========== Duane and the Fang (12-01-2001) ==============

Rio 'Alexei Tchenko'
Spyman 'Dwayne Coaste'
Jazz 'Maeveen'
Mystery 'Ona Matopeia'
SaintIgel 'Joel Dart'

Darts & Drinks
This bar is obviously a cheap attempt by the owner to renovate an apartment in order to make a few credits. A few rickety booths line one of the side walls while on the opposite side, two dartboards and a small chalkboard are available to keep the patrons entertained. A stereo system has been rigged up with some scrap wood and duct tape, though the poor lighting hides it well. The back end has the bar itself, several shelves lined with various choices in alcohol and behind that, a large baroque gilt-framed mirror hanging on the wall.


Alexei Tchenko:
Alex looks like a choirboy gone bad: pretty but somehow tainted. Long lashes frame green eyes under short, precisely gelled, dark brown hair. In his thirties with an average build, he moves with an easy, flexible grace, as if poised for sudden motion in any direction.
<Head> a baseball cap
<Ears> a silver ring
<Torso> a turtleneck
<About Body> a heavy brown leather coat
<Hands> some leather gloves
<Legs> a pair of jeans
<Feet> some scuffed leather shoes

Dwayne arrives from the north.

Dwayne Coaste staggers in, limping, grasping a wound in his side

A Fang member arrives from the north.
A Fang member says, 'Time to pay the piper, loser.'
A Fang member barely hurts Dwayne as he hits him.
Dwayne tries to slash a Fang member with a wakizashi, but his armor absorbs the damage.

Huge by most standards, this man holds a long pole in the crook of his arm. He leans against a wall, and watches the proceedings with a wary eye.
A Fang member is heavily wounded.
Dwayne Coaste:
Dwayne doesn't stand out in the crowd, it's a fluke your eyes fell on him. He stands well under 6 feet, but you can't tell exactly. He has a lighlt muscular build, despite a slightly lanky stature. He has shoulder length jet black hair that falls and flows gracefully, much like his clothing. His facial expression and minimized movements suggest a shy, timid personallity but a deep thinker with a big heart.
Dwayne is heavily wounded.
<Ears> a wireless headset
<Torso> a muscle shirt
<Hands> a pair of techgloves
<Legs> a pair of Recoil TripleX jeans
<Wielded> a wakizashi

Dwayne Coaste says, 'goddamn'

Dwayne slashes a Fang member with a wakizashi, lightly damaging him.
Dwayne's armor absorbs the damage from a Fang member's hit.

Alexei joins the fight!
Alexei slashes with a katana, heavily damaging a Fang member.
Alexei slashes a Fang member with a katana, barely hurting him.
Dwayne slashes a Fang member with a wakizashi, severely damaging him!
Their struggle concluded, Dwayne ceases his attack upon a Fang member.

Joel arrives from the north.

Joel closes the door.

Joel Dart:
Joel stands at about 5ft with a slender build. His white hair is short and combed neatly. His green eyes have bags under them, but are otherwise clear. The softly lined face carries a sheepish grin, but there is still an air of confidence there. His clothing hangs off of him, hinting of a recent loss of a lot of weight. He doesn't appear to have gotten much sleep despite the fact that he moves quickly and fluidly.
<Head> a derby
<Neck> a bow tie
<Torso> a dress shirt
<About Body> a greenish trenchcoat
<Legs> some business suit slacks
<Feet> a pair of shoes

Dwayne Coaste falls on one knee in pain

Alexei Tchenko scowls at the bleeding ganger on the floor.

Dwayne Coaste's white shirt is stained red with blood

Joel Dart asks, 'What the hell???'

Alexei Tchenko shakes his head and points at Dwayne. 'Ganger followed this guy in.'

Dwayne Coaste notices Mr. Dart enter

Joel Dart asks, 'Jesus Dwayne! What happened?'

Dwayne Coaste turns to Lexei and smiles, "Thanx man"

Alexei Tchenko says, 'Where's your bleedin' bouncer, Joel?'

Dwayne Coaste staggers to his feet

The door is opened from the other side.

Ona arrives from the north.

