============== Slicker hates Faeries, Martin Analyzes ==================

Slicker says, 'I dislike what you have become'

Martin says, 'Translation: I am a faery too only I'm afraid to admit it. You have made me confront my own faeriness, and I am in denial.'

Martin comforts Slicker.

Martin says, 'The first step is to admit you're in denial, Slicker.'

Slicker says, 'the first step is cutting your faery ass'

Martin hugs Slicker.

Martin says, 'As long as you do it with love and lots of faery dust, okay!'

Slicker smacks Martin upside the head.

Slicker growls.

Slicker says, 'I'll cut ya'

Slicker says, 'I will'

Martin says, 'Did you know that blades are a metaphor for penises?'

Martin says, 'So you want to.. "cut" me.. hrm. Yes, you do have some repression. Tell me about your mother.''

Slicker points his katana in Martin's direction

Slicker asks, 'ever been kill by a penis then?'

Martin says, 'I'm already dead, silly!'

Martin flutters into the air and flies through Slicker a few times, sending glowing faery motes floating across the plaza.

Martin says, 'See? Someone already beat you to me.'

Martin points to a red blotch on the plaza floor. 'Now I haunt the plaza.'

Nick thinks for a moment, pulls out a small pill bottle, shaking his head...

Rahl says, 'maybe if we clean the blood he will go away.'

Slicker says, 'oh yes, your spirit can be killed just a easy'

Martin gtells, 'I must haunt the place of my death with polka musics, dancing, and lots of faery dust.'