================= Rob taunts Rafe, first time (8-8) ==========(sent)
Note: Rafe recognizes the Droog outfit, because he saw Azander taunting
Bokor the day before.

You are using:
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Neck> a fluffy feather boa
<Torso> a shiny iridescent shirt
<Waist> a spiked belt
<Legs> a pair of shiny leather pants
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Rob arrives from the south.

Rob looks at you.

A powerfully built young man, an almost tangent
aura of condescension about him. Golden blond hair
worn longish and shaggy, green eyes a bit too bright, snarl
eternally etched on his face.
Rob is slightly wounded.

Rob is using:
<Head> a derby
<Eyes> some mascara
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet> a pair of 20 hole boots
<Held> a hooked wooden cane

Rob grins ferally.

You gasp.

Rafe cringes and runs upstairs.

Nexus Plaza
Vix is standing here.

Rob arrives from below.

Vix looks at you.

Rob glides out of the station, glancing around, eyes settling on Rafe.

Rafe quickly trots over to Vix and sits near her.

Vix smiles at you.

Rafe nervously tugs at his feather boa, wrinkles appearing on his brow.

Vix begins to think.

Vix gets a binky baby iguana from a nylon hockey bag.

Vix gives you a binky baby iguana.

Rob smiles, a bit too widely, at Rafe... and nods, unblinking green eyes
twinkling with some unholy merriment.

Vix smirks.

Rafe clutches a binxy baby iguana and looks at Rob with wide eyes.

Vix looks at Rob.

Vix sinks deeply into thought.

Vix gets an enema from a nylon hockey bag.

Vix says, 'Hmm...'

Rob glances at Vix, mad smile still affixed to his face. He taps the
brim of his derby with his cane, nodding slightly, before he begins
walking towards Rafe. This is not the same mindset Rob was in when last
they spoke.

Rafe gapes open-mouthed at Vix.

Vix looks at Rafe innocently, her eyes wide. She hides the enema behind
her back quickly. 'What?'

Rafe scoots closer to Vix, despite the toys she took out of her bag.

You say, 'Um, er...'

Vix frowns.

Rafe speaks to Vix out of the side of his mouth, unable to take his eyes
off Rob.

Rob walks right over beside Rafe and sinks down on his haunches, the
smile showing a few, rather sharp, teeth now. 'I make you sssso
nervousss... and you don't even know why, do you?'

Rafe squeaks nervously, 'What do you want?' His voice cracks at the last

Rafe clutches the forgotten toy tightly in his fist. His face shows
terror and fascination.

Vix stares at Rob with angry eyes, though her expression seems dry.
'What bringssss you to our ssside of the plaza?'

Rob chuckles quietly for a moment, and shrugs, the bright orange
material of his jumpsuit bunching around his thick shoulders. 'Oh... I
could tell you... but I do not think you would approve... or
underssstand. There are thingsss I've ssseen that you cannot imagine.'

Rafe trembles slightly. 'Uh, I'm not sure I *want* to imagine..., uh...'

Rob chuckles again, a sibilant sound. 'Ssssomeday? You won't have
to... sssomeday I'll show you. One way or another.' A casual shrug,
and he rises and walks jauntily down the street, occasionally twirling
his cane.

Rob leaves east.

Rafe exhales sharply.

Vix smiles teasingly at Rafe. 'What a sssnake in the grass.'

Rafe nudges Vix urgently. 'Who was that gu.gu.guy?'

Vix says, 'A man with many problems...'

Vix cringes.

You ask, 'Uh, what kind of problems?'

Rafe looks like he doesn't really want to know the answer.

Vix whispers to you, 'For one, he's a killer.'

Rafe's eyes are still wide, and he seem to have started sweating.

Vix whispers to you, 'He and a man called Azander both.'

You whisper to Vix, 'Re..really?'

Vix nods.

Rafe shudders briefly, and gets a distant look in his eyes.

Vix whispers to you, 'Do not fear him, Rafe.'

Vix whispers to you, 'I think he targets women..'

Rafe nervously twitches his feather boa.

You whisper to Vix, 'how do you suppose he sees me?'

Vix whispers to you, 'So far, I've heard there have been 2
slayings...But I've heard this from WKS, so..'

Rafe looks at Vix with worried eyes.

Rob tells you, 'Er, catatonic, rather.'

Vix picks up the end of Rafe's fluffy, feather boa, then wiggles it
under his nose.

Rafe's nose twitches, and he starts to smile.

Vix whispers to you, 'I'm not scared of him at all. You shouldn't be

You say, 'I, I suppose I sh,shouldn't worry about it.'

Vix whispers to you, 'Why does he make you nervous?'

Rafe jumps at Vix's question and looks nervously around the plaza.

You whisper to Vix, 'I, I don,don, don't know.'

Rafe waves meekly at Nia. His face is shiny with sweat, and his eyes are

Nia waves at you.

Rafe looks back at Vix. 'I just, ... I mean, he,he, uh...

Rafe trips over his tongue as confusion overcomes him.

Rafe takes a deep breath, then continues. 'It's hi,his eyes, I think.

Vix nods.

Rafe is on a roll, now. 'And th,the way he, he moved.

You say, 'And, and, uh...'

Rafe spreads his hands in a gesture of helplessness at Vix.

Vix sighs.

Vix pats Rafe's hand gently, her dark eyes full with sympathy.

Rafe takes another deep breath and begins to relax.

Rafe glimpses the smooshed toy in his hand. He opens his fist to inspect
the damage to the binky baby iguana.

Rafe looks up at Vix and smiles. 'I didn't break it, after all.

Vix is unable to control the small smile playing around the corners of
her mouth as she also inspects the abused little bean bag.

Vix says, 'But you sure did a number on it...'

Rafe nods and smiles.