----------- Into the Cage! ---------------

Drake OOCs: *cries* There are...people.
Krow OOCs: Drake!
Nazgul OOCs: Yes, but I'm leaving.
Scarlet OOCs: Hey
You OOC: <smacks Drake> Shut up! Back in the cage!
Rahl OOCs: You call us people?!
Drake OOCs: No....*whimpers*
Drake OOCs: You're too damn mean, Fi.
You OOC: <sighs> okay, fine. You don't have to get back in the cage. I'm such a
Drake OOCs: Thank you, Fi. *smooches*
You OOC: <wipes drool off her cheek> Yes, yes...

------------- Like cows to the slaughter ----------------

Vache exclaims, 'ummm....Moo!?!'
Rien Casquade says, 'butcher time..'
Vache runs for cover.
You say, 'Fetchez la vache.'
Alexei Tchenko sharpens his filet knife.

----------- Kill -------------

Kieara Shelton asks, 'Do you also realize I kill the stupid most the time?'
Tracer OOCs: why must you kill the stupid though kat?
You OOC: Oooh! Ooo! I know this one!
You OOC: Because they deserve it, and it's really satisfying?

------------- Someday ------------

You OOC: Don't worry too much about buying more armor or better weapons. Someday, there'll be a reset, and we'll all be even again.
Mikeman OOCs: someday?
Setanta OOCs: types @RESET
You OOC: Someday. I know it'll happen. It's just a matter of time.
You OOC: Like the Apocalypse.
You OOC: And alien colonization.
You OOC: And the resurrection of my sex life.
Syre OOCs: grin
You OOC: All inevitable, but not in the forseeable future.

----------------- Tentacles ------------------

SaintIgel OOCs: are you pondering what i'm pondering?
You OOC: Yes, but I still don't know why we need that much maple syrup.
Terek OOCs: Hee. :) I do.
SaintIgel OOCs: eeeeeeeexcellent
Terek OOCs: *gestures to his banner*
You OOC: Tentacles are under-rated.
Hamish OOCs: *Blinks*..*blinks some more*..
SaintIgel OOCs: oh dear lord

Terek 'Nick Philips' "Hardcore Manga Slide Show!"
Fi 'Emily Spencer' Most of all, we've got to hide it from the kids.
Ean 'Isabel Alameda' reasonable rent - as fictional as 'Lets still be friends'.

--------------- Leatherboy ------------------

l leatherboy
Dressed in a variety of leather and vinyl gear, with clear plastic in all
the right places, this guy looks far too happy to see you. Muscles ripple
beneath his clothing, although based on his present state of dress one
is advised not to stare too closely, lest the wrong muscles start rippling.

Ivan Martin smacks a dirty leatherboy.
Alexei Tchenko leans close to a dirty leatherboy and whispers in his ear.
You whisper to a dirty leatherboy, 'hi, sweetie.'
Alexei Tchenko smiles smugly as the leatherboy blushes.
Nazgul whispers something to a dirty leatherboy.
Ku Mori says, 'dirty leatherboy seems to be stuck in a perpetual wink.'
Alexei Tchenko glares at Naz. 'You leave my boy alone.'
Alexei Tchenko nods. 'He's that kind of boy.'
Ivan Martin pokes Rio.
Alexei Tchenko winks and smiles charmingly.

------------- Aliens -----------------

Rio 'Alexei Tchenko' I must confess, I still believe. <afk>
Nixje 'James Haight' Fuck me quick, the aliens are coming.
Nazgul 'Ivan Martin' Promises promise an eye for an eye.
Kat 'Kieara Shelton' Jackanapes

Alexei Tchenko clears his throat. 'The aliens are coming?'
Alexei Tchenko wonders about the aliens.
Alexei Tchenko wonders if he really has to *start* quick, or *finish* quick.

James Haight says, 'Pfffrghtschw. Saw someone wearing a t-shirt with this text. couldn't wipe stupid grin off my face for hours afterwards.'

You say, 'It's pretty funny.'
You say, 'I want a t-shirt like that.'
You say, 'The one I saw and liked: I love everyone, and you're next.'

