Note: In this roleplay, there are several relevant behind-the-scenes conversations that I left in. They are on the Gtell (group tell) channel or the Tell channel. Both are private, so the others in the room can't hear them. I've placed them in italics to help make the distinction.

========== Duff and Az team up on Liam =========(9-21)

l duff
Crew-cut red hair frames a baby face with pale green eyes. Duff is a
graceful, good-looking young man, but clearly high-strung.
When he's not sneering or laughing, an expression of distaste purses his lips.
<Head> a derby
<Eyes> some mascara
<Neck> a chain collar
<About Body> a day-glo orange jumpsuit
<Feet> a pair of 20 hole boots
<Held> a walking stick

l azander
This man's face is hidden behind a black mask as well as the hood of his cloak. His eyes peer out at you, and it's easy to see there's an intensity behind them. He quickly averts his gaze as something else draws his attention from you.
<Head> an elastic ponytail holder
<Face> a mask
<Eyes> a silver ring
<Ears> a pair of golden earrings
<Neck> a ring of thorns tattoo
<Neck> a gorget
<Torso> a longsleeve fishnet shirt
<About Body> a hooded cloak
<Waist> a rattlesnake belt
<Arms> a mystical tattoo
<Forearms> a tattoo of a dragon
<Right Wrist> a spiked bracelet
<Left Wrist> a spiked bracelet
<Hands> a pair of kevlar gloves
<Legs> a pair of dark leather pants
<Lower Legs> some shin guards
<Feet> a pair of alligator-skin boots

Azander gtells, 'You head south, I'll come in from East Cwelan. Let's hit Dinah. :P'
You gtell, 'who's she?'
Azander gtells, 'Our target. >:)'
You gtell, 'you think we oughta tell her, make it consensual?'
Azander gtells, 'Yeah, that'd be a good idea.'
Azander gtells, 'Well... we can always nag Liam. >:)'
You gtell, 'she has to leave soon. <sighs>'
Azander gtells, 'Then Liam it is.'
You gtell, 'should I tell him? He deserves it, I think...'
Azander gtells, 'Nah, he'll know who we are. :)'

Nexus Plaza
Above this sprawling plaza at the center of the city, a network of massive
skyscrapers rockets domeward, linked with a tangle of bridges, tunnels and a latticework elevator system as they compete with each other in their questfor heaven. Between them, a gleaming chrome spire launches itself from fourmatching phoenixes at the exact center of the square, stretching beyond the confines of the city dome. Two wide staircases descend into the bowels of the earth towards the subterranean railway system. Holograms and advertisements call out from all directions, creating a sense of claustrophobia despite the fact that this wide-open plaza is at least five hundred feet across.
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.
Liam is standing here.
Dinah is sitting here.

You gtell, 'I'm in here...'

Azander arrives from the east.

Duff strolls into the plaza, swinging his cane back and forth like a pendulum. He hums tunelessly and looks around at the occupants of the plaza.

Azander walks into the Plaza, and fluidly becomes a part of the pedestrian congestion: disappearing and reappearing as the crowd grows and shrinks in waves.

Liam's form seems calm yet stiff in his motions. A swift glance to Dinah, brings a slow quirk of his eyebrow to view, 'Uhm...Yes, I do...'

l liam
Dark brown orbs scan calmly as blonde hair shadows them with an unsettling
effect. His presence can be felt as he passes you although he doesn't
appear a threat with his childish features save for the large staff in hand.
<Neck> metal Private chevrons
<Torso> an Auroran BDU shirt
<Arms> cloth Private chevrons
<Legs> some Auroran BDU pants
<Feet> some combat boots

l dinah
Slightly under average height and strikingly pale, this young woman eyes
her surroundings with a bit of distrust. There is a glimmer in her nearly
predatory gaze that could only be deemed one of ambition.
<Eyes> some mirrorshades
<Torso> a feathered dress
<About Body> a small purse
<Waist> a chain belt
<Feet> a pair of six-inch heels
<Held> the current issue of Mercenary

Dinah pursues this line of questioning without hesitation. 'And what is it? If you don't mind me asking, of course.'

Jacobin arrives from the north.

Duff catches sight of a young man in military gear, and he smirks.

Jacobin looks around at the croud.

Jacobin notices Azander and leans against a sign post, smiling.

Duff wanders over towards Liam with a hard look on his face.

Terek arrives from the south.

