=================== Rafe takes downers, then the Duck appears ===========

Rafe dances around in celebration.

Rafe is a dancing machine.

Rafe dances wildly around the plaza.

Rafe bounces impatiently.

Rafe holds up his Sailor Moon figure for everyone to admire.

Rafe beams happily and begins humming the Sailor Moon theme music.

Rafe dances around with Sailor Moon.

[Sanosuke tells Rafe to calm the hell down]

Rafe gets a pill bottle from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe opens a pill bottle and takes two yellow pills from it.

Rafe eats two yellow pills.

Sanosuke asks, 'tasty?'

You nod.

You say, 'I'll be better, soon.'

Rafe grins maniacally.

Sanosuke asks, 'ahh...good shit huh?'

You bounce around.

You ask, 'You want some?'

Sanosuke shakes his head.

Rafe rubs his tummy. 'Mmm. Good!'

You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.

You get a cheap plastic action figure from a nylon hockey bag.

You grab ahold of a cheap plastic action figure.

Rafe shows you his Captain Amazing figure.

Rafe makes Captain Amazing fly around the plaza, saving the universe.

You sigh.

Sanosuke asks, 'what's wrong?'

Rafe collapses on the ground.

Rafe whimpers quietly from his spot on the concrete.

Sanosuke grabs ahold of a shovel.

Rafe whispers, 'drugs....'

Sanosuke nods.

Rafe sighs and rolls over onto his back, staring at the sky.

You lick your lips.

Sanosuke digs a hole in the ground.

Rafe props himself up on one elbow, to watch Sanosuke's digging.

Sanosuke shovel is dented from the hard concrete.

Sanosuke pouts.

Vix arrives from the north.

Vix tickles you.

You giggle.

Rafe rolls around on the concrete.

Rafe giggles hysterically, holding his sides.

Vix smiles at you.

Vix says, 'Silly...'

Vix ruffles your hair playfully.

Rafe bounces around s.l.o.w.l.y... The drugs must be kicking in.

Sanosuke says, 'good shit'

Someone smacks you upside the head.

You pout.

Rafe rubs his head.

A wardog has arrived.

A wardog licks you.

Rob looks at a wardog.

A wardog leaves.

Rob laughs.

Sanosuke says, 'okay'

Rafe giggles at his hallucinations.

Rob doesn't ask.

You point at nothing in particular.

Vix smiles at you.

A duck arrives from the south.

Vix looks at a duck.

You point at it.

A duck looks at Vix.

Vix tickles a duck.

A duck pecks Vix on the toe.

Vix gasps.

Vix points at a duck.

Sanosuke looks at a duck.

A duck cocks his eye widely. 'Watch the finger, lady.'

Rafe giggles and falls to the ground.
Vix pats a duck.

A duck raises a wing threateningly.

Rob snickers.

Sanosuke cringes.

Rafe rolls around on the concrete, laughing hysterically.

A duck looks sideways at Rafe. 'Whatta you laughing at, tubby?'

Vix points at you.
Vix giggles.

Rafe laughs even harder, unable to speak.

A duck asks, 'Ain't never seen a talking duck before, dipstick?'

Neil arrives from below.

Neil looks at a duck.

Vix says, 'I love this duck. What a sweetie...'

You say, 'I.... I....'

A duck looks at Neil.

l duck
Cute, white and fluffy...one of the few birds which breeds well enough
on its own to make it a worthwhile addition to the park.

You exclaim, 'I wu.. wasn't laughing at you!'

Sanosuke says, 'roast duck'

Neil smacks Sanosuke upside the head.

Neil says, 'No.'

Rob asks, 'Howard? Is that you, Howard?'

Sanosuke growls.

A duck looks sharply at Sanosuke. 'Yeah, try it, tinkerbell, and you'll be swiss
 cheese before you know it.'

Rafe pants and manages to stop laughing for a minute.

A duck points a stubby wing at the cannons.

Vix says, 'Smart duck...'

Neil smirks.

A duck sits down and rests.

Neil pets the duck.

Rafe gets up on his hands and knees and crawls towards the duck.

You whisper to a duck, 'Are you real?'

Rafe rubs one hand over his eyes, smearing his eyeliner.

Vix raises an eyebrow at Rafe, then turns her attention back to the duck.

Rafe blinks quickly, trying to focus on the duck.

Rafe crawls closer to the duck and sniffs it.

Sanosuke says, 'down boy'

Vix gasps.

Vix exclaims, 'Rafe!'

Rafe turns to look at Vix. 'What?'

Rafe blinks.

You ask, 'Do you see the duck, too?'

Vix says, 'Stop sniffing that duck.'

Rafe pouts and looks hurt.

Vix comforts you.

Vix says, 'Ducks aren't for sniffing.'

Sanosuke nods.

Rafe sits back on his butt and stops sniffing the duck.

Sanosuke asks, 'where is the wardog?'

Rafe looks longingly at the duck.

Neil says, 'If you wish it hard enough it'll come.'

Vix says, 'They relieve stress, you know.'

Vix points at a duck.

You ask, 'How do ducks relieve stress?'

Vix pets the duck lovingly, then laughs.

Vix says, 'Like that.'

Rafe's eyes get very large, and he nods as if he's just been told some great pie
ce of wisdom.

Neil asks, 'where are all the gerbils?'

Rafe looks in his pants for spare gerbils.

Sanosuke giggles.

You say, 'Sorry, Neil. No gerbils.'

You shrug.

You OOC: I've had enough duck lovin' for one afternoon. Must scram. Love you all
, hope I don't see you for the rest of the weekend!

You stand up.

You bounce around.

Ezra OOCs: Duck lovin'?

Rafe licks everyone in turn.

You OOC: Aww, you missed the duck lovin? Don't worry. you can rent the video, la
ter this month.