James Haight says, 'Or: the grey with a bigass blunt in his hand, subtitled 'Take me to your dealer.''

Alexei Tchenko snorts.

-------------- Vin Diesel -----------------

You OOC: I did see a mighty fine sight at the marina. Some young hunk was cavorting in the surf - he resembled a young Vin Diesel.

Jericho OOCs: That and my skin has gotten to the point that I'll burst into flame if the rays of midday caress my skin.

Jericho OOCs: I just can't take any guy seriously who's name is Vin Diesel.
Aeon OOCs: that would be cool
Aeon OOCs: Vin Diesel is cool because, like, what is he? Black? White? Alien?
Aeon OOCs: You can't tell
Jericho OOCs: Who the hell knows.
You OOC: Bald. Bald is sexy.
Jericho OOCs: But his name is Vin.

You OOC: This kid (teen, okay, maybe 18 or 19, even) was bald and tanned all over. At least the parts I could see.

Jericho OOCs: And you were looking weren't you?

---------------- Gun/Sex Metaphors ------------------------

Drake OOCs: I have alcohol! All is right with the world!
Jago OOCs: My god, Drake has alcohol.
You OOC: I just want ice cream. Is that so much to ask?
Jago OOCs: Yes, it is.
You OOC: Or maybe some more hot soup.
Jago OOCs: No one wants to tend to your needs, Fi.
You OOC: True, true.
You OOC: Guess I'll have to hunt down and kidnap someone to tend to my needs.
Jago OOCs: That ALWAYS works. Make sure you have a really big gun too.
Drake OOCs: I'll tend to your needs, Fi....
You OOC: Oh, Jago. You must know that I have a *really* big gun.
Jago OOCs: That one doesn't count, you keep it in your pants most of the time.
You OOC: Drake, you're sweet. I'll even let you see my big gun.
Kat OOCs: He does?
You OOC: Hey...
Drake OOCs: Fi, sweetheart....you don't need a big gun to impress me.
You OOC: It's not the size that matters, it's the accuracy.
You OOC: And ammo capacity.
Jago OOCs: This is going way too far.
You OOC: and reload speed.
Kat OOCs: Ooo. Reload speed.
You OOC: and trigger sensitivity.
Xoroque OOCs: Lol
Jago OOCs: Stop it now, Fi.
You OOC: and comfort of the grip.
You OOC: <giggles>
Xoroque OOCs: I think you covered it.
Kat OOCs: Nah, Fi can always come up with more.
You OOC: a nicely-fitting holster is just a perk.
You OOC: It's important to keep your gun well-oiled.
You OOC: and out of reach of children.
Drake OOCs: Yes. Lubrication is key.
Jago OOCs: No, friction is the key.
Drake OOCs: No, friction causes chaffing.
You OOC: Combustion is the key.
You OOC: expansion of gasses.
Drake OOCs: Sorry, but gasses of any kind turn me off.

-------------- Kill Jago ------------

Jago arrives.
Drake OOCs: Kill Jago.
Jago OOCs: Uhm, no?
You OOC: Too late. He got away from me.
Drake OOCs: You don't have a choice in the matter, son.
Jago OOCs: ......
Jago OOCs: Isn't it my life?
You OOC: You can choose the manner of your death, Jago.
You OOC: Fire or ... uhm... fire.
Jago OOCs: I think being hit by an airplane would be cool...
Jago OOCs: Doesn't fire hurt, though?
You OOC: Not for long. :>
Jago OOCs: What do you mean 'not for long'?
Hibikitour OOCs: WHy kill Jago?
Luther OOCs: you'll die quick.
Jago OOCs: If its more than 5 seconds I don't want it...

----------- Foreskin Games ----------------

Ean tells you, 'Of course, we're in a Jewish temple. We could play 'pin the foreskin on the rabbi'.'

You tell Ean, 'ouch!'

Low carpeting, neutral in color, blends into the pale walls. Portraits of famous Jewish scholars line the walls, interrupted only by the doors to the men's and ladies' rooms.
Reshiji is standing here.
Marauder is standing here.
Ean is standing here.

