================ 8-9 After Megumi's attack (Rafe) ===========(sent)
================ and Rob terrorize Rafe again ===================

An ASA dispatcher ICs: 10-4 unit 204. We'll patch the nexus campods through to ASA units 114 and 116. Standby.

Nexus Plaza
Dev is standing here.
Symon is standing here.
Katlyn is standing here.
Rob is sitting here.
Tman is resting here.
Lara is standing here.
Neflite is resting here.
Megumi is standing here.

Neflite kneels down and checks Megumi's injuries.

Katlyn presses gloved fingers to the pulse in Megumi's wrist, giving a silent scan with mind as well as skills, as she checks the color of the girl's skin.

Rob sits down.

An ASA dispatcher ICs: Call unit 114, 116. Confirmed 11-6, 11-15 in the area of downtown nexus. Suspect fled the scene. Standby for data transmission.

An ASA Security pod arrives from the south.

Katlyn runs her fingers down Megumi's skull, her neck and over her forehead. She reaches behind her to pull a box from the trauma bag at her side.

An ASA Security pod says, 'Identification affirmed.'

An ASA Security pod leaves south.

An ASA patrolman leaves north.

Rafe looks at all the people congregated in the plaza.

Rob glances at Rafe for a moment, but his gaze doesn't linger.

Katlyn pulls her bioreader from its small protective pouch, scanning it over the rapidly forming bruise on the girls forehead.

*Rob tells you, 'Hmm... think Rafe'd recognize Rob as-is?'
*You tell Rob, 'just about to tell you the same thing. it's likely.'
*You tell Rob, 'unless he was behind some other people'
*You tell Rob, 'face to face, yeah, Rafe'd recognize him.'
*Rob tells you, 'Hmm... wasn't sure how much the heavy mascara and *unblinking eyes vs. looking normal and blinking like a regular person *would make a difference. :)'
*You tell Rob, 'Rafe got a good, long look. in a crowd, I don't think he'd *notice you. Didn't this time, anyways.'
*Rob tells you, '<nods> I can agree with that. It doesn't have to stand up *under hard scrutiny- just so long as he can walk past Rafe, and Rafe not *immediately recognize him, it's fine. :)'

Nia arrives from the south.
Ouka arrives from the south.
Akasha arrives from the south.

Nia looks at you.

Rafe beams happily at Nia.

Nia says, 'I gotta ring'

Nia shows off her ring to Rafe.

Katlyn slips a hand back into her trauma bag, pulling a thin clear mask out.

You exclaim, 'Oooh! It's beautiful!'

Rob leans forward, resting his head in his hands as he watched the NAERT work on the fallen girl. His fingers cover the lower half of his face.

Akasha says, 'I got a new collar'

Akasha shows it off

Ouka says, 'I was gonna get a new collar. But I didn't. I stuck with a belt I didn't want.'

You exclaim, 'Oooh, you two are so pretty!'

Rafe turns from one beautiful, happy person to the next.

Rafe hugs all his friends in turn.

Katlyn pulls a small canister form the bag as well, pressing the oxygen mask over Megumi's face.

Kintyra arrives from the south.

You say, 'Hey, isn't that....'

Rafe pauses and looks at Megumi on the ground.

Nia looks at Megumi.

Ouka looks at Megumi.

Rafe's face falls in horror as he rushes over.

Kintyra walks into the plaza, pale hands clapsed behind her back.

Rob nods discreetly at Kintyra.

You ask, 'What happened?'

Nia blinks, 'My goodness.'

Kintyra nods faintly towards Rob's direction.

Rob leans forward a little further, and in a familiar voice, quietly says, 'She fell.'

Katlyn moniters Megumi's respiration with the flicker of an eye, sterile O2 flowing from the canister into Megumi's lungs with each breath.

Nia says, 'Doesn't look like a pleasent trip.'

An ASA patrolwoman whispers 'Ten-four, dispatch.' into her radio.

You exclaim, 'Awww, poor Megumi!'

Rafe leans in to get a better loock.

Kintyra walks to Rob's side, a faintly interested glance towards the downed Megumi. 'What happened here?'

Katlyn slips her helmet on once more, diamond eyes bright and focused on the girl before her.

Akasha arrives from below.

