===================== Robin =======================

Nexus Plaza
A cup sits here.
Some birdseed is lying here.
A crispy chicken sandwich is here.
Brandon is standing here.
A large robin cocks its head and stares at you.
Cat is standing here.

A large robin cheeps, slightly muffled by the shawl.

A large robin sounds very indignant at this point.

Rafe peers at a lumpy shawl curiously.

A large robin shakes the shawl, flapping furiously.

Cat carefully places her arms in a wide circle around the lump, pinning the edges of the shawl to the bench.

Rafe points at it. 'Er... What's that?... Oh!' He takes a step back.

A large robin proclaims, 'Cheep!'

Brandon frowns a bit as he looks at Cat. 'What the hell are you doing?'

A large robin stops fluttering underneath the shawl. He sits quietly for a moment.

A large robin cheeps indignantly, muffled by the fabric thrown under him. He doesn't seem particularly distressed. Merely annoyed.

Rafe leans in towards the bench, his eyes wide.

Cat brings her arms in toward the lump slowly, careful not to frighten the bird unnecessarily.

A large robin cheeps cautiously. Slightly worried sounding.

l cat
A thin scar on her cheekbone echoes the angle of her tilted blue eyes. Her black hair, trimmed close to her head, gleams softly. An intricate tattoo, like a brightly-colored circuit diagram, runs along her left forearm.

Brandon walks over towards the shawl. 'What exactly are you doing?'

Rafe spies Brandon also watching the bird. He waves shyly at him, a smile on his lips.

Brandon nods towards Rafe.

A large robin *muffled* cheep?

Rafe blushes and grins. 'What's under that shawl?'

Brandon says, 'A bird.'

A large robin flutters half-heartedly from underneath the shawl.

Rafe's eyes get wider in surprise. 'Ooh. How'd you manage to catch it?'

A large robin flutters half-heartedly from underneath the shawl.

Brandon points at Cat. 'She did.'

Rafe focuses his manic curiosity at Cat. 'Whatcha gonna do with it? You gonna keep it for a pet, or sell it, or something?'

A large robin cheeps quietly.

Katlyn arrives from the north.

Cat gently lifts the bird, still muffled under the shawl, wrapping the shawl loosely around its body so the wings can't move. She unwraps its head, holding it breast-up.

A large robin cocks its head at Cat, wings and legs pinned by the fabric.

A large robin cheeps loudly.

A large robin exclaims, 'Meep!'

Cat murmurs calmly... She looks around for someone to help her hold the bird.

Katlyn looks at a large robin.

Rafe focuses his manic curiosity at Cat. 'Whatcha gonna do with it? You gonna keep it for a pet, or sell it, or something?'

A large robin exclaims, 'Cheep!'

l robin
Looking very cross because you've disturbed her nesting, this robin looks at you with what must be some sort of intelligence. Its red feathered breast is covered with darker patches of what looks like blood.

Cat quirks an eyebrow at the other people in the plaza.

Cat focuses on Rafe. She shakes her head slightly. 'It's a wild animal...'

A large robin lunges his beak forward, nipping at Cat's cuticle with his sharp beak.

Rafe's brows crinkle briefly. 'Well, sure, but... I mean, you caught it, and all...' He trails off and gasps at the bird's actions.

Cat winces, but doesn't draw her hand away.

A large robin proclaims, 'Cheep!'

Rafe looks concerned. 'Ooh, he's gonna hurt you!'

Brandon says, 'What're you going to do with the bird?'

Brandon looks from the mostly-covered bird and then towards Cat.

A large robin cocks his head, as if in warning, and begins staring at Cat. Beady eyes meeting her own orbs.

A large robin peeps.

Cat says, 'I need someone to help me hold it.'

Brandon asks, 'That's great, but _what_ are you going to do with it?'

Cat looks exasperated. 'I can't unwrap it and look for the injury unless someone helps me.'

Rafe looks skeptically at the bird. 'Uh, sure, I guess.'

You ask, 'Whaddaya want me to do?'

Brandon sighs and looks at the cat who just arrived. 'Alright, alright.'

Cat tries to gesture where Rafe should hold the bird, then realizes she's gesturing with the bird. She blushes a bit, then walks to stand in front of Rafe. 'Put your hands where mine are. On each side of the bird, kinda pinning down its wings. But gently.'

A large robin OOCs: great, give a fragile bird to a spazzy goth. :P

A cat leaves north.

A large robin OOCs: Trying to kill me, Cat? :)

Rafe reaches in carefully, placing his hands where Cat's were. He flinches when he feels the bird move.

Cat nods slightly. 'Gently, but firmly. Don't let go, or you'll drop it.' She starts to unwrap the shawl from the bird's breast.

A large robin cocks his head, still half-eyeing the chicken sandwich lying abandoned by the fountain.

Rafe watches the bird intently.

Brandon grabs the chicken sandwich and holds it in his hand. He grabs the chicken slice from it and then holds it out towards the bird.

Brandon gets a crispy chicken sandwich.

A large robin cheeps indignantly.

Brandon gives a crispy chicken sandwich to a large robin.

Cat pulls the shawl completely away from the bird's breast, then looks at the bloodstained feathers. Carefully, she lifts the feathers away with her fingers, exposing some minor cuts.

Rafe looks distinctly nervous. 'Hey, you're making it twitch!'

A large robin cheeps in protest.

Cat says calmly, to the bird and to Rafe. 'It's okay....don't freak.'

Rafe steps back from Cat, holding the bird farther away from his torso.

A large robin eyes Cat cautiously, turning his little head nearly backwards.

Cat frowns a bit as she looks at the cuts. 'Nothing serious....but he's way too thin.'

Rafe smiles bravely at Brandon.