Alexei Tchenko wanders around, looking closely at things around the room.

Alexei Tchenko peers at the fountain. 'Uh-oh...'

Alexei Tchenko bends over and picks up a little piece of something that has fallen at the edge of the fountain. 'They dropped one.'

Rien Casquade shifts his gaze about, taking in the surroundings from beneath his mirrored shades.

Alexei Tchenko holds up what appears to be a small piece of human skin.

Rien Casquade asks, 'dropped one what?'

Rien Casquade glances at the person, curious to what he has discovered.

Alexei Tchenko grimaces. 'This is a Jewish temple, right? You know what they do
to babies around here?'

Rabbi Cohen arrives from the east.

Carter MacKenzie shudders

Alexei Tchenko holds the bit of skin between his thumb and forefinger.

l rabbi
Rabbi Joshua Cohen is a serious looking person. He smiles broadly, and the lines of a life well lived are etched into his dark face. Standing nearly seven feet tall, he bears the telltale signs of goth blood, but is taller and bulkier than most typical goths. His age, coupled with his size, would suggest that the rumor that the last of the Beta Goths had died was quite premature.
<Head> a yarmulke

Alexei Tchenko clears his throat. 'Excuse me, Rabbi...'

Ean tells you, 'rofl'

Rabbi Cohen asks, 'Eh?'

Rabbi Cohen peers at you.

Rien Casquade says, 'umm, well.. err..'

Rien Casquade says, 'i don't wish to know..'

Alexei Tchenko holds the bit of skin at arm's length before him. 'Somebody appears to have dropped this.'

You say, 'Were you responsible for this... um...'

Carter MacKenzie mutters 'Dios'

Rabbi Cohen grumbles. 'Damn briss techs!'

Rabbi Cohen says, 'Can't even keep their foreskins in the foreground.'

Rabbi Cohen harrumphs.

Rabbi Cohen holds out his palm, expecting the skin, apparently.

Rien Casquade asks, 'so tis is a rabbi.. ehe?'

Alexei Tchenko shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other. He drops the bit of skin into the Rabbi's hand. 'Maybe they need more practice.'

Jyaku arrives from the west.

Rien Casquade shakes his head coming back into reality from his small daze.

Rabbi Cohen harrumphs.

Rien Casquade says, 'aye, maybe tey do.. can't jus leave skin lyin 'round kin we..'

Rabbi Cohen says, 'Well, off I am to .'

Rabbi Cohen dangles the skin in the air. 'They'll be needin' this for the stew.'

You OOC: I saw that coming.

Rabbi Cohen OOCs: Bwhaha.

Donovan Romanova raises an eyebrow.

You OOC: couldn't type fast enough to warn you offa it.

Carter MacKenzie gags

Jyaku OOCs: Ick

Rabbi Cohen OOCs: Slowpoke.

Rabbi Cohen leaves west.

Rien Casquade snickers lightly as he slips his hand into his large pocketted jeans with his thumb hanging on it's edge.

You OOC: lol

Rien Casquade says, 'i'm never eatin' tere again..'

Rien Casquade grumbles lightly.

Alexei Tchenko rubs his hand on the edge of his jeans.

You say, 'I am *not* looking for any more of those.'

Carter MacKenzie has totally lost any semblance of appetite at this point.

Alexei Tchenko scratches his balls, but it looks like an excuse to reassure himself of his 'package'.

Rien Casquade says, 'i dun blame ya, lad.'

---------- I-Con ------------------

Ean OOCs: And there's an I-con this weekend, which means all admin staff except myself are gone.
You OOC: Really?
Ean OOCs: I, myself, am only on because I needed to go home for sleep, to work tomorrow.
You OOC: I never hear about things like that. You're going to hurt my feelings..
Ean OOCs: We told you weeks ago.
Ean OOCs: I doubt you'd have been able to make it. :P
You OOC: No, no you didn't. Unless I was drunk at the time, which is ... possible.
Ean OOCs: You mean sometimes you're not?
You OOC: Sometimes.

