==================== Duff taunts Akasha, Ouka =================== Nexus Plaza
Neil is standing here.
Sam is resting here.
Jago is resting here.
Megumi is standing here.
Akasha arrives from the south.
Ouka arrives from the south.

Smiling in what appears to be an almost amused expression, her platinum colored hair falls over her shoulder carelessly. Her ivory pale skin and crystal blue ey es give her an unsettling appearance.

Ouka looks at you.

Akasha flicks her whip impatiently

Duff leers at Ouka, crossing his arms over his chest.

Ouka mrrs softly and kneels at Akasha's feet.

Duff raises one eyebrow at the women. He mutters, 'Huh. Kinky.'

Akasha glares coldly

Duff smirks and winks at Akasha.

Ouka sticks her tongue out at Duff and giggles.

Akasha's eyes flicker with primal raw anger

You ask, 'What happened to your *other* pet? She run off?'

You snicker.

Akasha tightens her whip painfully around her wrist

Akasha mutters something under her breath resembling "Ill show you pet you #$%#^..."

Duff smirks. 'Maybe if I look around, I can pick her up for myself... That's not such a bad idea.'

Akasha flicks her whip dangerously close to Duff "I....wouldnt do that if i were you..."

Duff looks up at the sky, as if thinking. 'A pretty pet. Prettier than that one.' Duff grins in anticipation.

Akasha glowers cruelly

Ouka pouts and blinks at the insult.

Duff looks at Ouka, letting his eyes travel up and down her form. 'Aw, don't worry hon, I'll come for you, next.'

Ouka growls.

Duff chuckles cruelly. 'You're not bad... for a second choice.'

Akasha stares straight at the offensive piece of vile scum before her
Akasha digs her fingernails into her palm, almost drawing blood

You say, 'When you're ready for a *real* man... ' Duff licks his lips. 'I'll be around.'

Ouka thinks that Duff is just jealous because he dosn't have any pets.

Akasha flicks her wrist, slapping her whip painfully across Duff's lower legs "...stop this at once imbecile"

Duff's eyes linger on Akasha's hand, looking for a droplet of blood.

Duff chuckles and takes a step back, quickly.

You ask, 'Now, now. You wouldn't want to get the ASA on your back, would ya?'

Akasha stares right into Duff's eyes as a trickle of blood runs down her nails and drips on the pavement

Duff's eyes get bright at the sight of blood. His mouth falls open with a sigh.

Akasha grasps her whip tightly in the bloodied hand

Duff drags his attention up to Akasha's face. 'You're a high-strung chick, huh?

You exclaim, 'I bet you're a tiger in the sack!'

Akasha glares icily

Duff assesses Akasha as if for the first time, a thoughtful sneer crossing his face.

Akasha looks at Duff, starting from bottom to top, she smirks and spits on the ground

You say, 'You've got a lot of spirit, but...'

Duff laughs sharply at Akasha.

Akasha glares, eyes alive with hatred

Duff brings one finger to his full lips and pauses.

Ouka sticks her tongue out at Duff and decides that now she knows why he dosn't have any pets.

Akasha clenches her fist around her whip tighter, drawing more blood

Duff shakes his head slowly. 'Nah, I think I'll have my hands full with the other two chicks. I won't need you, until they're used up.

Ouka stares at Akasha's bloody hand with an odd expression on her face.

Akasha tosses her hair haughtily "You couldn't get near them..I'm afraid, you..are somewhat...lacking"

Short straight black hair, cropped to jaw length Dark mysterious eyes, that penetrate your soul Akasha moves with lithe grace one moment strange, the next serious

Akasha is using:
<Eyes> some mirrorshades
<Torso> a wire-cup bra
<Waist> a spiked belt
<Legs> a pair of dark leather pants
<Feet> a pair of thigh-high boots
<Wielded> a whip

Akasha smirks "Somewhat of a lesser specimen of the male of the species"

You say, 'Lacking a cookie-cutter dominatrix prostitute outfit, obviously.'

Akasha says, 'perhaps if you tried common courtesy and didnt treat women like meat'

Duff settles one hand on his hip. 'I don't need *props* to get chicks.

Duff scoffs at Akasha's whip.

Akasha says, 'a better attitude would suffice'

Ouka looks at Duff and imagines what he would look like in Akasha's outfit.

Ouka shivers and quickly deletes the mental image.

You say, 'Mmmm. I can show you a better attitude.'

Akasha stands rigid, still glaring at the fool before her

Duff leers at Akasha.

Akasha walks right up to Duff and slaps him across the left cheek

Duff runs his fingers through his short hair and laughs loudly.

You ask, 'Is that the best you have to offer, bitch?'

Duff leans in towards Akasha's face.

Akasha says, 'you dont deserve the best you parasite'

Duff turns away from Akasha and saunters away. 'She knows I'd be too much for her,' he says to nobody in particular.

Akasha laughs loudly, hearing the comment

Duff glances over his shoulder at Akasha and Ouka, and continues South.

