============== Rafe's interview with Nyctasia ==================

Altar Ego
Sitting Area
Havoc is sitting here.
Nyctasia is sitting here.

Rafe peeks into the sitting area and smiles meekly.

Rafe raises his hand slightly. 'Um, are you busy? Should I come back later?'

Nyctasia turns to Rafe, 'Take a seat.

Rafe slides into the booth and sits stiffly.

Nyctasia looks at man in front of her.

Rafe smiles nervously. 'Um... hi.'

Rafe says, 'I, uh, brought my resume.'

Nyctasia nods at you, 'Good, may I see it please?

Rafe gives a sheet of lined paper to Nyctasia.

Rafe points to the top of the paper. 'You can leave messages for me at the hotel. I don't have a permanent residence.'

Nyctasia quickly looks over resume, 'You don't have mail?

Rafe says, 'Um, sure I do. I forgot to put it on there. Sorry.'

Nyctasia nods, 'It's ok. We'll find it.

Rafe looks slightly ruffled at the unexpected request.

Rafe clears his throat and starts talking.

Nyctasia looks at you blankly.

Rafe says, 'So, I'm really good with people, see, and I think I'd be a great promoter.'

Rafe says, 'I love talking to people, and they seem to like me. I could hand out flyers, get people's attention, stuff like that.'

Nyctasia asks, 'Any experience in promoting?

Rafe says, 'I... uh...'

Rafe pauses and looks embarrassed. 'Not exactly...'

Nyctasia nods, and attempts to make you feel comfortable, 'It's not hard to learn to do.

Rafe continues with a smile on his face, 'But I pick things up really fast. All my old bosses said so. And I really want to do a good job.

Rafe says, 'I, uh, could also be like a roadie, and help with band stuff. I'm working on my own band... Maybe we'll be ready to audition, soon.'

Rafe smiles hopefully.

Nyctasia flips through beat-up note pad on table and stops on a page, 'Really? I'll keep that in mind.'

Rafe says, 'Have you heard from a guy called Terek? He's in my band. He's really good, you know. I am too. I'm a drummer.'

Rafe makes drumming motions on the table with his fingers, then stops self-consciously.

Rafe grins broadly, trying to make a good impression.

Nyctasia nods, 'So you'd like to promote, possible become a talent act for us?

Rafe nods enthusiastically. 'Yes, Maam! I'm really cut out for promoting , from what I hear about it. I'm great with people. I mean, folks seem to like me, right away. I'm good that way.

Rafe beams happily.

Nyctasia nods at your enthusiasm, 'What skills do you have?

Rafe continues, 'And I'm not afraid of meeting new people. I like it, really. I could really help drum up more business for whatever bands or acts you have.'

Rafe pauses to think for a moment.

Rafe says, 'Skills... Well, uh...'

Nyctasia asks, 'Did you ever go to trade schools, learn computers in school, etc.?

Rafe says, 'At my old jobs I learned how to work a register. I can count change, and be trusted with credits. I can clean and carry stuff. I can be nice to customers.'

Rafe says, 'Well, in high school, we used computers, lots. I'm no daemon, though.'

Rafe shrugs.

Nyctasia nods and scribbles on pad, 'But you have a working knowledge of them right?

Rafe hurries to reassure you, 'Oh, sure.'

Nyctasia asks, 'Have you done any other jobs besides the ones listed on your resume?

Rafe shifts nervously in his seat. 'Well, just odd jobs. Nothing regular. I sometimes find... manual labor to do. It's not that great, though, for a little guy like me.'

Rafe rubs the knuckles of his left hand.

Nyctasia asks, 'Do you mind telling me of those jobs? Your employers?

Rafe blinks and shakes his head. 'I can't. I mean, I don't know where they are anymore.'

Nyctasia asks, 'No names?

Rafe's lips tighten briefly before he restores a smile to his face. He shakes his head, an innocent look on his face.

Rafe says, 'The boss was always just called 'Boss.''

Nyctasia watches you completely deviod of emotion, and nods, 'Indeed.'

Rafe looks earnestly across the table. 'But I always got on well with them, even though the work was short-term.'

Nyctasia nods, 'Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions now?

Rafe smiles cheerfully. 'Sure, that's okay. What do you want to know?'

Nyctasia asks, 'What's your age?'

Rafe says, 'I'm 19.'

Nyctasia scribbles on her worn out note pad, 'Your geno and marital status?'

Rafe bites his lip but blurts out, 'My parents were spectres. I'm not married.'

Nyctasia nods, 'I know. You're not 19 either.'

Rafe blinks uncertainly. 'Uh...'

Nyctasia looks at you, and you realize that she is Spectre as well.

Nyctasia says, 'At the most you're 18.'

Nyctasia watches you carefully, 'When are you availible?'

Rafe says, 'Well, right away, I suppose.'

Rafe looks expectantly at Nyctasia. 'Anything else?'

Nyctasia asks, 'What is your take on doing security?'

Rafe frowns. 'I'm not big enough to be a bouncer. Nobody's afraid of me.'

Rafe says, 'And I don't like g..guns.'

Nyctasia looks at you blankly, 'Size is only in the eye, and guns are what you'd be protecting against.'

Rafe's face pales and he shakes his head. 'I d..don't think I could do th..that.' He looks a bit frightened.

Nyctasia says, 'Right now we are combining job requirements. We need security, and crews for support. We also need Scouts, promoters, acts, and office workers.'

Nyctasia asks, 'Would you be willing to do crowd control at concerts, and that type of security?'

Rafe thinks. 'You mean like wearing a security T-shirt and using a flashlight to help people to their seats?'

Nyctasia smiles despite herself, 'No, like keeping fans away from the performers, etc.'

Rafe purses his lips in disapproval. 'I dunno. Like I said, people aren't afraid of me....'

Nyctasia nods, 'Ok, we'll contact you.