============= Nurse Rafe does drugs despite Kenneth (8-25) =============

You are using:
<Head> a little white nurse cap
<Eyes> some eyeliner
<Ears> a pair of silver earrings
<Torso> a white nurse dress
<Lower Legs> white stockings
<Feet> white nurse shoes
<Held> a blood packet

Nexus Plaza Cat is resting here.

Cat's back seems tense with anger. She stares fixedly into the pool.

Razor arrives from the south.

Rafe looks thoughtful. 'You okay?'

Cat looks around. 'Wha? Oh. Nothing I want to talk about.'

Rafe gets a bottle of pills from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe offers Cat some pills.

Cat raises an eyebrow.

Kenneth arrives from below.

Cat asks, 'Rafe, what kind of pills?'

Kenneth's form limps away from the transit steps and towards a bench.

Rafe grins slyly. 'What kind do you want?'

Cat smiles tentatively, then remembers she's angry and tries to reassemble her frown.

Rafe walks over to Cat, spilling multi-colored pills into his palm.

Cat asks, 'what are my choices?'

Cat looks curiously at Rafe.

You say, 'Sedatives, painkillers, caffeine, for starters.'

Kenneth stops, glancing towards Rafe and Cat.

Kenneth looks at you.

Cat looks at Kenneth.

You say, 'Hallucinogens, uppers, downers,...'

Cat shrugs.

Rafe peers into a pill bottle, shaking it around.

You frown.

You say, 'Damn.'

Kenneth's stern features give way to suprise.

Razor asks, 'you got any banshee?'

You think. Hmmmmm.

You say, 'Lemme check.'

Rafe gets a pillbox from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe opens a pillbox.

Rafe nods and grins. 'I got 4 left!'

Rafe beams happily.

Kenneth walks to a payphone and slips a credit inside, dialing a number.

Rafe turns back to Cat. 'You just looked a bit... tense. I thought a couple of these might help.' He offers Cat 2 blue pills. 'They'll relax you.'

Cat accepts the pills doubtfully. 'What are they?'

You whisper to Cat, 'I have no idea.'

Kenneth ICs: *calls into ASA headquaters* Hello? Yes, I have reason to believe a man is selling drugs without a license in Nexus Plaza.

Razor says, 'blue pills for a blue eyed girl'

Cat whispers to you, '*giggle*'

You nod.

An ASA dispatcher ICs: If there's only one man selling drugs without a license, then consider us gods.

Kenneth mumbles into the phone quietly.

Cat says, 'erm. thanks but no thanks, I guess.'

You shrug.

You say, 'Okay.'

Cat says, 'I'll just watch the water a little while longer.'

Kenneth ICs: Sure...Fine... *click*

Cat moves back over to the edge of the pool and sits down.

Rafe nods. 'That's good for your bloodpressure.'

Rafe puts a pill bottle in a nylon hockey bag.

Kenneth slams the phone back into it's cradle.

Rafe sits at an empty bench, crossing his legs.

Cat looks over her shoulder at Kenneth, a little startled.

Kenneth mumbles. 'Fine, I'll take this into my own hands..'

Kenneth turns and limps towards Rafe.

Rafe looks into a pillbox, pushing around multi-colored pills with his index finger.

Kenneth exclaims, 'hey! You!'

Rafe looks up at Kenneth. 'Yeah?'

Cat scrambles to her feet, looking concerned.

Kenneth asks, 'You got a license for selling that shit?'

Rafe looks startled, then laughs.

Cat asks, 'uhm. what makes you think he was selling it....?'

You say, 'I wasn't selling them...'

Razor says, 'there has to be an exchange of credits for there to have been a sale dope.'

You exclaim, 'I was sharing, outta the goodness of my heart!'

Rafe beams happily.

Kenneth shakes his head.

You ask, 'Would you like some?'

Cat shrugs.

Kenneth says, 'Liar.'

Cat asks, 'what?'

Rafe looks at Kenneth's leg with sympathy. 'I've got some good pain killers that might help.