---------------- Kung-Fu Grip Mulder -------------

Aeon OOCs: no more mulder.
You OOC: What do you mean, Aeon?
Aeon OOCs: http://tv.zap2it.com/news/tvnewsdaily.html?18263
You OOC: Hrmph. No big deal.
You OOC: hrm.
You OOC: decent article.
You OOC: I'll always have Mulder in fanfiction, anyways. There's a whole world of non-slash out there that... well... it can't *all* suck.
Aeon OOCs: now it can be Stay-at-home Mulder
Aeon OOCs: and Unemployed Mulder
Scarlet OOCs: With kung-fu grip
You OOC: Heh.
You OOC: I'd buy one of those.
Scarlet OOCs: YAY! I know how to make money now.

------------- Tesla, Table-Dancer -----------

Tesla Dee wakes up.
Tesla Dee says, 'Hurm.'
Tesla Dee asks, 'Was I doign something?'
Kieara Shelton says, 'No.'
Ashton Black says, 'nope'
You say, 'Yes.'
Kieara Shelton says, 'The same thing I was doing.'
You say, 'You were dancing on the table.'
Alexei Tchenko waves a dollar bill.

--------------- Ean's fan club -----------------

Arc OOCs: But I'm in love with Ean. I'm sorry.
You OOC: Who isn't?
Nil OOCs: Ean is sexy.
Fiero OOCs: I'm not
You OOC: You will be... you will be...
Arc OOCs: Sexy? I figured.
Kat OOCs: You should be.
Kat OOCs: Rio is spooky.
Fiero OOCs: no, if your inlove, your in trouble...
You OOC: The Ean Fan Club has a cast of thousands.

------------ Moose and Squirrel ---------------------------

Scarlet OOCs: I have to go THE BLOB!!!!

Aeon OOCs: Fi OOCs: There are worse things to cut off.

Scarlet OOCs: I drink the happy Squirrel

Aeon OOCs: and you would know


You OOC: I wish I had a happy squirrel to cut off.

You OOC: I've seen pics of people who have... erm... bifurcated their "squirrels." So you end up with two, where nature gave you only one.

You OOC: More isn't always better.

Drake OOCs: You are correct.

You OOC: But just *think* of the trouble I could get into, if I had *two* squirrels!

Drake OOCs: I'd rather not think of that, thank you.

You OOC: Oh, the moose I would love.

You OOC: Moose and squirrel, they make quite a pair.

Aeon OOCs: gotta walk before you can fly, mr. squirrel envy

You OOC: I learned this adorable song from a friend of mine: Moose, moose, I like a moose. Never had anything quite like a moose. I've had many women, my life has been loose, but I've never had anything quite like a moose.

You OOC: Flying squirrels are cool.

Drake OOCs: A moose?

You OOC: One or more moose.

You OOC: Why limit oneself to only one moose, when there's a world of moose out there, just waiting for love?

Drake OOCs: Because it's wrong?

You OOC: Moose are not jealous creatures. They understand that a squirrel's love cannot be limited to just one moose.

Drake OOCs: Err....

Drake OOCs: No more moose and squirrel.

You OOC: Did you know that some XFiles fans refer to Mulder and Scully as Moose and Squirrel? I learned that recently. It's very odd.

You OOC: It's some kind of Rocky and Bullwinkle reference, I think.

Drake OOCs: I'm quite happy with 'Boris'.

You OOC: Wasn't Rocky the Squirrel the rational one? It's been so long.

You OOC: Oooh, Boris and Natasha!

Drake OOCs: *curses and breaks things*

You OOC: I'm not even drunk, you know. Really. Not mudding even slightly drunk.

You OOC: And... and... ... Oh, hell. I'll just go to bed.

You OOC: Remember kids, the Truth is Out There.

Drake OOCs: With me?

You OOC: Say goodnight, Drakie.

Drake OOCs: Goodnight, Drakie?

Aeon OOCs: But no more Moose

You OOC: Nope. Me and the moose are going to bed.

Drake OOCs: Ah.