Jacobin says, 'Last time I walked into this it was entertaining.'

Liam shrugs at the woman, simply motioning over his uniform, 'Why, I'm enlisted in the Auroran Military, ma'am...'

Azander pulls the hood of his cloak lower to cover his face even more and then pulls the sides of the cloak around his body. He raises his head a bit as he looks at Jacobin as he circles the Plaza a bit. He offers no response.

Terek glances about the plaza, he looks over at Jacobin, smiles a moment at his friend then turns to the other people within the plaza, looking over at Liam, he smirks, shake his head, and sits down on a bench near him.

Dinah clears her throat slightly, nodding. 'I see.'

Duff raises his cane to the brim of his derby in a mock salute. 'Well, well. If it isn't a baby-killer.' He grins maliciously.

You glare at Liam.

Terek smirks as he hears Duff's retort to Liam.

Dinah glances toward Duff and Azander.

Azander chuckles coldly as he continues to follow the flow of traffic around the Plaza, but with each pass around, he gets closer and closer to the pool.

Terek cross his arms in front of his chest, closing his eyes a moment, he sighs, then opens them to look up at the dome which filters the cloudy sky above.

Duff gives Liam a look of mock concern. 'Oh, no. Did I interrupt your conversation with the young lady? Were you telling her your war stories?' He laughs unpleasantly and leers at Dinah.

Azander gtells, 'Don't fight in the Plaza. We'll fall back and lure them into an alley. :)'
You gtell, 'I dunno if that'll work. only words, though. only words.'

Liam retains an emotionless expression, ignoring Duff with great ease. His calm demeanor shows as he finds a bench and slowly lowers himself to it.

Dinah lifts a brow, murmuring unsettledly to her self.

Terek laughs coldly, looking over at Duff, his eyes glare at the mentat, staring into him with the hatred of one so unloved as he makes himself to be within his mind.

Duff takes a step towards Liam and leans in, pointing his cane at Liam's chest. 'I was talking to *you*, son.'

Terek tilts his head, an amused look coming to his eyes while his lips turn to a smirk.

Liam tells you, '(grin) Hope yer a mentat or something of that nature cause yer gonna be sorry :P'

Jacobin tries not to stare while he pays attention.

Azander gets closer towards the pool, but stops his circling as he makes a course correction and heads towards Duff and Liam, letting go of his cloak as the rest of his wardrobe becomes visible.

Dinah blatently watches the situation at this point.

Liam glances up slowly to Duff, dark brown eyes calm and unsettling as he gazes into his eyes.

Duff matches Liam's gaze dead on, not blinking. His lip curls slightly.

Terek glances over at Azander, he smiles and nods in recognition, then looks back over to Duff, Liam and Dinah, his leather-clad arms still pulled around his body, while the fishnet meshes against it, he stands, and walks over to them.

Jacobin thinks for a moment.

Dinah lowers her glasses to observe this spectacle.

Duff's tongue slips out to moisten his lips, and he leans in another inch, not breaking the stare.

Azander chuckles and returns the nod with a mock bow towards Terek, but still keeping his pace, stopping as he finally gets to his destination.

Terek coughs a moment, looking each of them over, he tilts his head, looking down at Duff, smirks and says, "I wouldn't fight a military man, kid."

Liam simply nods to Duff, leaning back on his bench in what looks like a moment of concetration and relaxation. His eyes then return to Duff, still emotionless.

Kain arrives from the west.

Duff keeps his gaze on Liam, but says, 'Oh, but they're the best kind. Because without orders, they're...' He sneers, 'nothing.'

Azander chuckles a bit more as he hisses out his words. 'Only if you're a great goth may you be so bold as to stupidly walk into a fight, huh?' He flashes a wicked grin towards Terek.

Duff taps Liam on the chest with the tip of his cane when he says 'nothing.'

Jacobin smiles cheerfully at Terek and Azander's exchange.

Liam smiles at Duff, dark eyes growing cold in his expressionless face.

Liam tells you, '(A pain begins to throb with in your head, slight at first but then grows into a devastating migraine)'

Azander puts his hands on the back of the bench and leans down towards the back of Liam's head, whispering into his ear.

Azander whispers something to Liam.

Duff raises an eyebrow and glares angrily at Liam. 'So,' he whispers, 'It's gonna be like that, is it?'

You tell Liam, 'I am a mentat. It's not working. I'm giving it back to you, though that won't work, either.'

