==================== Machine offers Rafe the job ==================

Short and slender, with short, pale, blue hair arranged in artful disarray. Rafe fairly vibrates with manic energy, constantly moving or fidgeting.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Neck> a hero patch
<Torso> a slim-fitting V-neck
<About Body> a clear plastic trenchcoat
<Legs> a kilt
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Tall and thin to the point of alieness, like a Byzantine religion icon carved in white marble and swathed in flawless black leather. His slow southern drawl contrasts sharply with his manic body language.
<Eyes> a pair of goggles
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Torso> a tuxedo shirt
<Outer Torso> a leather jacket
<About Body> an armored trenchcoat
<Waist> a chain belt
<Right Wrist> a jelly bracelet
<Hands> some leather gloves
<Legs> a pair of dark leather pants
<Feet> a pair of motorcycle boots
<Wielded> a cavalry sabre


The Phoenix Lounge
Located in the head of the massive phoenix shaped building that squats at
the base of the towers, this lounge is almost disgustingly ornate. Marble
columns spiral upward to what looks like a gilt roof, and real ivy and rare
tropical plants sit in between the cushioned chairs and heavy wooden tables.
From the bronze doors that lead to the bathrooms to the golden coat racks,
this is without a doubt the most expensive employee cafeteria in the history
of human civilization.
[ Exits: n e s w ]
Machine is standing here.
Theodore the bartender smiles and nods in your direction.

Machine says, 'Hey, Theo.'

Machine asks, 'Drink, Rafe?'

Rafe smiles and looks around at the lounge, like a tourist. 'Huh? Oh, sure!'

Rafe bites his lip as he peruses the bottles behind the bar.

Machine makes small talk with Theo, obviously old friends.

You say, 'A bloody mary sounds good, now.'

Machine smiles and nods.

Machine says, 'You heard the man.'

Machine buys a glass.

l theodore
Dressed in a fancy white tuxedo with turquoise tie and frills, the tanned skin of the bartender seems even darker. Having spent hours in tanning booths and even more time in fancy salons, he is the epitome of everything the members of the lower class hate about the upper class. His fake accent, halfway between British and Australian, makes him seem even more annoying.

Machine begins to think.

Machine says, 'Screwdriver.'

Machine gives you a glass.

Machine leaves east.
You follow Machine.

The Phoenix Lounge
Marble columns and thick red carpet represent the sheer amount of money that has been poured into this building, and this cafeteria. The golden fixtures and brassy staircase alone could probably feed half of the city for a week if melted down and sold. The golden and crystal buffet line makes the gaudy opulence look silly and trite, but the designer apparently did not care.

Machine leaves up.
You follow Machine.

Observation Deck
Two massive crystal windows look out from the top of this phoenix's head. A few synthetic animal fur couches sit lazily and comfortably in the corners, crystal tables and drink trays placed beside each. The thick carpet rolls gently towards the west where it finally escapes down a spiraling brass staircase.

Rafe takes a sip from his glass and follows Machine to the observation deck.

Machine sits on a zebra-print loveseat, sighing contentedly.

Rafe looks out the windows, his eyes wide.

Machine smiles. "Nice view, ne?"

Rafe leans up against the glass, leaving a noseprint on the pane. He reluctantly backs away from the window and moves towards Machine. 'Oh, yeah. It's amazing!' He smiles brightly.

You sit down.

Machine says, 'Long way dowm.'

Machine sips his drink, relaxing.

Rafe crosses his legs elegantly and sips his drink, looking over the glass at Machine.

Rafe's eyes show a hint of fear, apparently imagining the "long way down."

Machine laughs.

You say, 'I...I've never been up here. It's beautiful.'

Rafe runs one hand over the fur couch wistfully.

Machine says, 'Jac threw a gentleman from one of those eyes, once.'

Machine smiles.

Rafe was just beginning to relax, but he stiffens at Machine's words. His eyes are bright: scared but also fascinated. He manages not to choke on his drink. 'R.. really?'

Machine nods, totally at ease. "Indeed he did. A Purist, I think it was."

Machine sips at his drink.

Rafe sighs and relaxes visibly. 'Oh, okay,' he says, as if the identity of the throw-ee explains everything.

Rafe takes a big gulp from his drink and stares at the windows, his head cocked just slightly to one side.

Machine makes a cigarette appear from thin air, expression neutral, and stuff it into his long black holder.

Machine asks, 'Smoke?'

Rafe considers the cigarette. 'Naw. Thanks, though.'