You OOC: I mean me.

You OOC: Just me, going to bed. No moose.

You OOC: Goodnight.

Drake OOCs: G;'night.

------------ Car/Sex Metaphors -------------------------

Seraph OOCs: *Back*

You OOC: That was fast.

You OOC: Are you always that quick?

Seraph OOCs: Only when necessary. Usually I am quite slow. I prefer to let it last and savor the moment

You OOC: "Slower than Christmas," my dad used to say. Slower isn't always better.

Seraph OOCs: not always - I must agree. Sometimes speed is necessary. But the ability to row both sides of the boat is an asset as well.

You OOC: There are some things (nay, many things) that I'd just as soon hurried up and got it over with. People, too.

You OOC: Oh, I get it. You row *both* sides of the boat. Fairly flexible, are ya?

Karoshi OOCs: English: "I tell you what you want to hear."

Seraph OOCs: No, I dont row both sides of every boat, just some in addition to the speed boat.

Seraph OOCs: How about you? Is your road two lanes or one?

You OOC: I cruise on a four-lane expressway, sweetie. In my hopped-up 66 Mustang with the tinted windows and racing stripe. I can barely hear ya over the roar of the engine.

You OOC: It's pretty limiting to have only two lanes.

Seraph OOCs: I prefer my 455 rocket love - of course you are begging me to ask - do you drive or do you go along for the ride?

You OOC: Depends on the driver. I like to switch, but there are some people who are just no good behind the wheel. You know what I mean.

Karoshi OOCs: ..heh. I'd be the guy standing on the shoulder, holding up one thumb and a cardboard sign reading 'Anywhere'.

Paradox OOCs: <snickers>

Seraph OOCs: Indeed I do know what you mean

You OOC: Well, the vibrations of my engine are frequently sufficient. I don't need a passenger all the time. Sometimes it's nice just to go for a solitary drive.

Seraph OOCs: Ah yes - the sabattical approach. A lone ranger with her silver bullet. Passengers can also just get in the way.

You OOC: I run right over 'em.

Seraph OOCs: Does a bisexual rights parade go both ways down a street?

Branden OOCs: no, just down both streets.

You OOC: A friend of mine has a great t-shirt. "I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and I *still* don't want to sleep with you."

Seraph OOCs: lol

Seraph OOCs: that was quite fun, thank you for that romp in allusion Fi ;)

You OOC: No problem.

You OOC: I play word-association, too.

--------- Mr. Fluffums and misc Nazgul violence ---------

Nazgul arrives.

Emily Spencer shrieks and pokes Nazgul with a pointed stick.

Ivan Martin says, 'Maybe for Fi.'

Ivan Martin thwaps Fi, since Mr. Fluffums is currently indisposed.

Ivan Martin says, 'He's resting. Can't quit out with him, so I went and put him to bed in his special place.'

You say, 'Naz, meet Hamish. Hamish is a fantastically smart newbie. Nazgul is a sociopathic regular here.'

You say, 'And the special place is?...'

Ivan Martin says, 'Hey, I'm not a soci...er... yeah. Nevermind, guess I am.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Special, and thus secret.'

Leo Valda says, 'Heya...'

Ivan Martin won't let you steal Mr. Fluffums' luxurious, if blood-matted, coat!

Ivan Martin says, 'Heya, Hamish.'

Emily Spencer sighs. 'Oh, well.'

Ivan Martin is much saner IC, btw.

Leo Valda chuckles 'Ahhhhh....Heh!..'

Ivan Martin says, 'So, I see a man.'

Ivan Martin says, 'And he's got a 7' caiman in his hands.'

Ivan Martin says, 'A bag wrapped securely over its head.'

You say, 'That's a big 'gator.'

Ivan Martin says, 'And he's holding it around his groin, like a crocodilian chastity belt, while he raves about how much he loves caiman.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Not really... crocs reach 20' fairly regularly, and a gator isn't even adult 'til they're 12'+.'

Emily Spencer snorts and nearly chokes on her crab rangoons.

You ask, 'Are you watching that Aussie freak?'