Liam turns to Azander, calmly regarding him.Then he returns his gaze back to Duff.

Terek throws a glance to Azander, he smirks, then turns his hateful gaze back to Duff, slitting his eyes as he looks at him.

Liam tells you, 'How much training have you had?'
You tell Liam, 'enough. this is IC, not ooc, so levels don't count. I wouldn't rely on it, tho.'
Liam tells you, 'Liam has been tested and train out the ass. In some cases strong mentats can override the CNS of others.'

Duff curses softly under his breath, beads of sweat appearing on his brow. His face flushes with anger and exertion.

Azander looks at Duff for a moment and then back to Liam, his tounge sliding out of the mouth-hole of the mask. He goes to lick Liam's ear.

Vix arrives from the north.

Azander gtells, 'VIX! VIX!!!!!!!!!'
You gtell, 'mmm. we could go for her, I suppose... <nods>'

Terek smirks haughtily at Duff, he reaches out a hand to rest upon the mentat's shoulder, saying, "Don't strain yourself, little one." He laughs mercilessly at him, shaking his head.

Liam grimaces and then turns his attention away from Duff, dark eyes regarding Azander with an icy gaze.

Azander grins darkly and widely at Liam. 'Might I have some too?' His face mocks puppy dog eyes, a pleading expression. 'Pretty please? With sugar on top?'

Duff shrugs Terek's hand off his shoulder and turns angrily to face him. 'Fuck off, you bastard. I wasn't talking to your sorry ass!' He glares at Terek.

Vix walks into the plaza slowly, her heels clicking sharply on the pavement. She keeps her eyes on the ground, seemingly lost in thought.

l terek
Black hair streaked with blue frames a face dominated by icy blue eyes, eternally staring within. Taller than most goths, his gray skin contrasts sharply with his hair.
<Eyes> a silver ring
<Neck> an inverted ankh necklace
<Neck> a quartz pentacle necklace
<Torso> a longsleeve fishnet shirt
<About Body> an oilskin duster
<Right Wrist> electrical tape
<Left Wrist> electrical tape
<Legs> a pair of shiny leather pants
<Lower Legs> a "Remember Seattle" tattoo
<Feet> Urban Commando(tm) boots

Jacobin stifles a slight snicker.

Dinah huffs at all this language.

Terek snickers, he smirks once more, which turns to a little grin, making him bare his fangs, "Really now. Well, it seems you were trying something." He shrugs, his eyes mocking Duff silently with a strange mirth and glee.

Duff looks up and down Terek, sneering disdainfully.

Liam grins at Azander, unsettling dark eyes peering through him.

Terek stretches his back muscles, standing on tip-toes, and moves his neck to the side, causing it to crack. He smirks down from his six foot five perch, shaking his head slightly as his lips match Duff's sneer.

Azander grimaces a bit as his eyes roll back some. He levels his gaze at Liam as he starts to sweat a bit. 'More... show me the pain I want to show you, little one.' He licks his lips in a sensual way towards Liam.

Dinah gradually begins glancing over the magazine yet again.

Duff glares around the plaza and spies a pretty girl. His eyebrows raise and he turns away from Terek with a shrug.

l vix
Shaggy, boyishly cut hair hanging below her ears, Vix peers at you with dark, onyx eyes. She scans you for a moment, her body stiff with distrust.
She smiles sweetly to the ones she knows, cooly passes her gaze over the others.
<Face> some lipstick
<Eyes> some mascara
<Ears> a lily
<Neck> a silver bat necklace
<Neck> a crystal necklace
<Torso> a silk dress
<Right Wrist> a Switch watch
<Left Wrist> a spiked bracelet
<Hands> a turquoise ring
<Legs> some lacy panties
<Lower Legs> silk stockings
<Feet> a pair of six-inch heels

You tell Vix, 'it's you, dear.'

Terek smirks gleefully as he eyes Vix as well, and eyes Duff's obvious interest in her.

Jacobin blinks slowly and shakes his head sadly.

Duff taps Azander thoughtlessly on his shoulder with his cane. He inclines his head towards Vix when he has Az's attention.

Azander gtells, 'When you're a serial killer, sometimes pain's all you got'
You gtell, 'it's a droog's life...'
You gtell, 'why is everyone so... mean to us? <whines droogishly>'
Azander gtells, 'We can stir up a crowd and are actually dangerous unlike others like to think they are.'

