So, there I was in Nexus Plaza, just minding my own business. Chatting with Rob and Digby, and these... creatures came out of nowhere:

A psychotic penquin arrives from the east.
A psychotic penquin says, 'Doobie doobie doo.'
Rafe asks, 'where'd that penguin go?'
Rafe exclaims, 'aaaargh!'

Rafe says, 'penguin.'
Rafe says, 'psychotic penguin.'
A zone girl arrives from below.
Rafe gibbers unintelligibly.

the girl:
Eyes rimmed with kohl, the zone girl wanders about in a drug-induced daze, unaware of anyone's presence including her own. Mucus and blood run from her nose, and her arms leak blue fluid. Aren't drugs glamorous?

A zone girl bitchslaps you all over the place!
Rafe gasps.
A zone girl leaves down.
Rafe exclaims, 'How rude!'
Rafe scratches his head and looks around the plaza.
Rob shakes his head in disagreement with you.
Rob says, 'No.'
Rob points at himself.
Rob says, 'Psychotic shifter.'
Rob says, 'Penguins have flippers, not fangs.'
Coochie the Clown arrives from the south.
Rafe growls.
Digby says, 'shit'
Digby begins to think.
Coochie the Clown shakes his penis at you.
Coochie the Clown leaves east.
Rafe shrieks hysterically and hides behind a bench.
Rafe exclaims, 'No! Not the clowns, Daddy! Please!'
Digby chuckles.
Rafe hides his face behind his hands and cries softly.
A transexual mime arrives from the west.
A transexual mime wields a chainsaw.
A transexual mime runs after Coochie the Clown.
A transexual mime leaves east.
Rafe sobs, 'I'll be good, Daddy. Not the clowns.'
Rafe peeks out from behind the bench.
Rafe says, 'Are... are... the clowns gone, now?'
Rafe shivers like a junky having DTs.
Rob asks, 'Are the clowns EVER really gone?'
Rafe shakes his head.
A compact car arrives from the west.
Rafe whispers hoarsely, 'They're always there.... waiting.....'
Rob points at the car.
Rob says, 'Clown car.'
Rob nods solemnly.
Rafe shakes his head in disagreement with Rob.
The door swings open as multied colored clown rush out wielding AK-47 Assault Rifles.
Rob asks, 'You were saying, Rafe?'
Rafe screams and falls to the concrete.
The clowns move out in formation, sweeping the downtown area.
Rafe sobs, 'Mommy!'
Rob says, 'Enjoy the circus, Rafe.'
Rob leaves east.
Rafe exclaims, 'Don't leave me here alone!'

Rafe sticks out his tongue at noone in particular.
A SWAT team member has arrived.

the SWAT team member:
The Auroran Security Agency is one of the most efficient in the area, and SWAT is a cut above. Decked out in glossy black reflex armor, this member of the Special Weapons and Tactics team is ready for business. The impassive black lenses of the viewer and the geometric angles of the enviromask covering this member's eyes and face give an insect-like appearance to the armor, foreboding and impersonal.

A SWAT team member says, 'Sticking your tongue out is against the law.'
Digby nods.
Rafe says, 'Oooh. Here to save us from the clowns?'
A SWAT team member hits you unexpectedly with a cheapshot!
Rafe gasps.
A SWAT team member critically injures you with his brutal hit!
Your senses fade as you slip into oblivion... indeterminate period of time passes, and you return to your senses.