Joel Dart turns to Alexei, "We're a bit short staffed at the moment...

Ona Matopeia wanders in and sits down on a stool

Ona Matopeia:
A 6ft beauty stands before you, long brown curls that flicker a redish tint cascading down her back. Her dark eyes sparkle when she smiles... seemingly sweet and easy-going.. there is just something about her.
<Eyes> some cateye shades
<Neck> a quartz pentacle necklace
<Torso> a Calvin shirt
<Outer Torso> a leather biker jacket
<Hands> a turquoise ring
<Legs> a pair of jeans
<Feet> a pair of boots

Dwayne Coaste looks at the blood covered hand he was holding the wound with and sighs

Alexei Tchenko sighs and brushes his gloved hands on his jeans. He looks at Dwayne, 'You expecting any more gangers?'

Joel Dart kneels next to Dwayne, "What happened? Jeesus! You need to go to the hospital?"

Dwayne Coaste says, 'no I managed to get the other 10 or so'

Ona Matopeia observes the people and her eyes stop at dwayne

Alexei Tchenko moves to stand by the door and cracks it open to look out onto the street.

Ona Matopeia tilts her head at the blood "are you alright?"

Dwayne Coaste smirks, "course.."

Dwayne Coaste winks, but the cringes in pain

Joel Dart looks over at the body, "Damn... this is NOT a good thing..."

Ona Matopeia thinks that it is the normal guy response

Dwayne Coaste says, 'uhh...sorry bout that'

Ona Matopeia looks down and freaks "oh my god!!

Alexei Tchenko sees that the street outside is clear, then comes back in to crouch by the dead ganger's body. He pats it down, looking for ID.

Ona Matopeia looks at dwayne "you did that?"

Joel Dart says, 'When the phone went dead I went after you, but I couldn't find you... Goddamn...'

Dwayne Coaste slightly smiles, "thanks man"

The body of a Fang member is carried off by a Medipod.

Joel grabs ahold of a towel.

Ona Matopeia would like some sort of explination "what happened?"

Joel Dart pulls out a towel and starts dabbing at Dwayne's wounds.

Ona looks at Dwayne.

Alexei Tchenko's brow furrows as he stands, leaning on the pole that the ganger was carrying. 'No ID, but he was wearing Fang colors.'

Dwayne Coaste flinches, but then relaxes, "Thanks a lot"

Joel Dart looks up at Ona, "Are you just going to stand around yapping? If so you can wait otside..."

Joel looks at Alexei.

Joel looks at Dwayne.

Alexei Tchenko raises an eyebrow at Dwayne. 'How many did you say you took on?'

Ona Matopeia looks at joel and dissaproves of what he said and moves over to dwayne and checks his wounds out

Dwayne Coaste shakes his head, as if trying to avoid the question, "oh, i dunno, there were 5 outside the place, took em out, didn't want to hang round, then a few more ganged up on me, a scythe or two too, then this guy must of tracked me here

Joel Dart looks around, "Half expecting more to show up..."

Ona Matopeia gently touches around some of the wounds to make sure he hasn't broken anything and that the bleeding is stopping

Joel Dart looks to Ona, "There are a few fresh towels behind the bar, go get them, and some water."

Alexei Tchenko looks Dwayne over quietly.

Ona Matopeia gets up and goes around to the back of the bar and gets the towels and some water

Ona Matopeia brings it over to joel and dwayne

Dwayne Coaste starts to relax, the pain subsiding

Joel Dart starts cleaning the wounds properly, "You'll be good as new in no time..."

Ona Matopeia looks concerned as she helps joel clean him up

Dwayne Coaste forms a small smileand nods

Ona Matopeia smiles a little at him and finishes helping fixing him up

Alexei Tchenko nods at Dwayne. 'It looks like you'll live. What were you doing in Fang territory, anyways? Drug deal?' He moves over to the bar and leans the dead Fang's wooden pole against the wall.

Dwayne Coaste says, 'Drugs?....'

Dwayne Coaste smriks

Dwayne Coaste says, 'uh....yeah'

Dwayne drops a Lithium Dycarbonate capsule.
Dwayne drops a Lithium Dycarbonate capsule.