Akasha pivots on her heel and returns to Ouka

You ask, 'I'll be seeing you *ladies* later. Stay warm for me, huh?'

You snicker.

==================== Another time ==========================

Nexus Plaza
Akasha is standing here.
Megumi is standing here.

Megumi runs the tip of her tongue along a fingernail in boredom, eyes lost in the distance.

Akasha arrives from the west.

Duff leers at Megumi. 'I can give you somethin' to lick, hun.'

Megumi gazes at Akasha as she appears.

Akasha bows slightly

Megumi eyes float blankly over to Duff. "No thank you, keep your miniature appendages to yourself."

Akasha snickers.

Duff strokes his walking stick suggestively and winks at Megumi.
Akasha walks over to Megumi, tapping her whip in her still bloody palm, glancing at Duff

Megumi lets her eyes float away and starts gazing at the water.

Megumi shakes her head softly. "He's harmless."

Akasha says, 'he is an annoying fly, waiting to be crushed'

Duff chuckles and walks around behind a bench, dragging his walking stick across it.

Megumi shakes head again. "He can do..." lets her eyes float back to him and looks at him meaningfully, "Nothing..."

You say, 'I can think of worse people to crush me, baby.'

Megumi stands in one fluid motion and puts her arm protectivly around Akasha.

Akasha scowls and slides the leather whip through palm, drenching it in blood

Ouka has returned.

You say, 'Oh, how sweet. The pet protects her owner.'

Duff sneers at Megumi. 'Now I've seen it all.'

Megumi's eyes flare dangerously.

Megumi growly low in her throat. "Akasha."

Akasha glares, her eyes glazing over with hatred, a dangerous gesture...

Megumi says, 'Do what you wish.'

Duff stretches and hold the stick behind his back, flexing his muscles.

Akasha slowly walks towards Duff, heels clicking against the pavement, leather creaking

Megumi's eyes narrow a little more as she watches each move intently.

Duff licks his lips at Akasha. 'You first, then, sweetie?' Duff admires her exposed shoulders.

Ouka blinks and quietly watches Akasha advancing on Duff

Megumi's features tense up and she clenches his face.

Akasha scowls "Look..Duff or whatever you call yourself, stop harassing innocent people, we don't want anything to do with you, im sure you can find a hooker to treat you reasonably well"

Duff waves his walking stick back and forth like a pendulum in front of him.

Megumi grumbles, "I'm not sure even a whore would."

Ouka covers her mouth and giggles softly.

Megumi notices Ouka for the first time and inclines her head faintly in the other girls direction.

Akasha says, 'you are a lowly piece of dung on the pavement of new Aurora, waiting to be stepped upon'

You say, 'Oh, but it's the chase I love... and whore's don't put up much of a fight.'

Duff looks meaningfully at Akasha. 'You, on the other hand...'

Ouka nods silently back to Megumi.

Duff looks over Akasha's shoulder at Megumi. 'Mmmm... or *you*'

Megumi gets to her feet and swiftly stalks over to Duff and backhands him. "You will NEVER speak to her like that."

Akasha turns her eyes towards Duff, anger glinting fiercly over their dark surfaces

Duff pokes Megumi with the end of his walking stick, between her breasts. 'Careful, little filly. You don't know what you're messing with'

Akasha smiles cruelly "Back off boy, children shouldnt try to do an adult's job"

Megumi grabs the stick and roughly shoves it aside.

Duff rubs his cheek with one hand and grins.

Cara arrives from the north.

You ask, 'Then why do you have these... *girls* ... following you around?'

Akasha walks closer to Duff and in a slow deliberate stroke, rakes her fingernails down his cheek, drawing a small trickle of blood

Akasha says, 'becuase they are my friends'

Ouka watches the three of them and wonders wether or not to join. Decides to wait until Akasha asks her.

Duff grabs Akasha's hand quickly and licks the blood off her nail. 'You can't resist me, can you?'

Akasha says, 'quite the opposite....you disgust me'

Duff's eyes glitter with arousal.

Ouka stops resting, and stands up.

Akasha's eyes glitter with hate and rage

Megumi clenches her fists and thrusts the heel of her palm at Duff's chest, fully intending to knock him into the next block.

Akasha says, 'you will NEVER touch me, or them'

Duff turns and takes a step towards Ouka. 'What are *you* getting worked up about, huh, cutie?'

Akasha tilts her head towards Ouka & Megumi

Ouka growls at him softly and raises her walking stick slightly.

Ouka says, 'I was just wondering how sh*t could walk and talk.'

Akasha's lips quirk slightly at Ouka's comment

Megumi snickers dispite her foul mood.

Duff sighs regretfully. 'Looks like Mama Bitch has her little bitches well trained. It'll be fun to... untrain them.

You say, 'Another time, perhaps.'

Akasha slaps Duff across the face

Megumi asks, 'Just who do you think the mama is?'

Ouka gives him a little grin and makes an obscene gesture at him.

Ouka says, 'You couldn't handle us.'

Duff swings his walking stick jauntily and rolls with Akasha's slap.

Duff spins on his heel and walks out of the plaza.