================= Duff menaces Nia ==========

l duff
Crew-cut red hair frames a baby face with pale green eyes. Duff is a
graceful, good-looking young man, but clearly high-strung.
When he's not sneering or laughing, an expression of distaste purses his lips.
<Head> a derby
<Eyes> some mascara
<Neck> a chain collar
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet> a pair of 20 hole boots
<Held> a walking stick

Nexus Plaza
Saalshar is resting here.

Nia arrives from the east.

You tell Nia, 'hey, baby.'

Duff winks at Nia.

Nia waves at you.

Nia nibbles a card while seductively eyeing Duff.

Duff starts to smile, then remembers who he is. He scowls, instead.

Nia gasps.

Odessa arrives from the north.

Odessa exclaims, 'Nia doll!'

Odessa kisses Nia.

Odessa exclaims, 'my nia doll!'

Nia kisses Odessa.

Nia giggles.

Nia points at Odessa.

Nia points at herself.

Nia struts proudly.

Odessa hugs Nia.

Odessa says, 'adorable nia doll'

Nia blushes.

Duff ogles the Nia doll.

Nia hugs Odessa.

Frappe Dribbler asks, 'Mmm...wouldn't an eggroll taste good right now?'

Odessa glares at you.

Odessa says, 'my nia'

You lick your lips.

Odessa slaps you.

Odessa exclaims, 'quit eyeing her!'

You say, 'Mmm... wouldn't a Nia doll taste good right now?''

Nia cowers behind Odessa, holding tightly in fear of Duff and Saalshar.

Duff feasts his eyes on Nia. He grins wickedly.

Odessa bitchslaps you all over the place!

Odessa exclaims, 'stop that!'

Duff jerks his chin up at Nia. 'You know you want me, baby.'

Nia frowns.

Odessa hugs Nia.

Odessa kisses Nia.
Nia kisses Odessa.

Duff glances at Frappe, then back at Nia. 'I gotta great big eggroll for you. Mmm.'

Nia sticks her tongue out at Duff.

Nia pouts.

Nia whispers something to Odessa.

Nia points at you.

Odessa nods her head in agreement with Nia.

Duff considers Nia's offer.

Duff sticks his tongue out at Nia and wiggles it around.

Odessa says, 'sickos'

Nia bites hard, pointedly into a card.

Duff raises one eyebrow at Nia. 'You hungry?'

Odessa asks, 'Hmm?'

Nia taunts you.

Duff rubs the crotch of his jumpsuit suggestively.

Duff leers at Nia.

Nia begins to think.

Odessa says, 'Duff you are offensive'

Nia wields an upset Nia doll.

Nia slaps you.

You nod your head in agreement with Odessa.

Nia stops using an upset Nia doll.

Duff stretches, flexing his muscles to best effect.

Odessa looks at you.

Duff takes a couple of steps towards Nia, a smug smile on his face.
Odessa hugs Nia.

Duff begins swinging the cane in his hand.

Odessa smacks you upside the head.

Nia hugs Odessa.

Odessa says, 'go away'

Duff shakes his head. 'It's a free city. I have as much right as you to be here.'

Saalshar looks over at Duff and chuckles.

Nia begins to think.

Duff takes another step towards Nia and points at her with his cane. 'You're quite a cutie, ya know?'

Nia shakes her head in disagreement with you.

Duff leans towards Nia and touches her chest with the tip of his cane.

Duff drops his voice nearly to a whisper. 'C'mon. I'll show you a good time... Whether you want it or not.'

[rp ends abruptly as ooc takes over]