Machine shrugs and lights his cigarette with a lighter that wasn't there a moment ago.

Rafe gives Machine a "anything goes" shrug.

Rafe blinks and looks at Machine's lighter.

Rafe frowns briefly at some internal dialogue, then returns his attention to the picture windows.

Machine says, 'The reason I wanted to meet with you.'

Machine leans forward, tapping his cigarette into a gaudy crytal ashtray.

Rafe turns back to Machine and puts on his best attentive look.

Machine says, 'Is that I have an offer for you.'

Rafe smiles saucily and leans forward just a hair.

Machine says, 'I have a job offer for you.'

Rafe bats his eyelashes and nods. 'What... what kind of job?'

Machine settles back into his seat, blowing a smoke ring.

Machine cocks a brow, mouth turning up on one side. "Do you like movies?"

Rafe grins and lets out a little laugh. 'Sure! Watching them or making them?' He raises one eyebrow suggestively and smiles.

Machine laughs. "Making them."

Rafe claps his hands together gleefully. 'Ooh, that's *lots* of fun! Who...' He pauses, thinking, 'who would I be making the movies with?'

Machine sips his drink. "I'm not talking about pornography, Rafe."

Rafe rubs the outside of his glass, collecting condensation on his fingertips, which he then dries on the couch.

Rafe blinks and gives Machine a curious look. 'Really? I... I thought...' he trails off, embarrassed.

Machine smirks.

Machine says, 'I'm starting my own business.'

Rafe's face flows through several expressions, then lights up with delight. 'You mean *real* movies?'

Machine nods. "Yes, I mean real movies."

Rafe says, 'Wow,' clearly awed.

Machine nods.

Machine says, 'I want you on board.'

Rafe grins, 'Really? That's so cool! What.. I mean...what would I do?'

You say, 'Oooh, wait.'

You say, 'I already have a job. '

Machine asks, 'Mrr?'

Machine says, 'I know.'

You ask, 'And... so do you, right?'

Machine says, 'I'm resigning.'

Machine says, 'And so are you.'

Machine sips his drink.

Rafe's eyebrows go up. 'Really? Um... okay, I guess.' He bites his lower lip and thinks.

You say, 'So... we quit and then I work for you. Making movies.'

You ask, 'Will you pay me as much as Jacobin did?'

Rafe shifts nervously in his seat.

Machine says, 'More.'

Machine smiles.

Rafe twitches and grins. 'Okay. Sure!'

You say, 'Um... when do I start? I'll have to tell Jacobin that I'm quitting.''

Machine asks, 'How do you feel about: Production Supervisor?'

Machine grins.

Rafe begins bouncing one leg rapidly.

You ask, 'Um... sure. What's that?'

Machine finishes his drink. "It means that, when we have a project going on, you are my person on the spot. You are in charge of production.

You say, 'Wow. Cool. I can do that! I... I'll do a good job, too! I promise.'

Machine says, 'You will be the link between me and the cast and crew.'

Rafe nods. 'But no pornos?' He seems almost disappointed.

Machine frowns.'If projections show a profit in pornography, sure."

Machine lights a new cigarette. "So, you're interested?"

Rafe nods enthusiastically. 'Of course!... Boss.' He smiles shyly.

Machine beams. "Excellent. One question, what's the status of you and Terek's band?"

Rafe's face drops, becoming closed. 'Well, I missed our last performance, so they're pretty mad at me. They... they haven't called me, since then.' He sighs sadly.

You say, 'I don't know if I'm in or out.'

Machine nods. "Ok, just wondering."

Rafe sighs and swirls his drink in its glass. 'Does that affect my new job?' He looks up and meets Machine's eyes.

Machine returns the gaze, chewing on his holder. "No. I'm going to sign the band to DsR before I resign, though. I was just wondering about your involvement."

You ask, 'Really? I didn't think we were that good. Ooh, shit!' He winces. 'Pretend I didn't say that, okay?'

Machine laughs. "You'll get good, with regular practice and good gear."

You blush.

You say, 'Okay. I think that's true, actually.'

Machine sighs.

Machine asks, 'Well, are we through, for now?'

Rafe nods and finishes his drink.

You ask, 'You'll call me when you need me to do stuff, right?'

Machine nods. "I'll be in touch soon."

Machine says, 'We will be having a meeting of all employees.'

Rafe grins and nearly rockets out of the sofa.

You stand up.

You exclaim, 'That's great! I can't wait to get started!'

