Sticky Bits of Human

Ean eats a grenade.
Ean blinks. 'Is Zeragle Juglern some kind of brazilian fruit?'
Fi says, 'Poisonous to normal humans, undoubtedly.'
Ean explodes, showering you with sticky bits of human!
Bok sighs.
Fi grimaces and wipes sticky bits off her face.
Bok says, 'Man, I hate when people explode.'
Fi licks sticky bits off one finger and smiles. 'Strawberry!'
Fi says, 'Mmmmm.'
Fi turns to Bok. 'Will you explode, so we can see what flavor you are?'
Bok arches an eyebrow at Fi.
Bok says, 'No.'

New! Improved! Sticky bits of human! Melt in your mouth, not in your hand. Not available in grape. See package for details. Sale restricted in 51 states, not for consumption by anyone.

Fi shrugs. 'Fine, fine. It was just an idea.'
Fi chuckles.
Bok jots down a note. 'If revolution = tomorrow, then Fi tomorrow evening = scalped.'
Fi begins to choke, suddenly. She raises one hand to her throat.
Bok looks around for a pen to perform a makeshift tracheaotomy with.
Kes wipes human off her new dress.
Kes looks at you.
Fi coughs and wheezes, and her face turns red.
Kes shrugs vaguely.
Fi manages to gasp, 'allergic... reaction...'
Bok can't find one, so just finger-strikes Fi's throat.

Your left arm feels a bit numb and tingly. Suddenly, the pain increases, and your heart feels like it explodes in your chest as you die from a massive heartattack!
Your senses fade as you slip into oblivion...

Fi says, 'Oooh, man. That hurt.'
Bok says, 'Death usually does.'
Kes says, 'That's a new one.'
Fi shakes her head ruefully. 'That'll teach me to put unknown sticky bits / non food items in my mouth.'