Kenneth chuckles calmly. 'Pain killers? And destroy the wonderful sensation of pain?'

Rafe blinks his eyes innocently.

Symon arrives from below.

Razor says, 'pain looks good on strangers.'

You say, 'Well, I don't assume what people prefer.'

Symon says, 'I could go for another one of those needles.'

Rafe takes a yellow pill, then closes a pillbox.

Kenneth tosses frosty white hair from his eyes. 'Look, I'll offer you some very good advice. Don't go around offering drugs, any ASA sees that, and you're screwed.'

Rafe perks up at Symon's suggestion.

Rafe gets a big hypodermic needle from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe holds a big hypodermic needle.

You stand up.

Cat shrugs.

Rafe walks over to Symon.

med symon You successfully treat the wounds.

Rafe beams happily. Razor spits on his hands.

Kenneth watches Rafe. 'Of course he doesn't listen to me...'

Rafe refills a big hypodermic needle from a bottle.

med symon You successfully treat the wounds.

Symon says, 'thanks'

Cat asks, 'why would he?' Symon asks, 'your not giving me too much, are you?'

Rafe frowns at Kenneth.

Kenneth shrugs. 'It's useful advice for one Madame.'

Kenneth glances at Cat.

You shake your head in disagreement with Symon.

Cat snorts.

Symon says, 'alright, just checking'

Cat says, 'whatever.'

You say, 'Trust me, I'm a nurse.'

Rafe puts a big hypodermic needle in a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe pats Symon on the head, then goes to sit down.

Kenneth says, 'A nurse.... Yeah, but shouldn't you be dressed in a male nurses uniform?''

Razor says, 'a nurse with a key to the meds locker. :P'

Rafe bats his eyelashes prettily.

You blush.

You shake your head in disagreement with Kenneth.

You exclaim, 'The men's uniforms are so BORING!'

Razor says, 'I think he looks better in a dress.'

Kenneth pinches the bridge of his nose, the normally calm features now etched with frustration.

Cat sighs.

Cat asks, 'why does it bother you?'

Rafe straightens his nurse's cap.

Rafe winks at Razor. 'Why, thank you, dear!'

Kenneth replies quietly. 'I take medications, not because I want to. I just really can't imagine people taking them for fun.'

Rafe hmms thoughtfully. Cat responds slowly. 'Maybe you misunderstood what you saw a little...'

Razor says, 'he likes to narc for fun.'

Rafe squints at Kenneth. 'What's wrong with you? I mean, why do you hafta take meds?'

Kenneth raises a hand in response to Cat.

Symon leaves down.

Cat raises an eyebrow.

Kenneth asks, 'Ever heard of Lithium Diocarbinate?'

Rafe nods excitedly.

Razor chews on the end of a toothbrush thoughtfully.

Kenneth says, 'I take that...'

Razor asks, 'anti-freeze?'

Kenneth shakes his head.

You say, 'Oooooh. You have any,... uh... ' Rafe pauses. 'nevermind.'

Kenneth says, 'Anti-freeze to people who takes it for fun.'

*help drugs: *ANTI-FREEZE - Street slang for Lithium Dycarbonate, a powerful anti-*psychotic used in helping psycho's regain a measure of control. Because *Anti-Freeze was designed for the genetic makeup of a psycho, anyone else *whouses this drug has an intense lapse of schizophrenia.

Kenneth chuckles finally, a simple shake of his head. 'Anti-freeze.... Such an interesting name for a medication that I'm so dependant upon..'

Razor says, 'that's so sad.'

Razor sniffs sadly.

You say, 'I think someone slipped me some of that at a party a few months ago. That was... interesting. Don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon, though.'

Razor stops using a travel toothbrush.

Kenneth steps towards Rafe, whispering in his ear.

Kenneth whispers to you, 'I take it, because it's made to keep my kind from being drooling idiots!'

Cat sighs.

Cat turns back to watching the water.

Rafe rolls his eyes. 'I know that!'

Razor says, 'hey old man, you should color the ends of your hair green.'

