==================== Peter, faery eater ===================

With his eyeliner and flashy clothes, Rafe looks a bit like a rock singer.
His shaggy hair has been dyed baby blue, and it sticks up wildly.
Rafe is short and slender, with a bounce in his step and a mischievous grin.
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Neck> a velvet choker
<Torso> a glitter shirt
<Hands> some nail polish
<Legs> some shiny vinyl stretch pants
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Nexus Plaza
Cyric is standing here.
Vix is standing here.
An autonomous robotic cannon slowly pans the room.

You give a sheet of lined paper to Vix.

        North American Faeries and Elves Local 209
        is accepting pledges at this time.
        If you wish to become a Faery, please contact one
        of the following Faery Master Craftsmen for an interview.
        Each qualified candidate will be sponsored as an apprentice.
        Master Faeries:
        Rafe Clary
        Martin Pants
        Journeyman Faeries:
        Vix King
        Nia Cin

Rafe jumps up and down, making his wings flap.

Vix drops a sheet of lined paper.

Vix tickles you.

Rafe takes Vix's hands and dances in a circle with her.

Vix asks, 'Wait..Martin is a master faery?'

Rafe nods.

Rafe says, 'Master/Emeritus faery.'

Rafe says, 'cause he's dead.'

Vix points to a rather faded black splotch on the pavement.

Rafe says, 'It's kinda like being a saint. if you die in the service of the faeries...'

Rafe dances around the blackened splot that used to be Martin.

Vix gasps.

Rafe gets a faery wand from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe waves at Cyric.

Rafe bounces up and down, making his faery wings flap.

Cyric says, 'ooc: A faery in boots.'

Rafe stops using Urban Commando(tm) boots.

Rafe bounces barefoot around the plaza, avoiding broken glass and sharp bits of stuff.

Rafe beams happily

Vix says, 'You're going to step on a nail or something..'

Rafe bounces over to Cyric. 'Did you see the recruiting notice?'

Cyric shakes his head.

Rafe points at a piece of paper on the ground.

Cyric reaches down to pick up the paper.

Rafe dances around Cyric in a circle.

Rafe waves his faery wand and giggles.

Cyric drops a sheet of lined paper.

Cyric shakes his head.

Cyric says, 'No thank you, sir. I can't be a faery.'

Rafe says, 'Not interested? That's okay.''

Rafe exclaims, 'We don't want to steal members of other unions!'

Vix says, 'You don't know what you're missing...'

Rafe bounces around.

Cyric grabs ahold of a WKS Badge.

Cyric turns to Vix.

Rafe nods enthusiastically.

Vix says, 'Oh yeah? Well..'

Cyric says, 'I'm a security officer, ma'am.'

Cyric stops using a WKS Badge.

Peter arrives from the north.

Peter sighs. 'Oh god. Master faeries /and/ journeyman faeries.'

Vix glares at Peter.

Rafe grins at Peter.

You ask, 'You wanna join?'

Rafe puts a fairy wand in a nylon hockey bag.

Peter says, 'It'd be the ultimate 'fuck-you' gesture.'

Peter says, 'No.'

Rafe looks puzzled. 'To whom?'

Peter says, 'I'm working on that.'

Vix waves.
Vix leaves north.

Rafe stops using a sparkling tiara.

Diane arrives from the north.

Peter stands around, trying to be as nondescript a rager as possible.

Diane walks through the plaza, her foot crunches the paper, causing her to stop and look down.

Diane kneels and picks the paper up.

Rafe bounces up and down, making his faery wings flap and shimmer.

Rafe gets a fairy wand from a nylon hockey bag.

Diane looks the paper over, soon a loud fit of laughter erupts.

Rafe bounces over to Diane. 'Do you want to be a faery, too?'

Rafe beams happily.

Diane slaps her forehead, laughing.

Diane exclaims, 'Not on your crazy assed life!'

You pout.

Rafe waves his faery wand at Diane, showering her with faery dust.

Diane laughs, falling back on the ground.

Rafe dances around, waving his faery wand in the air.

Rafe beams happily.

Diane exclaims, 'oh jesus! The psychos have gotten out of the looney bin!'