Ona Matopeia smirks

Joel Dart scowls a bit.

Ona Matopeia shakes her head

Dwayne Coaste says, 'i checked them for ID, but all i found were there'

There are hundreds of known gangs in New Aurora and surrounding suburbs, but less than a dozen are of sufficient size to cause great alarm. These include the following: Fangs - a purely pro-goth gang, mostly shifters and some vampires; their turf includes southwestern portion of Goth Quarter

Dwayne Coaste says, 'i don't do the stuff, so i don't know what it is'

ANTI-FREEZE - Street slang for Lithium Dicarbonate, a powerful anti-psychotic used in helping psychos regain a measure of control. Because Anti-Freeze was designed for the genetic makeup of a psycho, anyone else who uses this drug has an intense lapse of schizophrenia.

Ona Matopeia doesn't know if she totally believes that one

Joel Dart says, 'Lithium Dycarbonate. Worth a good number of credits.'

Alexei says, 'That's anti-freeze. For psychos.'

Joel Dart nods.

You get a Lithium Dycarbonate capsule.
You get a Lithium Dycarbonate capsule.

Maeveen has returned.

Of medium height and rather slender build, Maeveen seems normal enough. Her long, light brown hair cascades down over her cheap clothing, and her green eyes shine like emeralds against her pale skin. Despite her frail form, she seems to exude an aura of calm and confidence as she moves, silent and relaxed.
<Neck> a bow tie
<Torso> a Timmy Hellfinger collarless dress shirt
<Outer Torso> a vinyl jacket
<About Body> a tote bag
<Legs> a long skirt
<Feet> a pair of shoes

Dwayne Coaste shakes the though of the drugs off, "You can have 'em"

Alexei Tchenko inspects the capsules more closely, squeezing one between his thumb and forefinger. 'These don't look like they've been tampered with. Good stuff, but I'm not sure why Fangs'd be selling them. Shifters can't take 'em.

There's blood on the floor, some of it coming from Dwayne but not all of it. The streaks suggest a body has been dragged out.

Ona Matopeia gets up and goes to clean the towels still soaked in blood

Dwayne Coaste turns to Joel and sorta smile, 'So, the place...'

Dwayne Coaste says, 'I think it might be his.'

Joel Dart shakes his head, 'Take it easy for now, we'll discuss it later.'

Maeveen walks over to Ona and takes the towels. 'Don't worry... I'll get it... Though it'd be nice to know what all this blood is from.'

Ona Matopeia glances over at dwayne

Ona Matopeia looks back at Maeveen 'i dunno how it happened though'

Ona Matopeia shrugs

Joel Dart says, 'Dwayne here got in a bit of a tangle. He's the victor, despite what it appears.'

Alexei Tchenko pockets the capsules and goes behind the bar. He pours a club soda for himself and asks the room at large, 'Anybody want a drink? Dwayne - some water?'

Maeveen turns to Joel as she washes the towels. 'With whom?'

Ona Matopeia says, 'hehe'

Joel Dart says, 'Some Fangs'

Dwayne Coaste says, 'uhh...i think i'm gonna get me some sleep...'

Joel Dart helps Dwayne to his feet.

Maeveen shakes her head. 'Oh my...'

Dwayne Coaste says, 'but I'll take the water'

Alexei Tchenko pours a tall water with no ice and passes it to Dwayne. 'Rest up, pal.'

Dwayne Coaste chugs down the water

Ona Matopeia smiles and nots to maeveen and saunders out

Dwayne Coaste turns to Joel, 'Thanks Mr. Dart, i'll get in touch when i'm all better..*cough*..not that i'm not already good...

Ona opens the door.

Ona leaves north.

Joel Dart lightly pats Dwayne on the back, 'Take some time off, seriously.'

The door is closed from the other side.

Dwayne Coaste staggers out the door, still limping a bit, and waves

Maeveen waves to all the people who are leaving before turning back to the towels.

Dwayne opens the door.

Dwayne leaves north.

