Martin's Death

From the old days, when Rafe and Martin played faeries.

Martin is in perfect condition.
Martin is using:
<Head> a tiara
<About Body> glittery faery wings

Melchior shakes his head.

Martin sits up suddenly. 'Did you say you went to the dentist?' His eyes grow big and hopeful.

Melchior says, 'Fillings, not extraction.'

Martin sigh.

Martin says, 'Maybe one day you'll need a few pulled?'

Martin smiles hopefully.

Melchior says, 'Had a wisdom tooth pulled bout a month ago'

Martin hops to his feet. 'Oooh oh oh ohohoh my very most favorite! Where is it now??'

Melchior says, 'Errm... I made a necklace outta it..'

Martin is in awe. 'OooOooOooOoooOOooooo a necklace.'

Melchior says, 'I really did, when I have my other two wisdom teeth pulled I'll put them on there.'

Martin bounces up and down as only a naked faery can bounce, clapping his hands together in a quick, rapid motion. 'OOo OoO Oo o OOOO!'

Melchior shakes his head.

Melchior asks, 'Ehh... you like teeth alot, don'tcha?'

Martin says, 'Is something wrong? Do you need a hug?'

Melchior says, 'Gawd no'

Jago hugs Melchior.

Jago snickers.

Melchior looks at Jago.

Martin bounces up to Melchior, leaving a trail of body glitter in his wake. 'No? But everyone needs a hug!'

Melchior says, 'Homo'

Jago laughs.

Melchior backs away from Martin. 'Ack! no! Get away from me you faggot!'

Martin bows his head and looks up with pouting eyes. 'Just a little hug?'

Saalshar arrives from the north.

Martin sighs. 'Well, it's obvious some people here haven't touched their inner child.' He shakes his head tsk tsking. 'I know you have an inner faery waiting to burst forth from inside you.'

Melchior shivers.

Melchior runs away from Martin, screaming. 'Help! ASA! ASA! HELP!'

Martin blinks. 'Are you cold? I'll keep you warm!' He moves forward to embrace Melchior.

An ASA Security pod arrives from the north.

An ASA Security pod hovers silently in the air and makes a course correction.

Melchior ducks behind the ASA pod.

An ASA Security pod leaves north.

Martin laughs.

Melchior watches the pod fly off. 'Oh shit..

Martin says, 'Come here. Come on. Gimme a hug. Come on.'

Melchior stands firmly, he looks at Martin and says stoutly. 'NEE!'

Martin beckons you to approach. 'I know you want a hug.'

Melchior asks, 'Uhmm... nee?'

Melchior runs away from Martin.

Martin sighs.

Martin shakes his head as Melchior runs off. 'Some people are just plain weird.'

Melchior stops.

Melchior says, '....That's like calling the retard calling the moron stupid.'

Melchior says, 'Or something like that.'

Martin blinks.

Martin says, 'But I'm a faery! A happy springy everybody loves me and I love you too let's DANCE!'

Melchior wields an aluminum baseball bat.

Martin runs up to Melchoior and gives him a big hug.

Melchior says, 'I hate fairy's..'

Melchior thrashes his bat around at Martin, trying to knock him away.

Saalshar looks at Melchior.

Martin dodges and weaves, springing on lithe faery feet around the bat. 'Oh what a fun game! You are so playful!'

Melchior screams bloody murder, swinging his bat at Martin, doing his best to make a grand slam with his head.

Martin giggles and dances until suddenly there is a loud *thump* and Martin is quite still for a second before dropping like a sack of potatos to the ground, a pool of blood gathering under him.

Melchior shrieks, continuously hammering at Martin's still form with a bloody bat, gore flying with each smack.

Blazen arrives from the west.

Martin is hardly recognizable anymore, just a hunk of biomass with crumpled wings attached, his blood, sparkling with body-glitter, pools around him.

Jago blinks.

Melchior dances on Martin's bloody corpse. 'Yeah! how you like that you fucken Fairy! God damn springing, tooth humping, people hugging idiot!'

Saalshar looks at Martin.

Saalshar looks at Martin.

Jago says, 'You killed him'

Jago pokes Melchior.

Melchior twitches.

Melchior says, 'oh my god... I killed the tooth fairy..'

Melchior begins to cry.

Jago says, 'uh, you killed the Martin Faery.'

Melchior laughs insanely as he kicks Martin's flat head.

Jago gasps.

Jago stops resting, and stands up.

Jago says, 'Stop it.'

Jago pokes Melchior.

Melchior does a foot stomping cowboy dance on Martin's crushed little body.

Jago sighs.

Jago wields a chainknife.

Jago says, 'Stop it.'

Melchior picks Martin's corpse up and tosses it at Jago.

Jago blinks a few times as the corpse falls a few feet short of him.

Jago says, 'Alright, I've had enough now.'

Jago walks up to Melchior.

Melchior shouts a string of vulgarities before slipping on Martin's heart.

Melchior hits the ground with a dull thump.

Melchior groans.

Martin's voice echos through your heads. 'Don't worry my friends. I live on in the hearts and minds of children everywhere. As long as I am not forgotton I'm not truly dead. And Melchior, I'll be seeing you in your dreams tonight. MUAHAHAHA'

Melchior says, 'uh oh...'

Saalshar thinks this was a bad week to quit snorting cocaine.

Jago nods his head in agreement with Saalshar.

Melchior nods his head in agreement with Saalshar.

Melchior curses loudly.