Ivan Martin says, '7' is huge for a caiman, but then again, caiman are sorta the 8 year old pigtailed girls of the crocodilian family.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Nah- I'm watching the American hippy freak. Jeff Corwin.'

Leo Valda blinks and blinks again.

Ivan Martin asks, 'Know what's scarier?'

Emily Spencer thinks fondly of little girls.

Emily Spencer blinks. 'Hmm?'

Ivan Martin says, 'South American river otters are the alpha predator of their environment.'

You say, 'You know the most fucked-up stuff, Naz.'

Ivan Martin says, 'They grow to be 6' long, have stubby little cropped-looking tails, and prey on caiman.'

Ivan Martin says, 'That's _so_ wrong.'

Ivan Martin asks, 'Well yeah... you expected me to know normal stuff?'

Ivan Martin says, 'Capibara supposedly taste like slightly sour pork.'

Ivan Martin says, 'They're the largest rodent in the world.'

You say, 'They're just big guinea pigs.'

Ivan Martin nods.

You say, 'Good eatin'.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Beavers used to be the largest rodent.'

Ivan Martin asks, 'You know, back when the honkey first came to North America?'

Ivan Martin says, 'There were still giant sloth here, and beaver were the size of horses.'

Ivan Martin is serious, too.

You say, 'Umm...'

Ivan Martin says, 'Beaver grow their entire lives, if the environment supports 'em.'

Leo Valda keeps blinking.

You say to Leo Valda, 'Just keep your hands away from him, and you'll probably be safe.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Only reason they're smalelr now is because we've limited their resources so much. Once we kick off? Beavers'll be the size of cattle once more.'

Ivan Martin wants to see Capibara as the ingredient on an episode of Iron Chef.

Ivan Martin says, 'Live ones, too. Not pre-butchered.'

You exclaim, 'I'd watch that one!'

Ivan Martin says, 'Preferably when the opposing chef is some American vegan twit.'

You say, 'I ... uh..'

Emily Spencer hangs her head sadly. 'I have no cool stories to relate.'

Ivan Martin pats you. 'That's okay. Sexual obsessions about Krychek and Mulder are full-time jobs, I understand.'

Ivan Martin asks, 'You watch Iron Chef today, Fi?'

Ivan Martin wanted to lop off the bimbo judge's head when she was getting her moist panty face on tasting a fucking bonita-broth-and-scallion soup.

Ivan Martin says, 'Or just haul off and backhand her, screaming "WHAT'S MAH NAME, BITCH?!"'

Emily Spencer clears her throat. 'Krycek. No H.'

Ivan Martin hauls off.

Ivan Martin backhands Fi.

Ivan Martin exclaims, 'WHAT'S MAH NAME, BITCH?!'

Emily Spencer spits a tooth and a gobbett of blood on the floor, then looks up and grins.

Ivan Martin looks at Hamish.

Ivan Martin says, 'She just loves the attention.'

Ivan Martin feels so very trailer park now.

Emily Spencer blushes.

Ivan Martin says, 'Tropical porcupine have prehensile tails...'

Ivan Martin senses an improvised melee weapon in the making.

Thomas Thorne snickers.

Emily Spencer presses her forefinger to her lower lip. 'Prehensile, you say?'

Ivan Martin nods.

Ivan Martin says, 'Ooh... a Chilean rose-hair tarantula... whee.'

Emily Spencer sighs heavily. 'Tarantulas are gross.'

Ivan Martin nods.

Thomas Thorne says, 'Spiders are gross, period.'

You say, 'But they're good on a grill.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Heh...'

You say, 'With barbecue sauce.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'Ew.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'Just...ew.'

Ivan Martin has seen footage of South American indians grilling 'em over a campfire.

Ivan Martin asks, 'Ever actually eaten one, Fi?'

Leo Valda blinks and shudders at the thought of grilled spider.

Emily Spencer shakes her head. 'I hope to god I never get that hungry.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Heh... I dunno... be kinda like tiny crab legs.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Oooh... have a new all-time high damage, Fi.'