Rob looks up at Kintyra, a faint smile on his face. In an almost hushed voice, he says, 'Some... young man... in an orange jumpsuit was tormenting her when I arrived, and she collapsed.'

Rafe kneels down by Megumi, trying to stay out of the way of the med person.

Kintyra chuckles softly. 'Interesting..'

Rafe gasps in horror at the words he catches.

Akasha walks back into the plaza, eyes flickering, yet she is in a fairly good mood

Rob nods at Kintyra. 'Oh... very.'

Rafe brings his hand to cover his mouth, and his eyes go wide in shock.

Katlyn ICs: *radio to Dispatch* Medic 103 to dispatch, requesting medipod, Nexus Plaza.

Akasha comforts you.

Rob stands up, turning so as not to face Rafe.

Ouka walks over and stares down at Megumi sadly.

Rafe looks around for someone.

Akasha's eyes widen in fear

An ASA dispatcher ICs: 10-4 Medic 103.

Rob whispers something to Kintyra.

Nia steps beside Rafe, her hands gripping softly on the straps of her backpack.

Akasha says, 'M-Megumi'

You say, 'Th,the guy, he,he, uh...'

Akasha exclaims, 'what happend??!?!'

Akasha drops to her knees

Kintyra whispers something to Rob.

Rafe turns to Nia. 'Nu, nu, Nia!

Katlyn presses two fingers to Megumi's pulse, her eyes slipping half closed as she seeks that beat. With a faint smile, she looks up at all of you.'She'll be fine...'

Ouka rests her hand on Akasha's shoulder sadly.

A Medipod arrives from the north.

Nia tilts her head, 'mmm?'

Rob steps through the crowd, eventually stopping behind Rafe. His voice, the tone, changes, as he says, clearly to Rafe, 'Sssssooon.....'

Rob laughs.

Rob leaves down.

Akasha glares around angrily "Who did this to her?!"

A Medipod hovers rapidly in from the north. A bright red strobe light mounted on its top flashes rapidly.

Rafe shudders and starts to cry.

Nia turns to where Rob was.

A Medipod smoothly glides to Katlyn on jets of air. It begins to place down nearby

Rafe begins sobbing loudly, holding his face in his hands.

*Rob tells you, 'Whether Rafe spins in time to see anyone, or just *recognizes the voice and then looks to see no one there (which is, IMo, *creepier) is up to you. :)'

*You tell Rob, 'didn't see. it was the voice.'

Kintyra looks at you.

Katlyn turns her attention back to the fallen girl, fingers moving tenderly over the rest of Megumi's limbs, softly checking her for other injuries.

Akasha moves beside Rafe, lightly resting one hand on his shoulder

Ouka blinks and pats him on his back awkwardly as she continues standing by Akasha.

Katlyn gets a thin coil of wire, plugging it into the pod and uploading data.

Rafe cringes from Akasha's touch.

Nia moves her hand to softly pat on Rafe's shirt, comfortingly.

Akasha looking hurt, removes her hand

Kintyra walks to Rafe, a calm look despite the sounds of sobing. 'This man. Wear a Derby? Mascara, orange day-glo jumpsuit?'

A Medipod beeps a few times. A door in its side opens - a stretcher inside waiting to be used.

Rafe pulls away from Nia's hand, too.

Rafe's whole body shakes, but his sobbing lessens.

Nia steps away from Rafe, 'Geez, sorry.'

Katlyn watches as the pod settles, her attention flickering from patient to pod. She motions to a few people in the crowd, those willing to help sliding Megumi onto the stretcher that slides from the pod's opening.

Nia shrugs then quickly walks to the pool.

Kintyra taps Rafe on the shoulder. 'I might know the fellow, and very well might be able to help. Now tell me.'

You ask, 'Whu, what did yu, you s s s say?'

Akasha gets to her feet and walks beside Katlyn willing to help

Neflite helps lift Megumi up.

Ouka huggles Akasha and helps as well.

Rafe shudders and trembles, but has stopped crying.

Kintyra asks, 'Did he wear mascara, a derby and a orange day-glo jumpsuit?'

Rafe's eyes glaze over, as if he's remembering. He nods slowly.

Ouka touches Megumi's forehead softly and looks at her with