==================== Duff menaces Diane =========================
(after the scenes with Megumi)

You are using:
<Head> a derby
<Eyes> some mascara
<Neck> a chain collar
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet> a pair of 20 hole boots
<Wielded> a walking stick

Road Of Machines
You pass a forest of prosthetic limbs hanging from wire hooks latched into the gently swaying ceiling, setting off a thousand harmonic motions. Light sources, fluorescent tubes and halogen, twinkle in erratic pulses as a dozen different eclipses cast shadows over your eyes. Where one stall is shuttered off from the others, several vacant-eyed cyber jobs hang on hooks like sides of pork. While space is a problem in the Road, children's bodies are popular with sterile couples and lonely men; this vendor must sell one a week.
Diane is standing here.
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A thin, pale woman. Light-blonde hair cascades down her back, stopping just below the waist. Her almond-shaped eyes are a rich, dark brown, which sparkle with natural intelligence.
<Torso> a cheap shirt
<About Body> a clear plastic trenchcoat
<Right Wrist> a bundle of wires
<Hands> a pair of fingerless gloves
<Legs> a pair of jeans
<Feet> some cheap shoes

Diane looks at you.

Diane nods.

Duff grins wickedly at you.

Duff taps his cane against the brim of his derby.

Diane goes back to arguing with the cyborganic dealer.

You ask, 'Whatsa nice, young thing like you doin down here?'

Duff leers at you.

Diane turns back to duff. 'uh, trying to find a good price.'

Duff takes a couple of steps closer, invading your personal space.

Duff raises one eyebrow. 'Maybe I can help.

Diane asks, 'Yeah, sure. You got seven hundred credits to spare?'

Duff reaches out and touches your hair. 'That's not what I had in mind.'
He gets a sick grin on his face.

Diane wrinkles her nose up. 'Hands off.'

Duff leans in closer. 'Maybe we ought to go somewhere... more private.'
He licks his lips.

Duff puts his hand on your upper arm, gripping it.

Diane's hand flashes out, a large pocketknife appearing, it's blade at
your crotch.

Diane says, 'Go ahead, try, but you ain't gonna have the part to do it

Duff chuckles madly. 'Mmmm, baby, if you want it that bad, you just have
to ask.'

Duff swings his cane around, knocking the knife away from his crotch.

Duff takes a step back, laughing.

You say, 'Well, another time, then.'

Diane mumbles.

Diane says, 'Okay, fine.'

Diane asks, 'Where do you wanna go?'

Duff taps his cane against his hat in a mock salute.

Duff gives you a suspicious look, then grins broadly.

* You tell Diane, 'do you know what Duff is?'
* Diane tells you, 'nope'
* Diane looks at you.
* You tell Diane, 'he's a Droog. sorta like a gang member. there are a
coupla others around. icons, I mean.'
* Diane tells you, 'I know, I used to be Kintyra.'
* You tell Diane, 'ah, uh... nevermind.'

Diane scratches her head, glancing around the dirtwalk a moment.

Duff inclines his head to the West. 'I've got a place this-a-way.'

Diane says, 'Sure..'

Diane starts following you.

Duff fairly struts out of the intersection, his head held high and his
cane swinging jauntily.

Road Of Machines
One thing the Causeway is known for is the Machines. Nowhere in the 'rora do you get a processor that you don't have to sign for, and still have enough to buy lunch afterwards. They take care of keeping the wet on the outside, boarding up their stores with shutters and panes. Ground's paved over since gravel's easier to clean off circuits than dirt. And whatever they can't sell goes in the heap of bits tossed into a large cesspool to the south.
A tall Calvin strides about, pursing his lips as he scopes the crowd.
A woman pushes her way impatiently through the crowded streets.
A dark-skinned man in a large overcoat strides about on his own
A grey-clothed Modular Nun walks silently within her neon halo.
Muscles twisting like snakes, a graft-boy presides over the market.
A denizen of the Causeway trudges through the mud.
Diane arrives from the east.

Smelly Cesspool
This small pit might once have been an alleyway, but the occupants of The Causeway have turned it into a rubbish heap. Everything unwanted gets tossed into the pile, including human fecal material, bits of electronic waste, rotten food, mud from new excavations and, apparently, bits of strangely human-looking organic material. A steady flow of water coming from several ruptured pipes and small tunnels helps keep the smell down. Diane arrives from the north.

Duff walks into a more deserted area, and slows, turning towards you.

Diane looks around at the piles of trash. 'Yeah, nice place..'

Duff steps in closer and pokes you with the tip of his cane, right in
the center of your chest.

Diane stumbles back a little, rubbing her chest.

Duff chuckles oddly. 'Let's have some fun, now, girly.'

Diane shrugs. 'Be my guest.'

Duff shoves you back against the damp wall with his cane.

Diane folds her arms, watching you with an expressionless face.

Duff pauses as several conflicting expressions pass over his face.

Diane stands quietly, unmoving, watching you.

Duff settles on anger, finally. 'You stupid whore! Are you trying to
make fun of me!'

Duff lunges in and attempts to backhand you in the face, his own face
flushed with rage.

Diane shrugs. 'You said you wanted me, here I am.'

Diane ducks under the handstrike rather easily.
Diane darts away, her small body moving with quick reflexes.

Duff bellows in frustration, swinging out wildly with his cane.

Diane picks up an old bat from the ground, raising it up to block your

Diane wields an aluminum baseball bat.

Duff growls and attacks. 'You stupid chick! You can't get rid of me that

Diane steps to the side of your attack and backs away. 'Geez.'

Duff pauses, panting. He glares at you with hatred in his eyes.

You exclaim, 'Fuck!'

Diane says, 'I'm just a Daemon down here shopping.'

Diane says, 'Isn't a reason why you should be so damn pissed.'

You exclaim, 'Fuck you, you fuckin' Daemon! You're not, not good enough
for a man like me!'

Diane smirks, 'Yeah, you're right.'

Duff kicks at some garbage between you and him, stepping towards you.

Diane takes a step back with every step forward you make, bat held out

Duff swings his cane back and forth like a pendulum, while his face
works through a variety of expressions.

Diane watches in silence, trying to keep the slight look of fear in her
eyes down.

Duff raises his cane aggressively, as if to strike, then laughs out

Diane looks puzzled by this reaction, her guard lowering.

Duff suddenly seems more composed, but he keeps the cane up in the air.

Duff takes a step towards you, a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his

Duff chuckles softly.

Diane blinks, taking another step back, which places her right against a

Duff holds his cane out at length, pointing it directly at your face.
'I'll find you... later... '

Diane says, 'I'll be waiting.'

Duff giggles and takes a step back.

Diane lowers the bat.

You say, 'I've got to be going. Keep thinking of me, honey.'

Diane says, 'In my nightmares'
Diane shakes her head.

Duff smirks and raises his cane in a mock salute, nodding.

Duff winks at you, then turns and saunters off into the crowd.