===================== Duff menaces Brandon ================

Crew-cut red hair frames a baby face with pale green eyes. Duff is a graceful, good-looking young man, but clearly high-strung. When he's not sneering or laughing, an expression of distaste purses his lips.
<Head>     a derby
<Eyes>     some mascara
<Neck>     a chain collar
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet>     a pair of 20 hole boots
<Held>     a walking stick

Nexus Plaza
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.
Brandon is sitting here.
Jago is standing here.
Jacobin is standing here.
Ace is standing here.
An autonomous robotic cannon slowly pans the room.
An autonomous robotic cannon slowly pans the room.

Jacobin whispers something to Jago.

Jago nods.

Rahl arrives from the north.

Duff saunters into the plaza, swinging his cane jauntily.

Duff glares around the plaza, as if looking for someone.

A friendly man arrives from the north.

Rahl almost instinctually walks to his bench near the pool, but stops before he sits down.

Duff bumps into a friendly man, jostling him.

Duff glares at a friendly man.

Brandon pays not attention to the guard as he stares at the ground.

Duff curses at a friendly man, 'Fuck off!' He mutters, 'Fuckin' loser.'

l brandon
He towers above the majority of the crowd at 6'08"; his broad shoulders and massive neck muscles leave no doubt to what he his. He has brown hair and brown eyes that seem to reflect intelligence and a deep pain.
<Head>     a baseball cap
<Eyes>     some mirrorshades
<Torso>     a 'Come get some' t-shirt
<Outer Torso> a hovercycle jacket
<Waist>     a chain belt
<Right Wrist> a chain bracelet
<Left Wrist> a chain bracelet
<Hands>     a pair of fingerless gloves
<Legs>     a pair of jeans
<Feet>     a pair of hovercycle boots

Jago whispers something to Jacobin.

Jago smiles at Jacobin.

Jacobin whispers something to Jago.

Jago looks at Duff.

Duff scowls at the whispering men, tapping his cane on the pavement in irritation.

l jacobin
Piercing eyes and medium length brown and blond hair are what you first notice about Jacobin. His mannerisms and poise reveal he's polished and deceptive. Despite the lack of a suit, he has a corporate air to him.

Rahl shrugs, and wipes off the bench and takes a seat.

Jacobin flashes a thumbs up sign at Jago.

Duff takes a deep breath, glances at the cannons, then sighs heavily and continues pacing.

Jacobin frowns and nudges Jago toward the subway.

Jago nods understandingly.

Jacobin leaves down.

Jago leaves down.

Brandon looks up.

Brandon looks at Duff.

Duff spies a big, glum guy and laughs when he reads his t-shirt.

Brandon gazes back to the ground.

Duff scoffs, 'Come get some? Come get some *what*? You some kinda faery, handing out pieces of your ass?'

Duff laughs raucously and moves towards Brandon.

Brandon shakes his head slightly. 'No. You're doing just what the shirt says.'

Duff chuckles maliciously. 'Like I can't handle you. You may be big, but you're no fighter. Just look at you! Pathetic!' He spits at the ground.

Brandon slowly nods his head in agreement. 'You're right.'

Duff shakes his head and raises his cane, pointing it at Brandon. He steps in until its tip is touching Brandon's chest. He smiles crookedly. 'Damn straight, I'm right.'

Duff gives his cane a slight shove, poking Brandon.

Brandon moves back a bit from the shove as he looks up at Duff, eyes hidden by his shades. 'Then go bug someone else since we've come to the same conclusion.'

Duff cocks his head to one side and grins broadly. 'Oooh, you forgot to say "please", fuck-up.'

Duff pulls his cane towards him and laughs.

Brandon removes his hands from his pockets as he sighs heavily. He levels a gaze at Duff. 'Now.'

Duff holds his cane in both hands and stretches languorously, like a big cat, never taking his eyes off Brandon.

Duff's eyebrows go up, and he leans in just a hair. 'Why should I?'

Ace watches the fight between the two men, off in the distance.

Brandon says, 'There's someone else who hasn't experienced you annoying them yet.'

Duff makes a show of looking around the plaza, as if considering the bystanders. 'Hmm. I don't see anyone here who's *nearly* as interesting as you. Or as dumb.'

Duff pulls back his lips in a snarl, 'C'mon, you big fucker. You can do better than that.'

Brandon shakes his head curtly. 'No. I can't.'

Ace whispers something to Rahl.

Rahl looks at Duff.