Liam grimaces at Azander's reaction, shaking his head.

Vix allows her body to stiffen as she feels the eyes on her, then turns her head in a sharp, quick motion.

Vix looks at you.

Duff licks his lips and takes a step towards Vix so he can get a better look at her. He lets his eyes travel slowly up and down her form before pausing at her face.

Azander levels his eyes at Liam and doesn't move, starring at him with intense, pink eyes that are rather unsettling. 'Is... is... is that the... the.. best you have... l... li... little one?'

Liam stands from his seat slowly, still tuned with Azander.although he doesn't seem affected and very much aware of his surroundings.

Azander leans down to Liam.

Azander whispers something to Liam.

Liam smiles lovingly to Azander, 'Of course not, friend..' as Liam speaks he reaches to touch Azander's shoulder.

Duff walks slowly towards Vix and begins swinging his cane like a pendulum. He hums cheerfully, but his face is twisted with anger and something else.

Azander grimaces and even flinches a bit, but he keeps himself lowered. One of his arms reaching around to wrap itself around Liam's shoulder.

Vix peers at Duff suspiciously, her eyes suddenly narrowed. She gives him a quick once over, then turns her head in disinterest.

Duff laughs sharply and continues towards Vix. 'C'mon, baby... You know you want me.' He grins mischievously.

Terek sighs a little, watching the surrounding actions play out, he drops down onto a bench, looking at the other people within the plaza, he sighs once more, glancing his eyes down to the plaza floor.

Terek snickers when he hears this, he looks up at Duff and shakes his head lightly.

Dinah slips out of the Plaza.

Liam grimaces at Azander, stepping away from him, 'Be gone...'

Liam tells Azander ( the pain eases slightly only to give way to shorter and shorter breaths of air as you find yourself struggling to breath)

Vix turns and scoffs, hardly able to control her laughter. Her voice is cold, and dripping with sarcasm. 'My, aren't you a slick one?'

Liam turns his attention from Azander and begins to approach Duff.

Jacobin, still taking in the scene, chuckles to himself.

Terek laughs, shaking his head, while watching Duff.

Duff cocks his head to one side and steps up close to Vix. 'Oh, you'd better believe it. I'll show you slick, honey.'

You lick your lips.

Terek rolls his eyes, he glances over at Jacobin with an amused smile.

Jacobin narrows his eyes slightly, then looks toward Terek and smiles.

Liam reaches Duff and settles his hand on his shoulder, 'I wouldn't recommend that...'

Liam tells you, '(You suddenly find yourself mentally struggling with Liam)'

Duff leans in closer to Vix and makes a show of sniffing the air. 'Is that your perfume, or are you just happy to see me?' He grins crookedly.

Vix rolls her eyes, then turns up her nose in disgust. 'Please, Mr...Whatever your name is, do yourself a favor. Leave me alone.'

Jacobin looks at Vix.

Terek sighs a bit, he stands up and makes his way over to Duff, then leans over to him.

Duff suddenly gets a pained look on his face and bites his lower lip until it begins to bleed.

Azander seems to almost hyperventilate a bit and regains his normal breathing rate in a few moments as he turns towards Duff and the people around him.

Terek whispers to you, 'Leave Vix alone.. I don't suggest you continue these actions.'

Duff closes his eyes for a moment, his head down, as if summoning all his strength.

Liam grimaces with an intent glare on Duff.

Liam tells you, '(You begin to sink out of reality as Liam drags you into a state of mental struggle)'

Jacobin shakes his head in bemusement.

Vix motions towards Terek, making a slight dismissive gesture. 'There, I'm sure he's told you what a bitch I am...You should listen to him.'

Jacobin raises an eyebrow at the last comment.

Azander walks towards Liam moving behind him with a swift motion he goes to push Liam to break his concentration.

Duff breathes raggedly and slowly stands up straighter.

Terek glares sullenly, he looks over at Vix, shakes his head, "No.. I told him to leave you alone.." He turns back to Duff, and aims a kick into his stomach in order to break his concentration as well.

Duff lets out all his breath at once and slumps to the ground.

Liam falls forward,grumbling loudly. His mental status goes tattered but not unbroken. He turns to Azander with a glare, 'What do you want of me?'

Terek smirks, "Damn people don't listen sometimes." He shakes his head, mocking disdain as he looks down on Duff.

