Counting Steps

Owen arrives from below.

Some six foot tall, with almost grey skin. Black hair braided and drawn back into a bun behind the head. A baggy leather jacket and baggier beige jeans. Black trainers. Sunglasses cover his eyes.

Owen looks at you.

Rafe smiles and waves shyly at Owen.

You nibble a little bit of the egg.

Owen looks at you.

You nibble a little bit of the egg.

Rafe winks at Owen over the top of his egg.

You nibble a little bit of the egg.

Owen looks blankly at rafe for a moment.

Rafe licks his egg suggestively.

You nibble a little bit of the egg.

Terek nods.

Owen looks around and wanders off north.

Owen leaves north.

Rafe holds an egg out towards Owen.

Rafe sighs sadly as Owen leaves without even tasting his egg.

Terek nods his head in agreement with you.

Rafe offers Terek a taste of egg.

You nibble a little bit of the egg.

Terek nods, "I'm allergic to eggs, Rafe."

You shrug.

You say, 'Okay. I'm hungry, anyways.'

You nibble a little bit of the egg.
There's nothing left

Rafe brushes the eggshells off his fingers.

Rafe smacks his lips.

Rafe places one foot carefully in front of the other, heel touching toes. His lips move silently as he paces.

Terek glances over at Rafe, "Something troubling you, Rafe?" He raises a slender black brow, sitting back down on the bench.

Rafe shakes his head and continues pacing, his lips pressed together tightly.

Terek shrugs a bit, he stands up, then wraps his arms about his body, looking over at you, "Well, why are you pacing? I've never seen you pace before, usually you're so happy you could squeal."

Rafe purses his lips and furrows his brow. 'I'm counting. It's... kinda important, you know?' He keeps his eyes on the pavement ahead of him.

Terek nods a bit, "Counting what?" He lowers his eyebrows, gesturing confusively, pulling his arms away from his body and shoving them into his pockets.

Provyn arrives from below.

Rafe pauses, holds a few fingers of each hand, and looks up at Terek with a boyish grin. 'Steps, of course!'

Rabbit arrives from below. [New Icon]

You OOC: rabbit's gonna be a confusing name in the park.

Terek says, 'You're an odd one, Rafe.'

Rafe grins and blushes. 'Thank you, Terek.'

Terek shakes his head slightly, glancing over at the newcomer to the plaza.

Rabbit tries to bludgeon you with a walking stick, but your armor absorbs the damage.

Rabbit says, 'rAFE WAIT'

Rafe points his finger accusingly at Rabbit.

You exclaim, 'Don't do that, silly!'

You exclaim, 'Attacking other people is mean!'

You pout.

Terek looks at Rabbit.

Terek says, 'Touch my friend again, and you feel my blade.'

Terek wields a wakizashi.

Provyn pokes Rabbit.

Provyn whaps Terek upside the head.

Provyn says, 'Hush'

Rafe shakes his head at Terek. 'Naw, don't hurt her.

Terek glances over at Provyn, backs up slightly and slides his blade back into his sheath.

You exclaim, 'Shit!'

You say, 'I lost count...'

Rafe sighs sadly.

Rabbit asks, 'anyone want to go pubbing?'

Provyn smirks.

You ask, 'Pubbing?'

Rafe cocks his head to one side and considers the girl. 'Where?'

Provyn asks, 'Otherwords. Ya wanna go screw like rabbits?'

Terek says, 'No thanks.'

Terek wears a wedding band on his hands.

Rabbit says, 'go Pubs...'

Rabbit leaves north.

Provyn says, 'Heh.'

Terek shrugs a bit, and slips on his wedding ring.

Rafe frowns. 'That was weird.'

Terek says, 'Yes.. That was.'

You say, 'Hey, I thougt you were just engaged. When'd you get married?''

Terek drops back down into his bench.

Terek says, 'I'm not married, silly.'

Terek smiles.

You say, 'Oooohhh.'

Rafe nods with understanding.

Terek says, 'I'm almost married.'

Terek asks, 'You understand right?'

Rafe looks down at the pavement and sighs sadly. Frustration builds on his face.

Rafe snorts angrily and begins jumping up and down. 'It's not fair! Not fair! Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!'

Terek leaves north.

Rafe stomps around the plaza, snorting and cursing loudly.

Provyn leaves east.

You exclaim, 'Damn! Damn it all! Fucking shit!'

Rafe stomps his foot again for emphasis.

You exclaim, 'Goddamn chick. I shoulda known!'

Rafe shakes his head and frowns angrily. He continues stomping and sulking, but ceases cursing.

Rafe mutters, 'Stupid girl.'

Rafe kicks at a bit of trash on the ground and glares around.

Rafe sighs heavily and rolls his eyes. 'It's always something. I mean, if it's not one thing, it's another.'

Rafe stomps over to a bench and slumps heavily into it, sulking.

An office worker arrives from the south.

You glare at an office worker.

A Medipod arrives from the west.

You say, 'Stupid people.'

You glare at a Medipod.

You sulk.

Rafe leans over and holds his head in his hands. He sits still like that for several moments.

Rafe breathes heavily and deeply, trying to calm himself.

Rafe suddenly leans back, his fingers laced in his hair, and lets out a terrible yell, as if he's in agony. 'Aaaaaaaaaahhh!' He pulls at his hair and grimaces.

Rafe moans and pulls his head from side to side by his hair.

Rafe tears at his hair and moans in agony.

Rafe grits his teeth and growls at nothing in particular. He removes his hands from his hair and clenches them into fists at his sides.

A Medipod arrives from the west.

Rafe shifts restlessly on the bench. He bites his lip and snorts angrily.

You glare at a Medipod.

A Medipod leaves north.

Rafe stomps his feet on the ground. stompstompstompstompSTOMP.

Rafe's lower lip begins to quiver as he looks guiltily around the plaza.

Rafe sniffles tentatively as moisture collects in his eyes. His face is the very portrait of misery.

An office worker arrives from the south.

Rafe looks at an office worker with big, sad eyes. He sniffles.

Rafe rubs his nose with the back of his hand and swallows. His shoulders begin to tremble.

Rafe stutters, 'Nuh... nuh.. nuh..' He clenches his hands tightly together in his lap, his whole body tense.

Rafe turns his head to look up at the dome. He presses his mouth shut, but tears roll down his cheeks. He clenches his hands tightly together in his lap, his whole body tense.

You sniff sadly.

Rafe blinks up at the dome and begins to shake more violently.

Rafe brings his head down and begins to cry in earnest. Sobs wrack his shoulders as he covers his eyes with his hands.

Rafe bawls loudly, though the sounds are muffled a bit by his hands.

Rafe slumps sideways on the bench, leaning his head against the back of it. He cries loudly and melodramatically.

You OOC: nobody wants to rp with me. I see how it is.

You begin to cry.

You sniff sadly.

Rafe sniffles sadly and peers around the plaza cautiously.

Rafe blinks and wipes the tears from his eyes. His mouth is pursed unattractively and his eyes are red and puffy, but at least he's not actively bawling anymore.

Rafe rubs his fists on his eyes, smearing his eyeliner all around. He swallows and stands uncertainly.

Rafe licks his lip and straightens his jacket. He shoves his hands in his pockets and shuffles out of the plaza, still sniffling occasionally.