===================== 8-9 Duff meets Rob ======================

You are using:
<Head> a derby
<Eyes> some mascara
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet> a pair of 20 hole boots
<Held> a walking stick

Rob arrives from the west.

Rob looks at you.
You wave at Rob.

A powerfully built young man, an almost tangent
aura of condescension about him. Golden blond hair
worn longish and shaggy, green eyes a bit too bright, snarl
eternally etched on his face.

Rob is using:
<Torso> a t-shirt
<About Body> a leather gang trenchcoat
<Legs> a pair of jeans
<Feet> a pair of moccasin boots

Rob smiles.

Duff tilts his head to one side, a smirk on his young face. He taps the tip of his cane against his derby, in a mock salute.

Rob whispers to you, 'Pretend you don't know me... pretend I'm not around. Mussst pretend to ressspectability, for the day...'

Duff has difficulty hiding his frustration.

You whisper to Rob, 'Why? I have a, a date.'

Duff grins maliciously.

Rob nods.

Rob whispers to you, 'I asssssume that you ssspoke with Azander, then?'

You whisper to Rob, 'No, not recently...'

Rob whispers to you, 'Very well... do not let me keep you from your... roundssss. You misssssed nothing... I sssimply have not ssspoken with him lately.'

Duff clenches and unclenches his fists rythmically.

Duff gets a faraway look in his eyes and wanders off.

===================== 8-9 Duff attacks Megumi ===========================

Nexus Plaza
Remy is standing here.
Tman is resting here.
Neflite is standing here.
Megumi is standing here.

Duff strolls into the plaza, swinging a cane.

Megumi heaves a sigh, wondering at her bad luck.

Duff passes his eyes once over the crowd, then settles them on the dark-haired girl.

l megumi
Black hair billows about Megumi like a cloud. Her disturbingly pale green eyes have a far-away look in them, as though she were always in another world. Her voice is soft and her skin is a creamy pale.

Megumi wearily leans against a nearby building.

Megumi asks, 'Don't you ever learn?'

Duff takesa few steps towards Megumi, not hurrying.

You say, 'Look who we have here! The littlest pet...'

Megumi shakes her head sadly, reflecting on how she'd never met a more masochist person...

Megumi says, 'I'm not a pet.'

Megumi says, 'Just as you are not a man.'

Duff's lips pull back in a sneer as he looks up and down Megumi's body.

Megumi slaps him roughly.

Duff continues walking up to Megumi.

Megumi says, 'There is a viewing fee, I hope you know.'

Duff raises the hand which doesn't hold the cane. 'I wouldn't be too uppity, if I were you' Duff reaches out to Megumi's throat with his hand.

Duff leans in close to Megumi's face, breathing quickly.

Megumi grabs his arm and digs one sharp nail into his wrist. "Do not touch me, never touch me." She casually but roughly tosses his arm aside.

Megumi knees him generously in the gut.

Duff is stronger than Megumi, and he allows her to dislodge his hand, then presses it against the wall behind her, trapping her before him.

Megumi feels her body tense and starts shaking with anger. "RELEASE ME."

Duff's face flushes, and his breaths become more shallow. He licks his full lips and grins crookedly as the pain spreads through him.

Duff leans forward until his nose almost touches hers. 'Honey, I've been waiting to catch you alone. I'm not gonna give up, now.'

Duff licks the tip of Megumi's nose.

Megumi begins to breathe hard and growls, "Neflite...Would you be so kind as to assist me?"

Duff snickers

Duff looks closely at Megumi's face, each side of it. He pausues to sniff her hair.

You say, 'Mmmmm. I do believe I've outdone myself this time. You will be quite a prize.'

Megumi smashes her head into Duff's, delighting in the pain blossoming from the loud cracking sound.

Duff winks one mascara'd eye at Megumi

You shake your head.

Duff takes an uneven step back from Megumi

Duff's face flushes, and his breaths become more shallow. He licks his full lips and grins crookedly as the pain spreads through him.

Neflite grabs Duff by the shoulder and spins him around roughly.