Duff looks up from his hands and knees, blood running from his lip and a manic grin on his face.

Vix leans over slightly, in order to get a better view of Azander. She glares at him, her eyes glowing with anger.

Vix looks at Azander.

Duff slowly licks the blood from his lip and chuckles quietly. 'Oh, my. You are a bad boy, aren't you?' He grins up at Terek.

Jacobin unfolds his arms, touches his lip with a finger in thought, then leans back against the pole.

Azander chuckles at Liam before turning his attention to Terek and a smirk on his face. 'My, my. The poster child for abortion clinics gets violent. Why should we have expected less?'

Azander levels his arm towards Terek and points at him. 'Tsk, tsk. You're such the murderer, child.'

Terek snickers, which changes to a sigh, he looks over at Azander, then at Liam, "Oh, and you're different, you clayface freak? Ah I didn't know that serial killers were non-violent."

Kain slowly stands, watching the agruement.

Duff props himself up on his cane, shaking his head slowly. He trembles from the pain, but his face indicates that he enjoys it.

Liam sighs lightly, a calm aura still present as he glares at Azander, 'I will not give you another warning...'

Azander lowers his hand as he just grins. 'We've been through this before. You take the word of a baby killer at face value.' He shrugs. 'It doesn't surprise me independent thought escapes you.'

Duff wipes a bit of blood off his mouth with the back of his hand, glances at the blood, then licks it off his hand with a sigh.

Jacobin sighs.

Terek smiles down at the morph, he shrugs, "It doesn't surprise me that intelligent thought escapes you, my friend."

Terek turns his eyes back to Duff. The Goth tilts his head slightly to the left, watching him curiously as his arms fold in front of his chest.

Duff takes a step towards Azander. He spits towards Liam and mutters, 'baby killer.' His eyes shine.

Jacobin rubs his temples and walks over to Kain, then leans close to him.

Jacobin whispers something to Kain.

Kain turns his head and smiles at Jacobin.

Kain whispers something to Jacobin.

Azander lowers his head a bit and rubs his temple as he turns and walks towards the pool. 'Such laughter I dine on, child...' He laughs at Terek's comment, a tired laugh. 'You're so inept, goth. Just like the rest of your kind. If it wasn't for your kind, the world would be a better place. Your mother should've swalled you instead of letting you grow inside of her.'

Terek sighs, "If it wasn't for my kind you wouldn't be around, crup."

Liam recomposes himself and stands once again with an emotionless expresion.He simply shakes his head, 'So be it..'

Vix rubs her head with her hands, then holds it there for a few moments. She closes her eyes and ears to the situation surrounding her, then turns her back to everyone slowly.

Jacobin pauses for a moment and leans back to Kain.

A massive dog arrives from the north.

Duff takes another step towards Azander and Liam, a smile spreading on his face. 'You asked what we want, didn't you, baby killer? Do you really want to know?'

Azander looks over at Liam with a glare in his eye. He turns sharply to Terek and nods, his words dry. 'You have only your kind to blame for the likes of me.' He turns and heads southward.

Azander leaves south.

Terek shrugs, "Do I really care?" He calls after Azander, then looks over at Duff and Liam, he tilts his head slightly, wondering what Duff may do to him, if anything.

Liam sighs lightly as Azander runs out of range, smirking as he turns back to Duff.

Kain looks around, 'What was that all about?'

A massive dog glares around cooly.

Jacobin shrugs slightly, "Too much testosterone."

Duff moves in closer to Liam and speaks softly. 'We want ...

Azander arrives from the south.

Duff pauses and raises one eyebrow.

Liam pushes a hand to Duff's chest, stepping backwards.

Azander walks back in from South Hatan, removing his gloves and heading straight towards Liam.

Kain leaves north.

Duff looks at Liam with mock concern. 'What? You don't really want to know?'

Jacobin sighs and find a bench to sit on.

Terek looks over to Azander, smirking, shaking his head.

Liam senses Azander's fast approach and turns to him calmly.

Duff licks his lip and glances at a massive dog.

l dog
Standing on all four paws, this massive dog poses proudly, nearly eye level
with you. Muscles ripple visibly underneath its thick silver and black fur,
and clear blue eyes hold your gaze with every indication of intelligence.
<Neck> a leather dog collar

Jacobin looks at his watch then looks around.

Jacobin shrugs and opens a newspaper.