Peter sits down and sighs. 'Tell 'em. I can't get it through their thick skulls.'

Rafe continues dancing, but calls out, 'I'm not crazy! I'm a faery!'

Peter rolls his eyes. 'Look, mommy, I can fly.'

Rafe dances and sings, 'Get in touch with your inner faery. I know you have one!'

Diane slows laughing, finally stopping. 'They...They can't be serious, can they?'

Rafe skips in a circle around the pool, coming to rest in front of Diane.

Peter shrugs. 'If they're never, ever serious, it's just as bad.'

Rafe exclaims, 'Of course we're serious, silly!'

Cyric leaves north.

Rafe says, 'Being a faery's serious business.'

Rafe does a faery backflip.

Diane rolls her eyes.

Diane says, 'What an idiot..'

Rafe grins and waves his faery wand around.

Diane stands up, she quietly rips the note up before tossing it into a recycling bin.

Rafe dances in a circle around the faded splot that used to be Martin.

Rafe looks at Diane with sympathy. 'I know it can be frightening to reach your inner faery. Don't be scared.'

Diane looks at an autonomous robotic cannon.

Saalshar arrives from the north.

Diane taps her foot, staring at the cannon in deep thought.

Rafe beams happily. 'Anyone can be a faery, if you just open yourself to the possibility!'

Rafe dances madly, weaving in and out of benches and bystanders.

Peter moans softly. 'Inner child, inner faery, inner idiot. Yes, everything's possible.'

Diane says, 'I wonder if the cannon will activate if I beat up on the looney person..'

Rafe waves his faery wand through the air, leaving a trail of faery dust behind him.

Rafe jumps and bounces happily, making his wings flap and shimmer in the light.

Peter says, 'Hm. Even AIs have an irritation treshold when it comes to faeries.'

Rafe dances over to Saalshar and waves his faery wand at him.

Rafe beams happily.

Rafe says, 'We're recruiting new faeries.'

Diane taps the bat holstered at her side, nodding at some dark, inner-thought.

Rafe exclaims, 'I'd give you a recruiting flyer, but *someone* tore it up!'

Rafe gives Diane a dirty look, but then reverts to his perpetual grin.

Peter gets up. 'Oh, man. I'm out of here.'

Rafe winks at Peter.

Diane says, 'I am too..'

Diane takes to almost jogging out of the plaza.

Diane leaves south.

Rafe holds his arm out towards Diane, as if to say 'talk to the hand'

Rafe dances around in true faery style.

Saalshar looks at Rafe and shakes his head.

Peter checks his watch. 'Accepting bets on how long Rafe will last - now.'

Rafe dances over to an autonomous robotic cannon and sits at its base.

Peter says, 'Come on, people, not all at once.'

Rafe plays with his faery wand, humming happily.

Rafe picks his nose.

Rafe jumps and wiggles, making his wings flap.

Peter moans. 'Can't take..'. He slumps down on the floor. 'Any more of this.'

Slicker arrives from the south.

Rafe exclaims, 'But you can be happy as a faery, too!'

Rafe glances at Slicker out of the corner of his eye.

Peter weakly crawls off, heading north.

Peter leaves north.

Rafe says, 'Everyone has a faery inside, deep inside them. You just have to get in touch with it.'

Rafe beams happily.

Rafe does a faery backflip.

Slicker opens his overcoat to Rafe, then quickly closes it.

Looking into the eyes of this youthful man, a glimpse of honesty appears. A desire of power surges throughout his body. He stands 6'2", with sandy hair, blue eyes and is muscular build. He seems to be intelligent, yet deadly.
<About Body> an Auroran military overcoat

Rafe says, 'If you want... uh..'

Rafe stops mid-sentence, gaping at Slicker.

Cat looks at Slicker.

Cat shrugs.

Rafe shakes his head and goes back over to the cannon.

You sit down.

Slicker opens his overcoat to Rafe again, then quickly closes it.

Rafe thoughtfully plays with his faery wand.

Rafe keeps his head down, but looks up at Slicker through his eyelashes.

Rafe blushes.

Slicker asks, 'where is peter pan tinker bell?'

Rafe exclaims, 'Aww, I'm not Tinker bell! My name's Rafe!'