Ivan Martin hit Saal for 49T with one shot!~

You ask, 'No shit! Was that Mangle or Destroy?'

Ivan Martin says, 'Mutilate, borderline Destroy.'

Emily Spencer gives Hamish an embarrassed shrug. 'Sometimes, when we're bored, we try to kill each other.'

Ivan Martin nods. 'A _lot._'

Ivan Martin says, 'It's a late night thing, generally.'

Emily Spencer pulls a stepladder over to her high horse, then climbs aboard. 'I've only done it twice.'

Leo Valda smiles nervously and nods a little 'Oooooooookie dokie then...'

Ivan Martin has done it a few more times than twice.

You say, 'Player killing is strictly forbidden, unless it's completely consensual.'

Ivan Martin says, 'I think I've got, like... 40-50 player kills now.'

Ivan Martin says, 'OR, if you warn someone who's being obnoxious, and they continue.'

You say, 'No.'

You say, 'Not even then.'

Ivan Martin nods.

Ivan Martin says, 'Then.'

Ivan Martin knows for a fact.

You say, 'You must get Ean or Aeon to boot them off.'

Ivan Martin doesn't know if that's mudwide policy, though.

You say, 'That's certainly not mudwide policy.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'It should be.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Heh. I've been given permission numerous times by Jestyr to kill obnoxious people. Ean and Aeon, too.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'I'd have waxed that one dipshit that was on a couple of days ago.'

Ivan Martin asks, 'Darby?'

You say, 'Jestyr just likes bloodshed.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'Yeah.'

Ivan Martin nods.

Thomas Thorne says, 'I thought of a really cool way to kill someone in an IC fight.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Darby'll get dropped. It's just a matter of time- he's holier-than-thou'd too many people.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'Just stick the chainknife in their stomach and turn it on.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Heh.'

Ivan Martin did that w/Rob. :)

Thomas Thorne says, 'Rock.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Actually, put it against their wrist, grinned, and flicked it on.'

Thomas Thorne says, 'Hehehe, that'd make a goddamn mess.'

Ivan Martin says, 'Didn't kill'em, but hurt'em a lot.'

Ivan Martin thinks.

Ivan Martin says, 'Rob let Azander mortally wound him in Messermode to rip out his throat... tore Provy up... tore Ace up... ripped up a few other people in interesting ways... and, of course, gave Cyric a nervous breakdown without actually touching'im.'

Ivan Martin misses Rob.

You say, 'That was IC stuff, though.'

Ivan Martin nods.

Ivan Martin says, 'OOC, Rob just tore people up in Ursa. :)'

Ivan Martin says, 'Or went Rhino, then Power Sawed'em.'

Ivan Martin sighs wistfully, remember Armageddon's golden moments.

Aeon OOCs: ok, so it'll be a little bit longer before a reboot.

Nazgul OOCs: Mr. Fluffums telepathically sends me a msg to tell you he says thank you, Aeon.

Ivan Martin sighs.

Ivan Martin exclaims, 'I can't stand it anymore!'

Ivan Martin misses Mr. Fluffums!

Ivan Martin says, 'I'll be in NP.'

Nazgul tells you, 'I think this may be my favorite emote ever.'

Nazgul tells you, 'Ivan Martin sprawls on a bench, Mr. Fluffums held tightly to his chest. A healthy squeeze causes a bit of gelatinous blood to ooze from the bunny's half-open mouth, sticking to Naz's shirt. It seems eerily like Mr. Fluffums' ruptured right eye is staring at you.'

Nazgul tells you, 'I'm having a ball up here... and I'm not even IC. :)'

Nazgul tells you, 'Missed the Mr. Fluffums song.'

Nazgul tells you, 'And Rob realizing Mr. Fluffums wasn't a stuffed toy bunny. :)'

Nazgul 'Ivan Martin' That son of a bitch Van Owen blew off Mr. Fluffums' head!
Fi 'Emily Spencer' Most of all, we've got to keep it from the kids.
Ean 'Isabel Alameda' reasonable rent - as fictional as 'Lets still be friends'.