A massive dog looks at you.

A massive dog says, 'Wuff.'

Azander grins at Liam as he throws back his hood, his blonde-to-white hair in a ponytail waving about his shoulders.

Duff whispers at Liam, 'We want to see you... elsewhere. We could have a nice chat, the three of us, in the dirtwalk.'

Terek ponders this a moment and looks over at Duff, "He probably called you an asshole, and I'd have to agree."

Terek grins over at the doggie.

You OOC: I can't emote with a dog woofing at me!

Jacobin digs in his pockets and gets out an individually wrapped spicy beef snack.

Jacobin opens the snack and holds it toward the doggie, "Want a treat boy?"

A massive dog perks his ears at the prospect of spiced beef. He wanders over to Jacobin, ever wary. Nose twitching, he reaches forward for the food.

Azander invades Liam's personal space before stopping, pink eyes, wide with insanity, staring directly into his calm, brown eyes. A grin etches itself across his face sharing the same insanity.

Duff gives Azander a meaningful look and rubs his lip with the back of his hand.

Liam scowls at Azander, his lips pursing with irritation, 'Please leave me be...'

Vix rolls her eyes, then mutters quietly, 'I've had about enough of this...'

Jacobin smiles and holds the now not wrapped spicy beef treat out.

Duff hums a tune and focuses his manic smile on Liam.

Terek glances over at Vix, he smiles at her, then focuses his attention on the dog and Jacobin, smiling a little happily.

Duff reaches out with one hand and ruffles Liam's hair. He cocks his head to the side and blinks.

A massive dog snatches the beef treat hungrily.

Azander's body seems to start to move as if bugs were crawling underneath, the effects increasing rapidly as time passes by. It suddenly stops as Azander just smiles. 'The pain was much easier considering what I am, child.' He continues to stare.

Jacobin holds his hand for the doggie to sniff and smiles, "Good spicy beef treat, hmm.. doggie? that's a good boy."

Duff lower his voice and speaks with a sing-song tone, 'Whaddaya say, soldier-boy? Wanna go on leave with us?'

Terek yawns a little, he smiles, rubbing his eyes tiredly, he pulls his hands away from his face and shoves them into his pockets, he turns his head toward Duff and the rest, his smile fading to a frown, he says, "Leave him alone."

Vix makes her usual dimissive gesture towards the plaza, then brings her hands behind her back. She turns toward the north, then stares domeward. She speaks in a hushed voice, 'Since there shall be no discussion, today...'

A massive dog licks Jacobin's hand twice, either giving thanks or getting the last bit of flavor off his fingers. He snuffles around a bit, looking for more.

Duff rests his hand on Liam's head, and moves into his line of sight, grinning brightly.

Jacobin pauses and thinks, then pets the dog's head warily. He then reaches back into his pocket and produces a second beef stick.

Jacobin says, 'Only got two of'em boy, but you look hungry, so you can have it.'

Duff winks at Azander. 'Maybe he just needs orders? A more... structured approach...' He nods and hums a few bars.

Jacobin looks down at the doggie as he unwraps the individually packaged spicy beef treat.

Jacobin smiles and holds the treat out for the doggie.

Azander nods at Duff's words not breaking his gaze from Liam. 'Come on, child. Rape my mind like I'll rape your soul.'

A massive dog snarfs the second stick of beef hungrily, not even tasting it, most likely. His pink tongue snakes around his muzzle, catching any bits of juice left.

Liam closes his eyes for a moment, as if envisioning something. He opens his eyes slowly and shakes his head, 'I'm not going anywhere with you...

Liam tells you, 'I can now see everything you do behind my back...'
Liam tells you, 'Your electromagnetic field that is'

Jacobin smiles at the doggie and holds his empty hands out, "All gone, sorry don't have any more."

Azander shoves his gloves into the pockets of his pants and holds his arms down at his side.

Duff's face falls into a mask of insincere disappointment. 'Aww, and I was so looking forward to showing you my own, private boot camp.' He smirks.

A massive dog licks Jacobin's hand a few times, then sits on his haunches and glares over the plaza.

Terek sighs a little, he walks over to stand next to Liam, looking at the other two people, "Leave him alone, you don't have the need to fuck with him, so piss off, to the both of you." His eyes glare from morph to mentat.

Jacobin grins and scratches the massive doggie's ears, whispering soothing words of praise to him.

