============= Eric dies 10-16 ===============
Nexus Plaza
Tleilaxu is standing here.
Minx is resting here.
Machine is standing here.
Terek is standing here.
Eric is standing here.

Eric drops to the floor, lands with a soft 'thud'. Cheek on concrete, eyes open, not blinking.

Machine takes a bite from a still-wrapped candy bar.

Machine exclaims, 'Rafe!'

Rafe looks at Eric's body.

Minx looks at Eric.

Machine looks at Eric.

Minx says, 'hmm'

Minx pokes Eric.

Minx asks, 'Think he is dead?'

Rafe raises one eyebrow. 'What the hell's going on?'

Machine toes Eric absently.

Minx still lies on Terek's body, not letting him move.

Machine gives Rafe a fistful of pills.

Machine twitches.

Machine says, 'Binge.'

Rafe hugs Machine gleefully. 'Thanks!'

Machine says, 'Careful, they're watching.'

Terek kisses Minx passionately.

Machine looks around.

Rafe looks suspiciously at the air.

Machine chews on his cigarette holder, the lit end bobbing about dangerously.

Machine says, 'Them.'

Rafe nods knowingly.

Terek smiles at Minx.

Minx blushes.

Eric's eyes slowly lose their shine as the moisture normally coating them evaporates.

Rafe eats a handful of pills, without sorting them.

Minx closes Eric's eyes.

Tleilaxu asks, 'How come he's just layin there?'

Machine crouches over Eric, looking like he thinks maybe he ought to do something, but not being sure what.

A short, skinny guy in his early twenties. Shaved head, blue eyes with large pupils dart around constantly. A metal plate with several access ports is set in the back of his head; he's dressed in jeans and a wrinkly t-shirt.

Machine pokes Eric.

Machine prods Eric, "Hey."

Rafe leans over next to Machine.

Rafe asks, 'Should we carry him to the hospital?'

Machine mutters. "Hospital......."

Machine spasms.

Eric rolls with Machine's poke. A dark stain is slowly forming on one of his pant legs.

Rafe rolls his eyes at Eric.

Minx rolls off Terek, then makes him get up with her.

Terek stands up with Minx.

Minx says, 'Gardens'

Machine blinks. "Is that blood or chocolate?"

Minx stops resting, and stands up.

Rafe touches the damp spot on Eric's pants, then brings his finger to his mouth.

Rafe sucks on his damp finger.

You tell Eric, 'what is it?'

Machine takes a purposeful hit from a nasal inhaler and looks down at Eric.

Eric tells you, 'Urine.'

Tleilaxu asks, 'How come that guy is just layin there?'

Machine says, 'Am I supposed to know what to do? I can't remember.'

Minx sighs.

Rafe makes a face and indicates Machine's inhaler.

Rafe smacks his lips and frowns. 'It's piss.'

Terek leaves north.

Machine holds the inhaler up for Rafe. "Piss. He drunk?"

Rafe sighs. 'He pissed himself.'

Minx leaves north.

Tleilaxu frowns.

Machine stands.

Rafe inhales deeply, closing his eyes.

Tleilaxu leaves north.

Machine looks around. "Wasn't there people here before?"

Rafe peers closely at Eric's face. He leans in to see if he's breathing.

You tell Eric, 'you breathing?'

Machine scratches his neck. "Aren't I a doctor?"

Rafe nods at Machine, his eyes wide.

Eric lies dead still. His chest doesn't rise or fall; no breathing sounds.

Rafe exclaims, 'Shit!'

Machine blinks. "What?"

Rafe tugs at Machine's arm. 'He's not breathing!'

Rafe looks around and curses again. 'help me?'

Machine furrows his brows. "Er.... mouth to mouth? CPR?"

Rafe shakes his head in disagreement.

Rafe says, 'I don't know how to do that... Besides, he'd prolly just puke on ya.'

Rafe says, 'You get his shoulders and I'll get his feet. It's not far to the hospital.'

Rafe pauses. 'Or... should I just call?

Machine nods stupidly and grabs Eric roughly.

Rafe grabs the other end of Eric.

Machine grunts, struggling a bit.

Rafe grunts as he lifts the body.

Rafe helps Machine drag the body out of the plaza, towards the hospital.

Panacea Hospital Main Entrance
Reception Area and Patient Records
Emergency Ward Waiting Room

Machine blinks. "Wires."

Rafe peers at the wires coming out of Eric's head.

Rafe says, 'Huh.'

Emergency Ward
Clean white beds stand separated by thin transluscent barriers in the midst of this antiseptic room. A wide array of clinical technology is set up here on the front line of medicine, helping cope with a steady flow of patients. Sound absorbing paneling reduces the ever-present noise to an indistinct murmur as hospital personnel go about the never-ending task of fighting humanity's ailments with a calm demeanor and efficient technique.
An emergency room physician runs around busily.

Rafe asks, 'Set him down here?'

Rafe points at a chair.

Machine nods. "On table."

Rafe nods.

Rafe sets the unconscious body down on a table and grabs someone in white.

Machine frowns. "Doctor here. Jew. Cohn...Khan.....Cohen. Dr. Cohen."

Machine nods.

Machine says, 'I'll get him. He likes me. '

Rafe grabs an emergency room physician by the arm. 'This guy's unconscious. I don't think he's breathing!'

Machine shuffles off. "Dr. Cohen?"

Machine leaves south.

Eric lies still on the stretcher. Help takes mere minutes to arrive, in the form of a blur of green and white-robed EMTs and doctors, defibrilation equipment and respirators, but it's too already too late.

Rafe frowns.

Rafe looks at the doctors with worry evident on his face. 'Is... Is he gonna be alright?'

Eric's dead body is stripped, tagged, bagged and wheeled away by two attendants, whose main topic of discussion consists of 'Nurse White down at A6'.

Rafe sighs and shuffles out.

Eric tells you, 'Medullar damage. I/O wire escaping from it's insulation, going stray, slicing through lots of vital midbrain structures on the way. As an autopsy will later reveal.'

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