Machine grins.

Machine stands up.

Machine shakes your hand.

Machine says, 'Good to hear.'

Rafe paces to the window, then back. He shakes Machine's hand.

You grin.

Machine looks a bit distracted, something in the eyes.

You wave.

You exclaim, 'See you later, Boss!'

Machine waves.


North Hatan
Both sides of the street are lined with towering skyscrapers jutting up towards the translucent dome above you. It almost seems as if the many buildings lean inwards, wrapping you in their claustrophobic steel embrace. One of the taller buildings, the Solace Hotel, rises skywards to the east. An equally tall building, the Americorp Tower, houses the Americorp/Delphi Information Center on the opposite side of the street.
Terek is standing here.

You wave.

You hug him.

Terek holds his phone to his head, he waves and smiles,

You bounce around.

Rafe makes frantic and expressive hand gestures at you, but you still can't tell what the hell he's trying to say.

Terek covers up his phone, he frowns, "What's wrong, Rafe?"

Rafe grins and bounces.

You exclaim, 'I got a new job!'

You exclaim, 'And the band's gonna get signed!'

You exclaim, 'It's so cool!'

Terek says, 'Hmm.. Yeah, I'm talking to Machine right now. He wants me to meet him on the Observation Deck in the Phoenix building.'

Rafe nods at Terek, beaming.

Terek says, 'See you guys, be good.'

You exclaim, 'That's it! He's gonna give you the offer!'

You bounce around.

You begin to clap.

Terek flips up his phone and shoves it into his duster pocket.

You exclaim, 'This is so cool!'

Rafe beams happily.

Terek hugs Rafe quick and rushes off to the south, his duster billowing behind him.

Terek leaves south.

====================== We get signed ==================

Nexus Plaza

Rafe runs into the plaza and skids to a halt by one of the benches.

Rafe throws himself onto the bench and pants heavily, catching his breath. He wipes sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.

Jago arrives from below.

Terek arrives from the west.

Rafe waves cheerfully at Jago and Terek.

You exclaim, 'Hi, guys!'

Terek glances over at Rafe and gives a slight wave, "Hey, Rafe.."

You ask, 'Hey, Terek! What time is it?'

Terek glances down at his watch and frowns slightly.

Terek says, 'It's already two.'

Rafe raises his eyebrows. 'Only two? The whole day's ahead of us!'

Terek drops down onto a bench, folding his legs up into himself in lotus position, he raises a brow and shrugs, "I think the night's a better time for business anyway, Rafe. By the way, Machine told me a few things that we should do."

Machine arrives from the north.

Machine waves.

You wave at Machine.

Machine walks purposefully to Terek.

Terek rummages through his bag, frowning at its contents.

Machine asks, 'Got a pen?'

Terek gets a pair of clefts from a nylon hockey bag.

Machine pulls a folder from somewhere in his jacket.

Terek glances up at Machine's approach, he looks down at the dagger-like clefts and shakes his head slightly, "Not on me, Mach, at home, probably."

Machine grins. "Sure you do, it's right here."

Machine pulls a pen from Terek's ear.

Rafe laughs with delight at Machine's trick. He watches him and Terek.

Terek pulls off his glasses and grins, putting on a show of being surprised, "Wow, Machine! That was amazing!" He grins up at the daemon.

Terek stops using a pair of black sunglasses.

Machine smirks and hands the pen to Terek.

Machine says, 'No inner child at all.'

Machine sighs.

You smirk.

Terek grins.

Terek says, 'My inner child is at school right now.'

Machine shakes his head in feigned disappointment, opening the folder.

Terek turns the pen over in his fingers, he tilts his head slightly, looking it over, "Want me to sign something, Mach?"

Rafe leans forward on his bench, looking at Terek and Machine. 'Hey, is that for the band?'

Machine nods. "It is."

Terek asks, 'Machine? Can I tell you something first?'

Machine blinks. "Sure, Terek."

Terek whispers something to Machine.

Machine nods carefully. "Okay. Are you doing it legally?"

Akasha arrives from the north.

Rafe smooths his kilt and pretends not to pay attention to Terek and Machine.

Machine smirks, looking at Rafe from the corner of his eye.

Rafe smiles and waves at Akasha. 'Hi!'

Akasha smiles at Rafe, "Hey Rafe!"

Machine clears his throat, looking at Terek.

Rafe jumps up from his bench and bounces over to Akasha, grinning like a fool.

You hug her.

Akasha hugs you.

Terek says, 'No.'