Rafe grins.

Rafe looks around for Peter.

Rafe shrugs.

Slicker says, 'you look like tinkber bell to me'

Rafe wears a sparkling tiara on his head.

Rafe adjusts his tiara, which says 'Faery' in rhinestones.

Rafe holds up his faery wand for Slicker to see. 'We're both faeries, I suppose.'

Rafe beams happily.

A cyberhound arrives from the north.

Rafe waves his faery wand at a cyberhound.

Slicker nods.

Rafe sits cross-legged, playing with his faery wand.

Rafe shrugs and plays with his wand some more.

Rafe accidentally spills faery dust all over his lap and the concrete.

Rafe says, 'oops.'

You stand up.

Peter arrives from the north.

Rafe stops using glittery faery wings.

Rafe peels off his shirt.

Rafe wears glittery faery wings around his body.

Megumi arrives from the north.

Rafe bounces around.

Rafe waves at Megumi.

Rafe jumps and wiggles, making his wings flap.

Peter walks towards Rafe, teeth bare in an animalistic grin. (My, what big teeth he has.)

Rafe winks at Peter and waves his faery wand.

Peter bites at Rafe, fast, but misses him.

Peter Faery Eater.

Rafe dances out of Peter's reach, batting at him with his faery wand.

You laugh.

Peter says, 'That's their natural state.'

Rafe sings 'I've been eaten before!'

Peter leaps at Rafe, arms stretched out towards his throat, growling.

Rafe waves his faery wand suggestively.

Rafe shrieks and runs away from Peter, towards the cannon.

Rafe bounces up and down on the opposite side of the cannon from Peter.

Rafe exclaims, 'Gosh, Peter, I had no idea you liked faeries so much!'

Rafe beams happily.

Peter snaps sharp teeth at Rafe.

Rafe winks and grins at Peter. 'You've got such a pretty mouth!'

Rafe bounces playfully.

Rafe starts unzipping his tight vinyl pants.

Cat arrives from the south.

Saalshar looks at Rafe, 'Keep 'em on.

You ask, 'Mmm, Peter. You like naked faeries better?'

You pout.

Rafe exclaims, 'Aww, but faeries are supposed to be naked!'

Peter leaps up against Rafe, paws(?) against his shoulders, biting at his shoulder. 'Naked, dressed, I don't care.'

Saalshar says, 'Not in public they ain't.'

Rafe gasps and blushes.

Cat looks surprised.

Rafe bats Peter on the head with his faery wand. 'Stop *that*!'

You giggle.

Peter says, 'As to dead and alive, I prefer halfway.'

Peter chomps down on Rafe's shoulder.

Megumi raises an eyebrow.

Rafe shrieks and pulls free from Peter, running over to Megumi.

Rafe pants, 'That hurt!'

Megumi smiles faintly at Rafe. "Hello."

Rafe hides behind Megumi.

Peter runs after Rafe, down on all fours, growling.

Rafe rubs his shoulder, trying not to notice the blood.

Cat hisses.

Rafe stays behind Megumi.

Rafe calls out, 'Aaah! Help!'

Peter tries to bite at Rafe, but his simple faery eater mind can't figure out how to get at him if he's hiding behind someone.

Cat bats Peter on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

Megumi stands and looks down at Peter with a raised eyebrow. "Nuh-uh, buddy."

Megumi stands up.

Cat says, 'Bad dog.'

Rafe bats at Peter with his faery wand. 'Shoo!'

Rafe gets a dog leash from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe tosses a leash at Cat.

Cat gets a dog leash.

Katlyn OOCs: Why would fairy boy need to hide? Don't you have purple dissapearing dust?
You OOC: I spilled all the disappearing dust.
You OOC: all I have left is faery love dust.

Peter frowns quizzically. 'Dog? Faery eater. Eat Faery. Grrr.'

Rafe shrieks and keeps away from Peter as best he can.

Rafe exclaims, 'No! You can't eat me!'

Cat tries to put a collar around Peter's neck.

Megumi half heartedly aims a kick at Peter. "Shoo."

Rafe gasps and desperately rips his wings off his back.