Rahl whispers something to Ace.

Duff props one foot up on the bench, next to Brandon. He drops his voice and breathes, 'What'sa matter... You scared'a the cannons? We can go someplace else.' He gestures to the South with a nod of his head.

Duff rests his cane across his bent knee and leans in.

Rahl stands up and walks over to the pool.

Brandon gazes at Duff's knee for a moment and then back to Duff. 'No. You've just mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.'

Rahl gathers some water in his hands and takes a drink.

Duff smirks and jerks his chin up. 'You usedta give a damn, I bet. You had it beaten outta you, you fuckin pansy?'

Brandon says, 'Nope.'

Duff reaches out with one hand and strokes Brandon's cheek. 'You ever been in prison? I bet you'd be pretty fuckin' popular there. I've got some friends there who'd eat you up, whether you give a damn or not.'

Brandon ignores the hand as he nods.

Brandon says, 'Never been to prison, but I'm sure I should be there.'

Duff steps back and smiles disarmingly. 'I see. You're not a *victim*,' he says with mock concern, 'you're a perp. You too good for that life now, is that it?' He presses his hands together as if praying and winks at Brandon.

Brandon chuckles coldly. 'Keep assuming.'

Rahl checks his watch and sighs.

Rahl leaves north.

Ace leaves north.

Duff licks his lips. 'Let me guess... you've killed, maimed, beaten, raped... am I getting warmer, now?' He gazes at Brandon's hands. 'You've got the hands of a fuckin killer, if not the look. You're too weak.' He sneers.

Brandon sighs again as he rolls his eyes slightly behind his shades. 'Whatever.'

Duff's face flushes suddenly, anger crossing his features. He raises his voice and spits out, 'Whatever? What Fucking EVER? You fuckin faggot, you're not gonna blow me off like that!' He begins to raise his cane in the air.

Rahl arrives from the north.

Rahl slowly strides into the plaza, his heavy trenchcoat almost draging on the ground behind him.

Duff yells with rage and brings the cane down, hard, at Brandon's ribs.

Brandon takes the shot to the ribs and slides off the bench and to the ground, his glasses dropping to the concrete as he grabs at his ribcage with his arm.

Rahl sighs, strapping up his trenchcoat.

Rahl watches the two.

Duff grits his teeth and kicks Brandon in the gut, yelling, 'You fucker! You're fucking WEAK! You're not too good for my boot, are you? ARE YOU?!' He pants and grunts angrily.

Brandon takes the kick and grunts himself as he attempts to crawl away from Duff.

Rahl walks over towards the two fighting.

Duff throws himself at Brandon's prone form, grabbing him by his shirt lapels and leaning in close to his face.

Brandon ceases any resistance as he rolls to his back, looking Duff in the face.

Duff spits in Brandon's face. 'You're weak and pathetic. Don't even try to tell me you belong in prison.'

Duff backhands Brandon's cheek, grinning madly.

Brandon continues to lay there as his eyes seem to glaze over as he looks past Duff.

Rahl approaches Duff, his badge hanging loosely from his neck, 'I'm afraid there's no fighting in the Plaza.'

Duff tenses and glances over his shoulder angrily, spotting Rahl. 'Fuck off!'

l rahl
You see a small gray skinned man. He has a few implants showing through his skin. White hair covers his head in a flat top cut. He looks at you for a moment, and moves on.
<Eyes>     some Dialens mirrorshades
<Neck>     a security badge
<Torso>     an Auroran BDU shirt
<About Body> an armored trenchcoat
<Legs>     some BDU pants
<Feet>     Urban Commando(tm) boots

Rahl grins.

Rahl says, 'Sorry, I can't do that.'

Duff throws his head back and laughs. 'Fuck! You're not even a real pig! You're a rent-a-pig!'

Rahl says, 'Halfway right.'

Brandon continues to stare towards the Dome, eyes still with that glazed look.

Duff pats Brandon a bit too hard on the cheek. He grins and says, 'Anyways, we wasn't fighting. Just wrestling. Fun-like. Ain't that right?' He nudges Brandon with his knee unkindly.

Brandon blinks and gazes at Duff. 'Yeah. Right.'

Rahl looks at the two for a second, then at the cannon, 'Well, it's not too smart to let things get too out of hand here.'

Duff gives the security guy a cocky look. 'See!' He grins crookedly.

Duff's face falls with exaggerated concern. 'Oooh, thank you, *sir*. I'll see that it doesn't.'