Terek glances about the plaza, he offers a slight smile to Akasha and leans toward Machine.

Rafe grabs Akasha by the arm and tugs her over to a corner.

Terek whispers something to Machine.

Akasha raises her eyebrow at Rafe, "Whats up?"

Machine nods. "Well. Just make a mark on the line, then. I can't resign until you sign this."

Rafe grins. 'I've got a new job! I'm gonna make movies, and stuff!'

Akasha grins.

Terek asks, 'Resign...?'

Akasha exclaims, 'Really Rafe? Thats great!'

Terek asks, 'Machine? Are you resigning?'

Machine nods. "Resign."

Machine says, 'Yes.'

Terek raises a brow, frowning slightly, "But why? I thought you liked working for Darkspire.."

Machine nods, eyes wandering over the plaza. "I do. But I have other things I want to do. You of all people understand, I think."

Terek nods, "Yeah, I understand, Machine. I get it.. Well, alright, lemme see that contract." He pulls his pen up slightly, touching the tip to his tongue.

Rafe bounces excitedly next to Akasha. 'Did you hear about the band?'

Machine nods, holding the folder carefully so Terek can write.

Raine forces his way back through the Plaza looking unsatisfied. He stops just inside the inner part of the Plaza.

Terek signs his name with a flourish, he dots the 'i' with a circle above it and makes a circle around the 't's, crossing them both. He dots the end and smiles up at Machine, "Yeah, there it is.."

Terek spins the pen about his fingers, he chews on his lower lip, shrugs and hands the pen back to the daemon doctor.

Akasha nods at Rafe.

Machine grins, quickly folding the folder away somewhere, his white hands reappearing with a cellphone in them, uncharacteristicallty.

Terek tilts his head to the side slightly, he nods and pulls a large black item out of his bag, holding it in his hands.

Rafe takes Akasha's hands and bounces, causing her to shake. 'I'm so excited! Aren't you excited?'

Terek grabs ahold of an electric guitar.

Machine turns, idly looking around, punching a button and holding the phone to his ear.

Raine leaves east.

Machine talks into the phone.

Machine says, 'Hey.'

Machine says, 'Yes, I know you're sleeping.'

Machine paces as he talks.

Terek tunes the guitar, soon it tunes and he begins to play a light song on it, playing off a few chords, which eventually ring into a song which sounds like something from the mid-nineteen nineties, from what was called the "grunge" era.

Machine says, 'Just...just shit the hell up a second.'

Machine says, 'I quit.'

Rafe tugs Akasha over to Terek's bench.

Machine says, 'Yes, I said I quit.'

Machine nods to himself. "The paperwork is on your desk."

Rafe leans over behind Terek and taps out a rhythm on the back of his bench.

Machine says, 'Okay, I'll see you at home.'

Akasha looks around.

Terek glances up at Machine as he plays the chorus of the song, playing along with Rafe's beat.

Machine clicks the phone shut and makes it disappear.

Terek muffles the strings, still playing them, causing a scratching noise to pour out from the unamplified instrument, he frowns, looking up at him, "Are you alright, Machine?"

Machine grins, looking around quickly before his dark eyes settle on Rafe.

Machine nods, still grinning.

Machine exclaims, 'Rafe!'

Rafe stops drumming abruptly, caught in Machine's gaze.

You ask, 'Er... Yes, boss?'

Machine stands tall, pushing his shoulders back.

Rafe blinks, his eyes wide.

Machine says, 'You're hired.'

Machine brushes off a lapel, idly.

Rafe grins and jumps up, yelling, 'Yay! Wooo woooooo!'

You bounce around.

Terek plays the song again, allowing it to ring out as though there were an amp, he slams the pick down, letting it hit each string with an indeffinate amount of power.

Rafe gives Akasha a high five!

Akasha's eyes widen slightly, she obviously hasn't grasped what is going on.

Rafe jumps up onto the bench, next to Terek. He barely misses stepping on his stuff.

Akasha walks over toward Rafe and Terek.

Machine grins at Terek and Rafe. "Wish you had a piano."

Terek shifts slightly, pushing his stuff to the ground so Rafe won't step on it. He continues playing, banging his head, causing his hair to almost mist as it whips around, he looks back up at Machine and smiles,

Rafe gyrates his hips to Terek's music, jostling the bench slightly.

Terek says, 'I have one, and I'll probably use it too, the gothic feel and all.'

Rafe beams happily.

Machine beams. "You'll have to let me play with it, sometime."

