to cover his face.

Duff orders a glass of water from the bartender. The bartender hands him a murky glass.

Azander pushes off the bar and turns to walk out.

Duff drinks the water and makes a face. 'Can't have another shot, or I'll be out for good, after that last bit.'

Azander looks at you.

Azander stops and turns around to look at Duff. 'Coming or not? It is your choice.'

Duff is pale and sweaty, and his lower lip is puffy, but he seems calm enough. He nods and smirks.

You stand up.

Azander leaves north.
You follow Azander.


Nexus Plaza
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.
Liam is standing here.
Vix is standing here.
Jacobin is standing here.
Katlyn is standing here.
Odessa is standing here.
Terek is standing here.

Azander moves through the Plaza on the outskirts and continues towards East Cwelan.

Terek smiles, "Yes, I doubt Mr. Ztruk would hire me to do much work, and I doubt I could get a job being a record company CEO." He smiles down at his fiancee.

Liam nods faintly in response to Vix's answer, his expression becoming taut, 'So ya know why they come around and bother poeople or do they just do it at random?'

Jacobin looks up and smirks.

Azander leaves east.
You follow Azander.


The Smiling Beaver Nightclub
[ Exits: n ]
Azander is standing here.
A stripper is smiling at you.
A waitress is falling out of her uniform.
A stripper is smiling at you.
A stripper is smiling at you.

l stripper
Wearing nothing but a smile and a lot of makeup, this fairly pretty young
woman smiles at you and hopes for a tip. Beneath the false smile and
artificial breasts, you see the body and soul of a teenage girl forced
to make a living however she can.

Azander grins broadly from behind his mask as he enters the establishment and walks to a stool, taking a seat.

Azander closes the door.

Azander looks at a stripper.

A waitress counts her tips and frowns.

Duff smiles gleefully as he looks around at the naked and near-naked women. He pulls up a seat.

You sit down.

l waitress
Jiggling like a bowl full of gelatin, this giggly waitress is barely out of
her teens, and is actually happy to work here. The fondling, groping, and
lewd comments have not gotten to her yet. They will.

Azander eyes one of the strippers closely, looking her up and down before moving to the next.

Duff leans back in his chair and smiles smugly.

Duff winks lewdly at a stripper.

Azander gtells, 'Hrm... I'm not going to emote this kill. I'm going to OOCly kill and say it was IC.'
You gtell, 'lazy bastard.'

Azander leans over towards Duff and points to a stripper.

Duff surreptitiously fingers the blade of his knife, which is tucked in his boot.

Azander whispers to you, 'Her... right now...'

Duff nods at Azander and licks his lips.

You wield a long, curved knife.

Azander reaches into his cloak as a glint is shown.

Azander wields a cobra knife.

Azander jumps onto the stage and goes after the stripper.

Duff jumps up after Azander, an unholy gleam in his eye.

Azander slashes a stripper with a cobra knife, moderately injuring her.
You join the fight!
[they fight]
A stripper's unconscious form twitches quietly.
Azander slashes a stripper with a cobra knife, heavily damaging her.
Their struggle concluded, Azander ceases his attack upon a stripper.

Duff pants heavily and looks at the bloody corpse.

Azander frowns as he reaches down to the girl's body, the others screaming.

Azander growls as he leaps off the stage and heads out the door.

Duff runs his hand over the girl's bloody breasts wistfully, then follows Az out the door.

Azander leaves north.
You follow Azander.

Azander stops using a cobra knife.
You stop using a long, curved knife.


Dark Alley
This small alley would be more of a parking lot were vehicles more
prevalent within the dome, for small pebbles and dirt move underneath your
feet as you walk along. Perhaps intended to be the location of some
building, the area now serves as a conduit between two larger avenues,
allowing those seeking solace from life to head for the companionship of
the flesh. Those looking for a more liquid form of companion can find it
to the north, inside O'Malley's Tavern.

Azander turns into the alley and falls into a seated position.

Duff licks the blood off his hand and smiles with satisfaction. 'That was good.'

Azander nods his head in agreement with you.

Azander says, 'Yes, it was... but I _want_ more.'

Duff leans against the wall and sighs happily.

Azander attempts to treat his wounds.

You successfully treat the wounds.

Duff rests against the wall, his eyes closed, until his breathing is even and slow. His face is placid, almost angelic.

Azander wears a pair of kevlar gloves on his hands.

Azander stands up.

Azander leaves west.
You follow Azander.

[travel and leave]