Rafe stops using glittery faery wings.

Peter finally figures out the solution. If you can't get around it, or over it..

Megumi gracelessly flops down on Peter's back.

Megumi says, 'Behave.'

Rafe quickly shoves his faery wings in a nylon hockey bag.

Cat struggles with the fastener on this thrice-danged collar!

Rafe exclaims, 'See! No faery! No faery!'

Rafe runs over to the cannon and jumps up on it.

Peter rolls over and gets up again. Looks around. Hrm, where'd that winged prey-thingy go?

Rafe pants, red-faced, atop the autonomous robotic cannon.

Megumi brushes herself off.

Cat pats Peter.

Peter cuts this whole thing short, right here, right now.

Peter has left.

Cat says, 'looks like you're safe, Rafe....'

Rafe slowly climbs down from the cannon.

Rafe nods, his eyes still wide with terror.

Rafe says, 'Th, thanks.'

Rafe says, 'He wuh, was wu weird.'

Megumi looks at Rafe with a tiny bit of sympathy in her eyes.

Rafe straightens his pants and sits on a bench.

Rafe pulls his glittery shirt over his head and tucks it in.

Rafe folds his faery wings carefully.

Rafe puts glittery faery wings in a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe puts on his boots and laces them.

Megumi sits beside the pool and gazes in the water.

You grab ahold of the Kama Sutra.

Megumi looks up and notes Rafe's preferred reading material.

Megumi approves.

Rafe flips the Kama Sutra open to a bookmarked page, and holds the book close to his face while he reads.

Megumi wonders briefly if he's actually reading or just looking at the pictures, then shrugs and goes back to gazing in the water.

Rafe flips a page and gasps, turning beet red.

Megumi hears Rafe gasp and looks up at him, a trace of amusement crossing her features.

Admiral arrives from the east.

Megumi stands and goes to sit beside Rafe.

Vix arrives from the north.

Megumi looks down at him and smiles, then sits.

Rafe looks up at Megumi, closing the book half-way.

Rafe clears his throat.

Rafe says, 'Hi, Megumi.'

Megumi peeks in the book and points, a broad smile creasing her features. "Think that's physically possible?

Vix says, 'The highlighted passages are..my favorite.'

Rafe looks at the picture and nods quickly. 'Sure, one time I... '

Rafe pauses and blushes, shutting the book.

Rafe grins.

Megumi laughs softly and hugs Rafe quickly with one arm. "You're something else."

You giggle.

You ask, 'Vix, do you need your book back?'

Vix sinks deeply into thought.

Vix says, 'Yes, I suppose.'

You give the Kama Sutra to Vix.

Rafe sighs sadly. 'I oughta get my own copy, I suppose'

Rafe gets a fairy wand from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe gets glittery faery wings from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe turns to look at Vix, and gasps at the huge paddle.

Cat smirks.

Vix waves her paddle above her head.

Eris says, 'ack'

You cringe.

Megumi laughs.

Megumi wields a large wooden paddle.

Eric says, 'Somebody get me a cricket bat.'

Eris smirks.

Cat grins.

Megumi shows Rafe her paddle.

Rafe rubs his butt and looks worried.

Eris revs her saw.

Eris says, 'time for some faery pruning.'

Eris smiles at Rafe evilly.

You gasp.

Eric asks, 'Faery hockey, anyone?'

Cat looks around for a stick.

Rafe clutches his hands over his crotch.

Vix slowly looks from Rafe's behind to her paddle.

Vix is putting two and two together.

Rafe's eyes go wide, and he slides sideways towards the cannon.

Eris swings her saw at Rafe's wing.

Rafe leaps atop the cannon, trying to get out of reach.

Vix points at Rafe.

Rafe exclaims, 'Eeeeep!'

Vix says, 'Get him, Megumi.'

Rafe exclaims, 'Not a faery! Not a faery! Look, no wings!'

Rafe looks at all the mean, mean women, terror on his face.

Megumi gets into a comfortable stance and prepares to defend Rafe.

Megumi brandishes her weapon.

Eris aims for Rafe's head this time.

Rafe looks suspiciously at Eric.

Eris swings again for Rafe's head while he's distracted.