Machine rubs his chin. "It's so hard to find a violin in the city, too."

Akasha plays with her microphone.

Rafe stomps his booted feet rhythmically on the bench and continues dancing to Terek's guitar.

Terek nods slightly, "Sure, Machine, we could include you in concerts, you could be our guest star, person."

Machine grins. "Would that be a conflict of interest? I wonder..."

Rafe turns away from the crowd, bends slightly at the waist, and flips up his kilt, mooning most of the plaza. He lets the kilt drop back down and continues dancing on the bench.

You shake your head in disagreement with Machine.

Akasha grins, giggling at Rafe. "Cute Rafe..."

Terek shrugs a bit, playing on, glancing up at Rafe with a smile which turns into a pained grimace.

Akasha smirks.

Jago snickers.

Rafe giggles and waves at Akasha.

Machine paces, looking down. "What I'd really like is a nice vintage Hammond Organ. Great sound."

Rafe rolls his eyes. 'Organ? Really?'

Machine sighs, grinning. "I knew you would have to say something."

Terek stops playing, pondering this. He tilts his head slightly and his eyes light up, "Machine!"

Machine blinks. "Terek?"

Rafe lurches awkwardly, uncertain how to continue with no music.

Terek asks, 'Where's that pen??'

Machine says, 'Your ear.'

Rafe jumps down off the bench and cocks his hip out to one side, smiling smugly.

Rafe puts his hands on his hips and repeats, 'An organ? Are you kidding?'

Machine blinks.

Terek pulls a pen out of his ear and nods, pulling a piece of paper from his bag. He sets it on the flat side of his guitar and begins frantically writing tabliture on it.

Machine asks, 'An organ. What's wrong with that?'

Akasha says, 'Hey it might be interesting...'

Rafe gives Terek a pained look. 'You're not gonna write a song for *organ*, are you?'

Akasha says, 'If it were sort of morbid and depressing...'

Rafe sputters, 'It's... it's...'

Terek glances up at Rafe, "The beginning has organ music, it erupts into heavy guitar."

Machine sighs. "Don't you ever listen to old music? Plenty of classics with an organ."

Akasha looks pleased with the words "morbid" and "depressing" somehow...

Terek smiles happily over at Akasha and nods.

Machine says, 'The Doors, frexample.'

Rafe nods grudgingly. 'Well, okay, Terek.'

Rafe blinks at Machine. 'Who?'

Terek says, 'Exactly, Machine. Rafe, listen to him, he's the lizard king.'

Terek grins slightly up at Machine and looks back down at the paper.

Machine blinks. "The Doors, man. The Doors. From the 20th.

Machine shakes his head.

Machine says, 'Jac is the lizard king.'

Machine says, 'I'm the reptile king.'

Akasha looks toward Rafe, "It would help keep us original."

Rafe throws up his hands, 'Lizard, reptile... what-EV-er!'

Machine thinks. "Or Deep Purple...Iron Butterfly...."

Rafe pipes in, 'PurpleButterfly?'

Koan arrives from the south.

Terek mumbles, "Father? Yes, son.." He shrugs slightly and pens down a few chords.

Machine mutters. "I want to kill you."

Koan rests againts the fountain, the cool mist trickling onto his face. Better, for now.

Rafe stops, a funny look on his face, when he hears Terek say, 'Yes, son..'

Terek grins, "Mother?"

Rafe sighs, 'ooooh. choirboy.' He smiles wistfully.

Machine stops dead in his tracks. "I want to......"

Machine makes an awful howling noise.

Machine doubles over, laughing.

Koan opens his eyes, crosses his arms, and frowns in Machine's direction.

Koan looks at Machine.

Akasha raises her eyebrow at Machine.

Akasha grins.

Rafe clutches his hands over his ears and glares at Machine.

Koan shakes his head.

Machine clutches his middle, cackling.

Terek moves his head to the imaginary beat of The End.

Koan returns to relaxing.

Machine looks at Koan.

Rafe cocks his head to one side, trying to figure out what joke he missed.

Machine rests his hands on his knees, still giggleing, he turns to look at Koan.

Koan rolls his eyes.

Machine asks, 'What, you're not an oldies fan?'

Akasha clears her throat and starts singing in a crystal clear voice, "I am the very model of a modern major general..."

Rafe bites his lip and moves up close to Machine, leaning down to whisper in his ear.

You whisper to Machine, 'are you on something?' Machine whispers to you, 'No, no. Just in a great mood. Movies, man! Movies!'