Azander waves off Terek insulting. 'Mind your own business and go kill sloppily like the rest who don't know the trade.' He continues to stare at Liam.

Duff's face brightens unnaturally. He appears positively gleeful. 'I tell you what! We'll give you a surprise inspection! Can't tell you when, because then it wouldn't be a surprise, right?'

Liam cooly snatches away from Duff and Azander, 'Now if you'll leave me be..' He edges further away and turns to go.

Jacobin absently pets the doggie and soothingly says to the massive canine, "I don't think Terek and Azander like one another."

Duff rests his hand on Az's shoulder.

A massive dog wherfs softly.

Vix watches the situation for a quick moment over her shoulder, then moves away from the crowd, her heels clicking in the same cold fashion as before. She stops short as a rude man bumps into her, then continues about her way.

Duff looks at Az. 'That'll be fun, huh?'

Terek smirks, shaking his head, "Ah, but this is my business, as that it happened while I was around, and I don't like to see people who haven't done anything to others messed with." He runs a clawed forefinger down Azander's chest, slitting his eyes.

Jacobin cocks and eyebrow and looks down at the doggie, "You don't either? Thanks for the reassurance." He then continues petting the dog.

Liam moves through the crowd to the other side of the plaza and down the steps.

Duff hisses at Azander, 'A surprise inspection. *Later!*' He shakes Az's shoulder roughly and frowns.

Azander looks over at Terek and smiles as he rubs his hand down Terek's arm. 'No, it had nothing to do with you, but because you can't accept what you do. You wish to be the hero to save the day while boasting about being the killer you're not.' He smiles and licks his lips to moisten them. He speaks quickly. 'Yes. I like the sound of that, droog.'

Vix leaves north.

Liam leaves down.

Jacobin looks puzzled then peers at the doggie he is petting to see if it has a collar and tag.

Duff rolls his eyes at Terek and scoffs, 'We don't need your petty heroics.'

Terek shakes his head sullenly, "I didn't boast of anything, in fact, I was making a joke to mock you, friend. And I don't wish to be the hero, in fact I don't really give a shit about you, him." He points to Duff, "or the babykiller."

Duff continues speaking to Terek in a sing-song voice, 'but since you're so concerned about being a hero... maybe you'd like a surprise inspection, just to keep you on your toes...' He winks suggestively at Terek.

Azander moves his hand down and goes to knock Terek's claw from his mask. 'And you lie.'

Azander turns and looks at the dog finally.

Jacobin smiles happily and says to the dog, as he pets it, "Are you Ziggy?"

Odessa walks quietly into the plaza, staying close to the shadows of the Americorp building, her grey eyes searching the crowds.

A massive dog exclaims, 'Woof!'

Duff gives Terek an appraising look and nods, licking his lips. He speaks to Az, 'Right, droog. We'll be busy these next few days, with inspections and all.'

Jacobin's eyes sparkle as he scratches the doggie, "Are you lost, Ziggy?"

A massive dog cocks his head.

Azander looks back at Terek as he lifts the hood of his cloak to cover his face. 'Simple. You think about it. What you say and what you did here.' He points to the ground.

Duff rolls his eyes at Terek and barks out angrily, 'Will you Fuck OFF!.' His face is flushed with anger.

Terek shrugs, his eyes still glaring down at the morph, "I have no reason to lie to a prick like you." He turns his gaze to Duff and smirks gleefully, "No, perhaps you should, my friend." He shakes his head, glancing over at Odessa.

Duff glares at Terek and breathes heavily, aware he's lost his cool. He snarls, 'We'll deal with you later, you can be sure of that.'

A massive dog blinks, smirking slightly.

Azander looks at Duff and shakes his head. 'No, unfortunately he doesn't know how to play hide and go fuck yourself. Come, let's go.' He motions to Duff to follow as he starts towards the dog, moving past it.

Terek laughs mercilessly at Duff.

Duff hums and swings his cane, a smug grin on his face.

Jacobin sighs and sits back on the bench, still petting the dog. He uses his free hand to open a cell phone and dial information.

Odessa leans back against the building, mild amusement in her calm grey eyes, her face expressionless.

Azander turns around and smirks at Terek. 'Learn to play the game before you decide to tell people how good you are, child. The only thing your blade will do is cut you.' He turns around and disappears into the crowd.

Azander leaves north.
You follow Azander.

[continued in part two]