Duff makes a shoo-ing motion at Rahl. 'Why don't you move along, then. I'm sure you have rapists and baby-killers to apprehend, or something.'

Duff mutters at Brandon, 'Smart move. I may make you my bitch, yet.'

Rahl looks at Duff, his head slightly off center, grinning slightly, he heads off to patrol.

Rahl leaves north.

Brandon looks at Duff stoiclly. 'You don't have what it takes.'

Terek arrives from the north.

Duff knees Brandon in the gut. 'Don't worry, *boy*. I'll turn you back into a *real* killer.'

Brandon grunts a bit as he shakes his head. 'No. You won't.'

Terek walks into the plaza, his hands shoved into his pockets, he looks over at Duff, then at Brandon, shaking his head particularly at Duff. He moves to a bench and drops down onto it.

Duff hums happily. 'Oh, the times we'll have. So many women... so little time...'

Duff squints angrily at Terek but keeps his focus on Brandon.

l terek
Blue eyes match with black and blue streaked hair which reaches to the chin of this taller-than-average goth. His thin frame shows that he is underwieght, though muscles ripple under dark gray skin.

Terek pulls off his glasses and slips them into his duster pocket, his cold blue eyes slightly unnerving as they match the amused grin on his face, somewhat maniacal, mocking.

Brandon looks over at Terek, his eyes going wide and his mouth opens.

Terek pushes himself up off the bench, pondering whether or not he should go to help.

Duff whispers to Brandon, 'You like women, don't you, fucker? Or are you some kinda faggot?' He slaps Brandon on the cheek again.

Brandon looks at at Duff as his cap falls off his head.

Terek squares his shoulders, walking over to Duff, he looks down at Brandon, and saying to Duff without looking at him, "Well, droog. I heard about all your friends. It appears you're an endangered species."

Terek looks up at Duff, "Would you like to be extinct, my friend?"

Terek smiles his disarming smile once more.

Duff turns to Terek and snarls, 'Fuck off! I'm *trying* to have a conversation with my *friend* here.'

Duff removes his derby and pops it on Brandon's head. 'There, now.'

Terek slips his hands into his duster's lapels, "Ah, yes. Your friend who you just -love- to slap I suppose? I don't buy that, droog."

Duff laughs at Brandon. 'He'd make a fine droog, eh?'

Brandon suddenly grips Duff's shoulders firmly and manuvers his feet under Duff's stomach and rolls back a bit and shoots him into the air with his legs.

Terek pulls out his hands, now with claws extending through his balled fist about a good foot, he turns to Duff, watching Brandon and his manuever.

Terek wields a pair of clefts.

Duff flies off Brandon and lands flat on his back, not far away, with an audible <thud>. The breath is forced out of him in a grunt, and his head bounces once on the pavement.

Brandon quickly rolls to one knee and looks at Duff. 'Leave me be.'

Duff clutches his gut and rolls onto his side, preparing to get up. He curses quietly, not having enough breath to yell.

Terek walks over to where Duff is, he kneels down and shakes his head, shoving his clefts into his pockets, he reaches for his sword and puts it to Duff's throat.

Duff's eyes glitter madly, and his lips pull up into a strange smile. 'That's more like it, brother.'

Terek says, 'Leave him be, droog.'

Terek glances back over at Brandon, he raises a brow, then looks down at Duff once more, "I don't think he's on your draft."

Duff gazes steadily at Brandon, ignoring Terek's blade. 'C'mon. You wanted to *really* hurt me, didn't you? It felt good, didn't it? You're not so goody-two-shoes as you think.'

Terek looks back at Brandon, a questioning glance as the tip of his blade pushes softly, so as not to cut, at Duff's throat.

Brandon shakes his head as he reaches down and grabs his baseball cap. 'You can let that Duff guy go.' He looks at Duff. 'No. It didn't.'

Duff raises his body slightly, nicking himself on Terek's blade, causing a trickle of blood to run down his neck.

Terek nods a bit, he pulls up his blade, tilts it slightly and slips it into his sheath.

Terek takes a few steps back from Duff, expecting some sort of action to be taken when he gets up.

Brandon replaces his cap as he moves over and grabs his glasses, sliding them back on as well.

Brandon pulls himself to his full height and looks down at Duff. 'You don't know the half of it.'

Duff stands and touches one hand to his neck. He looks down at the blood and smirks at Brandon. 'It's cause I'm not a bitch, huh? You only get off on hurting women, I'll bet. There's a lot to be said for the screams of a young girl....' He trails off suggestively.