Duff raises one eyebrow sarcastically at Neflite. 'Yes, dear?'

Duff taps Neflite on the shoulder with his cane.

Neflite laughs.

Rob arrives from the east.

Neflite says, 'She obviously doesn't care for your presence, I suggest you leave.'

Rob quietly slips into the Plaza, looking for all the world like just another citizen.

Megumi begins to waver slighly, but looks over at Neflite, pale green eyes flashing bright.

Duff rolls his eyes at Neflite. 'Look, son, you don't get it, do you...

Neflite says, 'There is nothing -to- get, now leave.'

Duff grins maliciously. 'I don't *care* if she wants it or not.

You exclaim, 'that's the point!'

You snicker.

Neflite says, 'Well *I* do.'

Duff taps Neflite in the center of his chest with his cane.

You say, 'Fuck'

You say, 'Off'

Megumi walks unsteadily over towards Duff, stumbling a few times along the way. She summons up the rest of her strength and punches his face as hard as she can, attempting to break his nose.

Duff leaps at Megumi, and tries to throw her to the ground.

Neflite jumps to intercept Duff.

Megumi collapses into a heap, exhausted.

You exclaim, 'You crazy...!'

Duff pants hard, his face flushed.

Symon arrives from below.

Duff rubs his bloody face all over Megumi's face, smearing blood on her.

You laugh.

Megumi falls forward, barely conscious. "Fuck...you..."

Duff laughs raucously.

Nexus Plaza
A Medipod silently scans for signs of injury or death.
Symon is resting here.
Rob is standing here.
Tman is resting here.
Lara is standing here.
Neflite is resting here.
Megumi is standing here.

Megumi feels a shudder go through her and loses consciousness.

Duff looks up at the medipod, then back at Megumi.

Rob quietly says, 'I think that was the general idea...'

Katlyn arrives from the south.

Duff sits up quickly.

A Medipod leaves east.

Duff reaches over to pet Megumi's hair.

Rob wanders over to a bench and sits down, studying his hands as he cracks his knuckles slowly.

Katlyn scans the plaza with darkly grey eyes, her helmet con crackling softly under the sound of the crowd.

Rob looks at Katlyn.

Duff mutters, 'sooo soft.' He shakes his head slowly in fascination.

Megumi twitches so faintly, fighting within her mind for awareness.

Duff strokes Megumi's hair, almost in a trance.

Neflite picks Duff up away from her, snarling.

Duff jumps at Neflite and yells, 'Fuck OFF!'

Katlyn pivots quickly, the sound of pain reaching her ears.

Duff waves his cane menacingly in the air.

Rob looks up, watching the conflict and smiling slightly. 'And now, the heroics...'

Katlyn tilts her face slowly downward, diamond eyes catching Megumi's prosrate form.

Duff rubs the back of his hand under his bloody nose.

Katlyn flashes her gaze up to Duff, a tight blink as she begins to stalk through the plaza, whispering into her helmet com.

Duff's eyes light up when he sees how much blood is on his face and hand.

l katlyn
Enormous grey eyes sparkle faintly with a mixture of mirth and half hidden pain, silvery blonde hair falling in a haloed cloud to frame petite ivory features. Her smile curves softly, somehow telling of girlish innocence lost, tragic.

Katlyn is using:
<Head> a NAERT turnout helmet
<Neck> metal Sergeant chevrons
<Torso> a navy blue EMT jumpsuit
<Outer Torso> a NAERT body armor vest
<Feet> a pair of turnout boots
<Held> a NAERT badge

[NAERT = New Aurora Emergency Response Team]

Duff licks the blood off the back of his hand and closes his eyes in bliss.

Katlyn ICs: *radio to Dispatcher* I have a possible 11-6 in Nexus. Do you copy?

Duff scoffs, 'Well, she's not much good to me, now.'

An ASA dispatcher ICs: *radios* 10-4, unit 204. do you require assistance?

Megumi faintly twitches again.

You say, 'I'll have to see her later, I guess.'

South Hatan