Megumi blocks Eris's attack.

Vix hops in front of Rafe bravely, her paddle waving wildly. 'Someone need defending?'

Eric leaps up a bit and swings at Rafe, too.

Eris' saw maims Megumi.

Rafe loses his balance in the face of attack, and falls off the cannon onto the concrete.

Vix gasps.

Cat wonders whether to get involved.

Vix asks, 'You okay, buddy?'

Eric nods heftily, still swinging at Rafe. 'Yeah, theme consistency needs defendin'.'

Rafe rubs his shoulder and scurries under the cannon, out of reach of Eric.

Rafe says, 'I think I dislocated my shoulder, Vix.'

You cringe.

Eric mercilessly bats in Rafe's general direction anyway.

Vix swings her paddle fiercely towards her target, Eric's bottom.

Cat exclaims, 'mean!'

Rafe takes a hit to the ankle before he can get to cover.

Rafe exclaims, 'Aaah!'

Eris shakes her head.

Rafe tries to drag himself away with one good foot and one good arm.

Eric nods, sweating gushing off his head. 'Yes! Mean!'

Rafe whimpers.

Vix says, 'Hey now, stop it.'

Vix pats you.

Rafe shivers and moans, laying flat on his back under the cannon.

Eric pauses. 'Why? I'm fighting for a vague ideal here, I'm supposed to blindly kill this, uh, what'd they call it, abomination or something..'

Rafe whispers, 'Not a faery right now...'

Vix crawls underneath the cannon, taking her place next to Rafe.

Rafe moans and blinks at Vix.

Cat says, 'okay, I can live with that.'

Rafe says, 'Not a faery...'

Cat purrs.

Vix nods.

You sniff sadly.

Vix comforts you.

You begin to cry.

Saalshar slaps you.

Rafe exclaims, 'Everybody hu, hates m m me!'

Cat taps Rafe on the cheek.

Rafe sniffles and stops crying.

Vix cuddles Rafe sweetly. 'No one hates you....'

Eric nods, kneels down and tries to poke Rafe out from under the cannon. 'Yeah, shitty, huh?'

Cat says, 'well, everyone's gotta have a scapegoat...'

Rafe shrieks.

Cat smiles sweetly.

Cat rolls over onto her stomach.

Vix brings her paddle down roughly on Eric's fingers, then grins wickedly.

Rafe winks weakly at Vix.

Rafe sticks his tongue out at Eric from beneath the cannon.

Eric rolls over on his back, stares up at the dome. 'You win. You cute little faery bastard sympathisers, you.'

Vix wears a tiara on her head.

Vix wears glittery faery wings about her body.

Vix says, 'I happen to be a faery, buddy.'

Cat gets a gleam in her eyes.

Rafe winks at Eric. 'Aww. You think I'm cute!' Rafe beams happily.

Rafe says, 'Just wait until Jago gets here... He's the faery enforcer.'

Vix nods.

Eric continues talking to himself. 'I'm ready to die now, Lord. Be quick about it.'

Rafe crawls out from under the cannon.

Vix exclaims, 'We won!'

Cat pokes Eric.

Rafe brushes the dirt off his glittery shirt.

Cat exclaims, 'don't quit now!'

Vix drags herself out from beneath the cannon.

Cat exclaims, 'Faery fighters should never admit defeat!'

Rafe runs his fingers through his hair, restoring careful disorder to it.

Vix points to her own hair. 'Now do mine.'

Rafe artfully fluffs Vix's hair.

Cat splashes water at Vix.

Eric looks up at Rafe dressing his hair, and suddenly notices he's still holding his bat, loosely, in one hand.

Rafe tucks his shirt back in.

Rafe notices he's chipped his nail polish. 'My nails!'

Cat raises an eyebrow.

Rafe wails.

Eric sits up, looks at the cricket bat. 'Nah.'. Tosses it away, where it happily goes about the business of de-instantiating.

Cat slumps disconsolantly to the ground.

Rafe says, 'It's my dinnertime. gotta go.'

Rafe waves.

Rafe beams happily, even at the faery-killers.

Rafe exclaims, 'I love you all!'

Rafe bounds out of the plaza.