=================== Rafe has a hangover ===================

Nexus Plaza
Blazen is resting here.
Kain is standing here.
Minx is standing here.
Aria is sitting here.
Eric is standing here.
Martin is standing here.

Eric takes out a medicine bottle, opens it, and pops a single red/white capsule in his hand. 'It's prescription shit, but..still have alcohol in your system?'
Rafe folds a pair of shiny leather pants and uses them as a pillow.
You say, 'Naw, I haven't had a drink since midnight or so.'
You say, 'A painkiller might be nice, right about now.'
Rafe smiles weakly at Eric.
Eric glances at his watch. 'Hrm. Just one, then.'
Minx walks quickly over to Rafe, unable to bear that cute little smile.
Minx kneels down near Rafe.
Rafe squints up at Minx.
Eric hands the capsule over to Rafe. 'Demerol. Swallow with water. They're OK, use them myself.'
Minx leans over and kisses Rafe on the forehead.
Minx pats you.
Rafe accepts the Demerol and puts it in his mouth.
Minx says, 'you'll be ok'
You get a canteen from a nylon duffel bag.
You drink the water.
Rafe quietly says, 'I know. It's just a matter of time.'
You start to moan.
Rafe clutches his stomach as another bout of cramps hit him.
Eric puts the cap back on the bottle and puts it away. 'It'll get better.'
You thank Eric.
Rafe squints up at Kain.
Kain looks down at Rafe.
Rafe clutches his stomach as another bout of cramps hit him.
You start to moan.
Minx frowns down at Rafe.
Rafe waits for the painkiller to kick in.
Minx pats you.
Rafe covers his eyes with one hand.
Eric watches with a vague look of concern.
Minx sighs.
You say, 'I'll be alright.'
You sigh.
Kain sighs.
Rafe waves at Kain with an action figure clenched in one fist.
Kain looks at you.
Kain frowns at Rafe.
Aria stands slowly, then smiles at Rafe. She touches his forehead, then walks to the east.
You say, 'Hiya, Kain.'
Kain says, 'Hello Rafe.'
Rafe attempts to smile, but fails.
Kain pats you.
Kain smiles at you.
Eric shifts in his seat a bit, making himself a bit more comfortable. 'Hm. Where'd you get the shit that fucked you up so bad?'
You say, 'My date.'
You say, 'It was good stuff, for a while.'
Kain pats you.
Eric grins, visibly amuse. 'Your date, really. A nice girl, I bet, who hands out speedballs.'
You say, 'I'll hafta ask ahead, next time. I wanna know what it was.'
You chuckle.
Minx snickers.
Minx hugs you.
You say, 'Actually, he's a nice guy.'
You smile.
Minx says, 'you're supposed to be happy'
Eric smirks a little. 'So you can avoid it, or start your own distribution line?'
Minx pats you.
Minx shows Rafe her black glittery wings which she still wears.
You ask, 'I'll be happy when the pain goes away. Any minute now, right?'
Eric shrugs. 'Guy, girl, so hard to tell the difference these days.'. He leans over a bit, lowers his voice. 'Hey, if you're ever looking for semi-pharmaceutical speed, or some homegrown, real reefer..'
Rafe gives Eric an interested look.
Minx shifts her look over to Eric with interest.
Rafe takes a deep breath. 'I think the meds are starting to work.'
Eric looks up, slightly panicked. Spoke too loud again.
You cough.
You stop resting, and sit up.
Rafe rubs his eyes, smearing his eyeliner even more.
Rafe suddenly notices the cheap plastic action figure in his fist.
You say, 'Huh.'
You stop using a cheap plastic action figure.
Minx smiles.
You put a cheap plastic action figure in a nylon duffel bag.
Minx gets a binky baby dragon from a nylon hockey bag.
Rafe blinks.
Minx looks at her favorite toy, then at Rafe.
Minx gives you a binky baby dragon.
Minx smiles.
You grab ahold of a binky baby dragon.
Rafe examines a binky baby dragon.
You smile.
Minx smiles.
You get a stuffed rat chokey wheeze from a nylon duffel bag.
Rafe holds a stuffed rat in his other hand.
Eric smiles broadly. 'Chokey Wheeze!'
You grin.
Minx giggles.
Eric watches Rafe. 'Effective meds, no?'
Martin smiles at you.
You exclaim, 'I feel soooo much better!'
Rafe winces at the volume.
You say, 'Not better enough, though.'