Brandon looks at the sandwich in his hand and shrugs, still holding it out.

Cat shrugs a bit vaguely. 'I don't know much about birds....'

A large robin cheeps loudly.

A large robin blinks.

A large robin OOCs: Sadly, I get much better IC response as a little birdie than I do as myself.

A large robin OOCs: Shows how many people love me. *holds up a big zero*

Cat looks at Rafe. 'Well, I guess you can set him down over there on that bench. Let's see what he does, maybe?'

Rafe speaks hesitantly, as if afraid to disturb the bird. 'Um, how long do I need to hold it?'

Brandon starts to eye the sandwich in his hand.

You OOC: didn't I play with the ball you gave me?

A large robin OOCs: Wasn't rafe the one who accidentally shut corp perks down because of the haz-mat with the happy fun ball?

Cat says, 'You can set it down on the bench.... let it unwrap itself.'

You OOC: Erm, well... you see, it wasn't *really* my fault. I mean, I didn't *know* that was gonna happen...

Brandon withdraws his hand, slides the chicken breast back into the sandwich and takes a small bite.

A large robin cheeps loudly.

Rafe holds the bird at arm's length and slowly moves it to the bench. He sets it down carefully, then snatches his hands back quickly.

Brandon holds the sandwich back out.

A large robin ruffles his feathers indignantly.

A large robin eyes the sandwich hungrily.

Brandon mutters, 'Eat the thing already before I do.'

Cat looks at Rafe.

Rafe wipes his hands on his pants legs.

A large robin hops over a few times, cautiously, to the sandwich. He persistantly looks suspiciously at Brandon.

Cat watches the bird.

A large robin | hop.

A large robin | Hop. Hop.

Cat glances quickly at Rafe. 'Yeah...washing your hands might be a good idea...'

Rafe looks at Brandon. 'Set the sandwich down. Maybe it'll eat some, then.'

Brandon sets the sandwich down.

Brandon backs away.

A large robin reaches quickly forward, ripping a huge chunk of bread off the sandwich.

Cat moves to the edge of the pool, scrubbing her hands quickly.

A large robin meeps quietly around a massive beakful of bread.

Rafe gives his hands a horrified look, then glances back at Cat. 'Ooh, really?' He looks quite disgusted.

Cat nods.

Cat says, still watching the bird, 'They have strange bugs sometimes....'

Rafe dashes over to the pool and rinses his hands, looking over his shoulder at the bird, as if he expects it to chase him.

Brandon shakes his head. 'Touching a bird isn't going to kill you.'

Cat moves toward the bench, reaching carefully for the edge of her shawl.

A large robin meeps loudly. He reaches forward again, snagging another beakful of bread.

Cat smiles slightly at Brandon.

Rafe scrubs his hands frantically, then shakes them off and dries them on his pants. He looks dubiously at the bird. 'I.. I dunno.'

A large robin continues scarfing pieces of the sandwich, still eyeing you cautiously.

Brandon crosses his arms over his broad chest and looks at the bird, a smile on his face.

A large robin meeps quietly.

Cat looks at a large robin.

A large robin meeps.

Cat raises an eyebrow.

A large robin finishes about a quarter of the bread from the sandwich, and begins slowing down.

Rafe walks over to Brandon and smiles hesitantly. 'That was kinda... cool. Right?'

Brandon nods his head slowly.

A large robin flaps noisily, picking himself off the pool's edge. He flies up to perch on one of the wings of the phoenixes.

Brandon smiles towards Rafe and a funny look on his face. 'Oddly, yeah, it was.'

Rafe grins playfully. 'I'm Rafe. What's your name?'

Cat watches the robin flap up to its perch, then glances around the plaza.

A large robin flaps off noisily. A passing 'Cheep!' as he leaves.

A large robin leaves north.

Rafe pauses shmoozing Brandon to watch the bird fly off. His mouth is open as he gazes after it.

Cat shrugs lightly, then reclaims her shawl from the bench. She looks mournfully at a small bloodstain near its center.

Brandon looks towards Rafe, the smile disappearing. 'Brandon.'

Cat looks at the two men. 'Thanks for your help.' She smiles.

Rafe nods. 'That's a cool name. Nice to meet you. You, uh... like animals?' He cocks his head in the direction of the bench where the bird was.

Brandon half-shrugs. 'Kinda.'

Cat folds the shawl carefully.

Cat puts a shawl in a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe looks down at his feet. 'You fed it. That was nice.' He looks at Cat and waves, 'I'm Rafe. How'd you know it was hurt?'

Cat smiles at Rafe, nodding at the other man. 'Well, thanks again.' She starts to walk north.

Cat pauses, turning back. 'Oh...it had red spots...robins kinda don't.' She smiles.

Rafe nods. 'Oh, I didn't know that. Is that what kind of bird it was, then? That's cool.'

Cat says, 'So...it was either hurt, or....it was a variform.'

Cat nods slightly.

Rafe's brows knit together. 'Variform? Is that like a genotype?'

Cat says, 'I had a friend who made robins. Kinda thought it was one of his....'

Cat shrugs a bit. 'A little. Not quite.'

Rafe opens his mouth as if to ask another question, pauses, and shuts his mouth with a slight shrug.

Rafe turns back to Brandon. 'Do you know her?'

Katlyn blinks slightly, shaking her head.

Rafe gazes around the plaza, clearly bored. He squints at a holo-ad, recognizes it and grins.

Katlyn brushes the back of one hand over her forehead, eyes distant and soft.

Brandon shrugs again.

Brandon says, 'It looked hungry.'

Rafe smiles. 'That was smart. Most things think with their stomachs.'

Cat looks at Rafe. 'Variforms aren't human.' She grins.

Cat nods. 'Yeah, it was....good idea to lure it down.'

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