Darts & Drinks
This bar is obviously a cheap attempt by the owner to renovate an apartment in order to make a few credits. A few rickety booths line one of the side walls while on the opposite side, two dartboards and a small chalkboard are available to keep the patrons entertained. A stereo system has been rigged up with some scrap wood and duct tape, though the poor lighting hides it well. The back end has the bar itself, several shelves lined with various choices in alcohol and behind that, a large baroque gilt-framed mirror hanging on the wall.
Maeveen is standing here.
Joel is standing here.

Joel Dart spins around, 'Fuck!'

Maeveen sighs heavily. 'Looks like things are heating up...'

Joel closes the door.

Alexei Tchenko leans on the bar and drinks his soda.

Joel Dart starts pacing, 'Shell's gonna have a fit... Khalid's gonna be breathing down my neck... Lord knows what will happen next...'

Joel Dart looks to Alexei, 'Mix me up somthing strong.'

Maeveen puts the towels away to dry. 'Next is going to be me picking up some self-defense...'

Joel Dart looks at Meaveen, 'How skilled are you with weapons?'

Alexei Tchenko nods and grabs a bottle. Moments later, he passes a tall glass, filled with ice cubes and something clear, across the bar to Joel. 'Vodka tonic, light on the tonic.'

Joel Dart grabs the glass and tosses more than half of it back.

Maeveen shrugs. 'Enough theoretical knowledge... Though putting it into practice is something else...'

Maeveen looks at Joel.

Maeveen looks at you.

Joel Dart pulls out his pad of paper and scribbles something on it. He gives it to Maeveen.

Maeveen tilts the paper so only she can see it, and reads it.

Joel Dart says, 'That's a trainer I know off of Cwelen. Look him up.'

Alexei Tchenko raises his eyebrows and gives the young woman a surprisingly earnest look. 'Miss? Can I pour you something while I'm back here?'

Joel Dart finishes off the drink in another gulp.

Maeveen puts the paper away, chuckling lightly at Alexei's question. 'No, I'm more then capable of pouring my own drink...'

Maeveen shrugs. 'Though, I'm actually not to thirsty right now...' Turning to Joel, she thanks him for the directions.

Alexei Tchenko moves out from behind the bar and pulls up a stool, sipping his soda.

Alexei sits down.

Joel Dart leans against the bar and sighs heavily.

Alexei Tchenko's eyes move back and forth between Joel and the woman. 'You must be the one Joel was telling me about.'

Maeveen looks at the ceiling, deep in thought. 'Joel, do you know anywhere I can pick myself up a ni

Joel Dart smirks, 'Oh right, Maeveen, Alexei. Alexei, Maeveen. She's the other bartender, he supplies some of the more rare drinks.'

Maeveen looks at the ceiling, deep in thought. 'Joel, do you know anywhere I can pick myseful up a nice piece of steel? Preferably not to expensive...'

Maeveen turns to Alexei, offering her hand. 'Nice to meet you...'

Joel Dart looks to the door, 'How big?'

Alexei Tchenko shakes her hand and gives her a charming smile. 'I'm Alexei. I might be able to find something for you, actually. I deal in surplus goods.'

Maeveen answers Joel, 'Oh, something that can cut fur or what not, should I need it. Preferably concealable, unlike this bulky flamethrower...' Turning to Alexei, Maeveen replies, curiously, 'Really? Army surplus?'

Joel Dart ponders a bit.

Alexei Tchenko nods. 'Sometimes, sure. Other types of equipment, too. I have a number of suppliers.'

Maeveen nods, interested. 'Anyone dealing in good knives? I'd prefer a good knife over a bad sword any day... And I doubt I can really get together enough cash for a gun of any kind...'

Alexei Tchenko nods thoughtfully. 'I've got a few different survival and military knives back at my warehouse. I could bring them with me, next time I'm here. How much do you have to spend?'

Alexei Tchenko pulls a small pager out of his coat pocket and looks at it. 'I've got to go. Maeveen, nice to meet you. I'll bring some knives around on Monday, before the bar gets too busy.'

Alexei stands up.

Alexei Tchenko waves at Joel. 'Later.'