=============== Rafe's nurse doll (9-10) ===============

You are using:
<Head> a little white nurse cap
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Torso> a white nurse dress
<Hands> some nail polish
<Lower Legs> white stockings
<Feet> white nurse shoes

Nexus Plaza
Kain is standing here.
Nia is standing here.
Saalshar is sitting here.

Rafe poses for Nia in his nurse's outfit.

Rafe wanders over to the pool and sits on the ledge.

You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Vix says, 'If you're gonna be a nurse...'

Vix gives you an enema.

Rafe begins to play with a nurse Barbie action figure.

Rafe grins happily. 'Gosh, thanks!'

Nia says, 'Barbie and enemas.'

Kain gives Rafe a disturbed look.

Rafe menaces the nurse figure with the enema.

Nia says, 'Oooo'

Rafe makes quiet, high-pitched screaming noises, as if the nurse toy is screaming.

Rafe hums quietly as he plays with his action figure. He seems so absorbed in it, he doesn't notice the rest of the people around him. His lips move silently.

Vix taps Rafe gently on the shoulder, almost a bit afraid to disturb his play.

Rafe inspects his action figure closely.

Rafe jumps, suddenly distracted by Vix. 'Huh?'

Rafe blinks at Vix.

Vix asks, 'Rafe...attached to that doll much?'

Rafe clutches the doll tightly in his fist and nods, his eyes wide.

Rafe looks at Nia, his action figure still clutched tightly.

Nia sets her invisible beachball down next to Rafe and sits on it. 'What'cha got there?'

Nia extends her hand out to the figure.

Rafe smiles and holds his figure up for Nia to see. 'It's my nursie doll.'

Nia giggles.

Vix scoots herself closer to Rafe and Nia. 'Where'd you get it?'

Rafe beams happily.

Rafe's eyebrows furrow in concentration. 'Um... The store, I think.'

Nia says, 'Maybe from a happy meal.'

Rafe's face brightens. 'Yes! That's where I got it! thanks, Nia.'

Nia attempts to bite at the figure.

Rafe yanks the figure back from Nia, frowning possessively.

Nia sniffles sadly.

Vix taps Rafe gently on the shoulder again, 'May...may I see your nursie?'

Rafe looks worried, but hands over the doll.

Rafe hands Vix the nurse figure.

Vix handles the treasure gently, then brushes the doll's hair softly with her finger.

Rafe beams happily.

Vix exclaims, 'This...is the most beautiful doll I've ever been able to play with!'

Rafe points to the doll. 'Look at her little stethoscope!'

Nia tries to tug at Rafe's nurse dress seductively at Sanosuke.

Rafe blushes and tries to keep Nia from undressing him.

Vix drools slightly as she holds the doll tightly in her grip, stroking its hair gently with her fingers.

Vix says, 'Pretty...dolly...'

Nia asks, 'What'd your doll do to her?'

Rafe gives Vix a suspicious look. 'Um... Uhh...'

Rafe shrugs helplessly.

Rafe's lower lip quivers, like he's about to pout.

Vix slowly brings the doll closer and closer to her mouth, her eyes still blank.

Rafe reaches over and taps Vix on the shoulder. 'Uhh... Vix?'

Nia begins to clap.

Nia exclaims, 'It's... your dolly wants to be eaten!'

Vix savagely shoves the doll in her mouth, her teeth sinking into its head.

Rafe watches the path of the doll's head, as it moves towards Vix's mouth. He gasps and grabs at the doll, to keep it from being eaten.

You scream.

You exclaim, 'nononononono NO!'

Nia licks her lips.

Rafe pulls at the doll, trying to get it out of Vix's mouth.

Vix growls loudly at all standing around her, still gnawing on the plastic head.

Rafe tugs at the doll, tears rolling down his cheeks.

You begin to cry.

Nia watches with horror.

Vix suddenly lets the doll slide loosely out of her grip, her face contorted with shock.

Rafe falls backwards from the effort he had put into pulling on the doll.

Rafe peers sadly at the mangled doll and sniffs sadly.

Vix points at the doll accusingly, her face void of emotion. 'She said...she said...Eat me, Vix! Eat me!'

Nia giggles.

Rafe tries to straighten the damp, matted hair on the doll's dented head.

Rafe shakes his head in disbelief at Vix.

You sniff sadly.

Nia moves her hand upto her mouth, trying to cover her giggles.

Rafe holds the doll up to one ear, listening intently.

Vix brings her hands up to her hair, pulling on it roughly. 'She wanted me to eat her, I swear! She pulled me in with her eyes...it's her eyes!'

Rafe gasps as a look of shock appears on his face. He frowns angrily and shoves the doll roughly into his bag.

Vix says, 'I'm..I'm sorry about what I did to your doll, Rafe.'

Rafe grins a tight, angry smile and says, 'That oughta keep her quiet, for a while...'

Vix says, 'I'll get you another one..'

Rafe sighs and looks at Vix. 'It, it wasn't really your fault. I.. I shoulda known.'

Rafe nods slowly, a stunned and horrified look on his face.

Vix says, 'Whew..that's good.'

Rafe lowers his voice and leans in closer to Vix. 'It... it's happened before.'

Rafe gets a worried look on his face. 'My last figure...' He pauses and shivers.

Vix gasps in shock. 'And you let me play with her?'

Rafe holds up his hands helplessly. 'I didn't know it had affected *all* of them!'

Vix hugs you.

You say, 'I'm sorry, but I thought it was just the one figure...'

Vix exclaims, 'How scary!'