LyricFind Find song lyrics.
AltaVista My favorite search engine. Physician's Desk Reference.
ERG 2000 ID Number Index Those hazmat codes you see on trucks.
USGS: maps and other products

MovieLens Get movie recommendations based on your own favorites.
Mr. Cranky Best negative movie reviews.
Trailervision - Because the TRAILER is better than the MOVIE If you really need to know about the Lord of the Rings movies.
The Lone Gunmen Official Site
Lone Gunmen News Fan page. :: home of dean haglund who plays one of the Lone Gunmen. TV Keep up with popular culture.
T H E X - F I L E S Duh. See inflammatory/offensive ads. Read criticisms about them.

ConFusion 2001 Detroit-area sci-fi convention in January.
MediaWest*Con Hub Page Lansing-area media/sci-fi convention in May.
Feng Shui - Blowing Up Ann Arbor! Local rpg I'm in.
Underworld Comics, Cards, RPGs, And Collectibles Best store in Ann Arbor.
21st Century Comics Bestest store in East Lansing.
Iconoclast Bestest roleplay-only cyberpunk MUD.

MSU's Alliance of Lesbian-Bi-Gay and Transgendered Students (Michigan State)
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Programs Office at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Welcome to FTM International Main resource page for tranny stuff.
The American Boyz Another main resource page for tranny stuff.
More trans links

Piercing Mildred Create your own pierced/tattooed freak online.
Constructor Way-cool applet.
Studio Creations Amazing costumes and props.
Unamerican Shake up your perspective on modern American culture.
RTalsorian Games Read the columns about Cyberpunk genre films.
CIC Canada - A Newcomer's Introduction to Canada
In Passing... Eavesdropping made fun.
A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
Tolkien Crackpot Theories Fodder for your next fannish party.
Daily Radar Feature - Ten Ways to Ruin Lord of the Rings

Comics (favorites marked with **)
Dilbert Zone
Mister Boffo
Sluggy Freelance
Liberty Meadows
Dr. Lobster Comics **
goats **
Player Versus Player
Sinfest **
Penny Arcade **
Demise Comics
The Parking Lot is Full


PalmPilot Doc Tips
New: How to put Slashy Goodness on your PalmPilot

Tucows - PDA
PalmGear H.Q.
Handango! - The largest handheld marketplace on the Internet
Palm, Inc. - Handheld Computing Solutions
Apps and Hacks
TealPoint Software
SmartDoc Editor
QED DOC Editor
PalmDocs (Word <-> prc <-> txt)
Casetoggle Hack
Diddle, PhlegmHack
FlipHack, GreenLightHack
BackupBuddy Software
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
PalmaServ: Documents for the Palm Computing connected organizers
Furby Hacks
Furby Hacking with your Palm
More Furby Hacking
SOFTAVA - Silkyboard
E-Holster - Keeping Electronics Personal.
Welcome to PDA Panache

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