Terek takes his glasses out of his pocket and slips them back over his eyes.

Duff retrieves his cane with a flick of his booted foot, catching it neatly in his hand.

Brandon growls through clenched teeth. He stalks towards Duff, left hand extended with two fingers flipping towards him. 'Then let's find out who's the bitch.'

Duff pulls a long, curved knife from a pocket and grins. 'I'm gonna make you scream like a girl.' He smiles maliciously.

Brandon continues to stalk towards Duff. 'What're you going to do with that knife, besides make me mad?'

Terek snickers, he muses, "He's going to cut some butter and fling it at ya! Watch it!"

Brandon looks at Duff.

Duff licks his lips and raises one eyebrow. 'I'm gonna watch you bleed, you big fucker. Gonna roll in your blood on the concrete and love every minute of it.'

Terek's thoughts drift to Akasha with that statement, he frowns slightly and drops down onto a bench, watching the two people.

Terek leans toward Minx, he sighs slightly, whispering something to her.

Minx falls on a nearby bench, lying on it breathing heavily. Her layers of baggy coats seem to make her look like a child.

Terek whispers something to Minx.

Minx closes her eyes, lying there. She listens for Terek's familiar voice.

Minx says, 'yeah..'

Terek nods slightly, pulling his legs up into lotus as he sits on the bench, watching the fighters in the middle of the plaza, wondering just how long it'll be before ASA gets wind and they come to break this up.

Minx takes a deep breath, then holds her arm in pain. A soft cry escapes her throat and she winces.

Duff spies a girl over by Terek. He grins and inclines his head towards her. 'You like her, big fucker? Wanna watch me cut her up? I think *that* might make you mad...'

Minx looks at Duff.

Terek glares sullenly at Duff.

Duff gives Brandon a big grin.

Terek says, 'You fucking touch her you die, you little prick.'

Minx smirks to herself tiredly. She knows she could kill Duff with the slightest of ease, though she is slightly wounded at this point.

Terek inches closer to Minx, watching Duff with a look of hatred and anger mixed on his face.

Minx stretches out, looking up at Terek from her lying position. She realizes how much he might actually care for her, as she does for him. A slow smiles crosses her pale lips. She chuckles to herself.

Brandon snarls a bit. 'You won't get past me.'

Duff leers at Minx, waving his knife suggestively at her.

l minx
Minx claims a unique beauty. Her neon green eyes, framed by sharp, long brows, brighten her delicate features. Her tall, lithe body is pale and almost wolf-like. Soft burgundy hair falls past broad shoulders. She seems almost innocent.

Brandon takes Duff's moment of surprise to throw a punch, arched to where his elbow's following it up.

Minx sighs, not wanting to start anything. She rubs her forehead as she closes her eyes. She wonders if she'd be alright enough to kill Duff.

Terek shivers and closes his eyes as the adapt rips through his body, making him taller, muscles rippling under gray skin and the tight black shirt which he wears. He looks at Minx, then back up at Duff, frowning, the hatred apparent on his face.

Terek seems to almost imperceptibly grow.

Duff turns towards Brandon as he catches a glimpse of motion, inadvertently putting his face in the path of Brandon's fist.

Duff rolls back from the punch and clutches his nose. Blood pours out over his hand and he curses loudly, 'Fuck! Fuckin A! Jeezus, FUCK!'

Brandon backs up a few feet and bounces a bit as his left leg anchors him.

Terek sits vigil over Minx, looking as though a stone gargoyle would as it watches over a building, protecting it. He glares sullenly at Duff, still alerted that he would actually try something on the girl he fell in love with so long ago.

Duff pants heavily and drops his hand, glaring at Brandon. He licks blood off his upper lip and snarls, slashing at Brandon with the knife, moving quickly and agilely.

Brandon takes the slash to his left arm as he brings it up to block. He pivots on his left foot as his right leg swings into the air with a round shin kick aimed towards Duff's head.

Duff ducks the kick and takes only a glancing blow to his forehead, leaving a scrape.

Brandon brings his leg down. He reaches behind him as the light reflects off metal.

Brandon wields a bowie knife.

Terek admires Brandon's knife silently to himself, he stands up, staring at it, watching it glint and gleam merrily in the big rager's hand.

Duff jumps back and laughs at Brandon. Blood from his nose streaks his lower face and the top of his jumpsuit, blending with the orange. 'I win, fucker!' He grins and dashes down the stairs.

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