Terek plays a few notes, which ring out clearly, he sings softly, "Say goodbye on a night like this, if it's the last thing you ever do..."

Machine exclaims, 'Movies!'

Rafe grins broadly. 'Movies!' He nods assertively.

Machine stands up to his full height, breathing deeply.

Machine points at Koan theatrically. "Karma Police! Arrest this man."

Rafe takes one of Machine's long hands in his own, then dances around him, pulling him around after him.

Rafe chants, 'Movies, movies, movies, movies!'

Machine gets drug around, laughing again.

Koan rolls his eyes again. "What in the hell?"

You laugh.

Akasha grins and starts singing something in a strange language.

Terek tilts his head, "Karma Police? What about Thought Police? Of course, that would have gone out in 1984, so passe."

Akasha tilts her head back, low german words spilling from her dark lips as she continues singing.

Rafe pauses to give Koan a sympathetic look. 'He'll never know himself! Poor bastard!'

Machine cackles. "Or the Suede Denim Secret Police!"

Akasha asks, 'bad bell bottom pants police?'

Terek snickers to himself, "Oh yeah."

Rafe giggles and releases Machine's hand to dance around him, tribal style.

Akasha says, 'thats fun to say...'

Machine chews on his cigarette holder. "Too late now, the poor bastard'll be seeing 'em soon enough."

Rafe shrieks with laughter, 'Oooh, keep the bad bell bottom pants police away from me!'

Rafe points at the dome and yells, half laughing, 'Bats!'

Rafe clutches his sides, laughing hysterically.

Koan grows impatient, "What have you guys been smoking!"

Machine does the same.

Rafe collapses on the concrete, falling to his hands and knees.

Akasha grins.

You exclaim, 'Life, man. Just life!'

Machine says, 'A friend in need's a friend indeed. A friend with weed is better.'

You giggle.

Machine falls over.

Terek shrugs as he plays the guitar, "I hadn't been high or anything.." He begins to play the Placebo song Machine quoted.

Machine looks up, like a prarie dog. "You know that song? Wow."

Rafe crawls towards Machine and gasps, 'A friend who'll bleed!' before collapsing on his side, howling width laughter.

Machine is stunned.

Akasha dances around, spinning and singing.

Koan throws his hands up.

Koan says, 'Fuck this.'

Koan leaves south.

Machine cackles harder.

Machine screams "Tight ass!"

Terek nods slightly, "Yeah, I know more oldies than any other kinda songs today. Oldies have better quality. Especially White Zombie, Sisters of Mercy-esque sounds."

Rafe laughs, rolling on the ground.

Machine exclaims, 'We didn't want you here anyway, you stick in the mud!'

Machine stand up suddenly, looking grim. "Yeah."

Machine barely covers a giggle.

Machine says, 'Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.'

Akasha grins at the mention of sisters of mercy.

Akasha starts singing 'Lucretia my reflection' in a low voice.

Rafe slows his laughter and peers up at Akasha with big, moist eyes.

Rafe sighs happily and gazes at Akasha while she sings.

Machine brushes himself off.

Machine says, 'Whew.'

Akasha smiles and continues.

Machine sings along in a unsurprisingly deep voice.

Akasha smiles at Machine, still singing.

Machine sounds more like Nick Cave than Andrew, however.

Terek glances over at Machine, he looks surprised as he plays Lucretia, smiling, listening to the people singing.

Machine skipsteps lightly around the plaza, settling into a nice harmonic groove with Akasha.

Akasha sings, 'Lucretia my reflection, dance the ghost in me..'

Rafe pulls himself halfway off the ground, to sit indian-style.

Terek lightly lets his fingers trail over the strings, looking down at the guitar as he plays.

Machine pokes Huge as he skips near him.

Huge chuckles.

Machine curses loudly.

Machine stops abruptly.

Machine says, 'I have to go. Hell.'

Rafe looks up at Machine.

You say, 'Oh.'

You wave at Machine.

Machine waves.

Terek says, 'See you, Machine. It was nice of you to sign us.'

Terek says, 'By the way..'

Terek asks, 'Who was that you called?'

Machine says, 'Jac.'

You say, 'I, uh.. have to go, too.'

Machine says, 'Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. Or, maybe the next day.'

Terek says, 'Oh, yeah. Tell him hey for me. I haven't seen him for about three weeks.'

Rafe bounces energetically out of the plaza, humming tunelessly.

Machine wanders away, singing quietly to himself.