Kenneth looks up from Rafe and turns to Razor. 'Old man?'

You whisper to Kenneth, 'well, I knew what it was for. I just assumed you needed it for the same reason as everyone else.'

l kenneth Long, frost-white hair tumbles down his back, reaching the waist. Hunter green eyes holds an odd calm, almost lacking emotion. His near six foot frame is athletic, muscles rippling with near graceful movements.

Razor shrugs.

Rafe chuckles at Razor, hiding his mouth behind his hand to try and muffle the laughter.

Kenneth chuckles softly. 'Old man...'

Rafe nods. 'I think so. You don't look *that* old, though.'

You say, 'Must be your hair...'

You think. Hmmmmm.

Razor says, 'maybe it's his attitude.'

Rafe cocks his head to one side, examining Kenneth.

Kenneth glances back at Razor. 'maybe I don't like you.'

Razor says, 'oh god, I'm crushed.'

Razor frowns.

Razor sniffs sadly.

Kenneth chuckles. 'Damn right you are..'

Cat looks around. 'How nice everyone is being tonight.'

Rafe begins to look nervous. He stands up and moves to a bench farther away from the two men.

Kenneth turns to face Razor, his eyes glance towards the two cannons.

Rafe fidgets nervously.

Kenneth says, 'Only a fool would fight here.'

Kenneth says, 'And you are not worth it.'

Razor shrugs.

Kenneth slants his eyes for a moment before walking towards Cat.

Razor grabs ahold of a travel toothbrush.

Cat looks at Kenneth.

Kenneth stops silently when he is beside Cat, his eyes fall upon the water's reflection.

Kenneth faces Cat calmly. 'I am sorry madame, for any discomfort I may have caused you.'

Razor says, 'anyone got something to read? I'm getting bored watching you guys.'

Cat glances over at Razor irritably.

Rafe rustles around in a nylon hockey bag.

Cat turns back to Kenneth. 'Not really your fault. I'm just bitchy right now.'

Rafe gets a copy of "Honcho" from a nylon hockey bag.

Kenneth smirks. 'As am I...'

Cat shrugs.

Cat grins.

Rafe offers the magazine to Razor.

Razor asks, 'can I read it?'

You nod.

*You tell Razor, 'not a real item.' Cat says, 'It's just that kind of morning, I guess.'

Rafe gives Razor a magazine.

You say, 'It's not heavy on articles, though.'

Kenneth folds pleather clad arms over his chest. 'Yeah....'

Razor stands up.

Rafe looks a bit apprehensive. Razor moves to another bench.

Razor sits down.

Cat says, 'Maybe something in the air....''

Cat sniffs delicately.

Razor looks at the model on the cover of the magazine.

Razor opens the magazine and slowly turns the pages.

Kenneth looks up at the dome thoughtfully. 'No. People are just that, People.'

Cat shrugs.

Cat says, 'By the way, I'm Cat.' and holds out her hand.

Kenneth says, 'All that talk of chemicals causing mood swings. We're just people... '

Razor turns the magazine sideways and stares at it for a moment, before he resumes flipping pages.

Kenneth takes Cat's hand gently, he brings it to his lips and kisses the back of her hand gently.

Cat blushes.

Cat says, 'um....'

Kenneth says, 'Ken..'

Cat says, 'er....'

Razor says, 'hmm...'

Cat says, '....nice to meet you.'

Razor chews thoughtfully on the end of a toothbrush.

Kenneth chuckles, his kevlar hugged fingers slipping away from Cat's hand. 'Likewise..'

Cat nods.

Razor holds the magazine up to his face.

Cat stares almost desperately at the pool.

Rafe smiles at Razor. 'Good dental hygeine is important. You're smart to keep up with it.'

Rafe beams happily.

Razor lowers a magazine.

Razor asks, 'huh?'

Kenneth glances over at Razor and Rafe as he speaks to cat simply. 'They are rather, entertaining..'

Rafe indicates Razor's toothbrush. 'Brushing your teeth. I said it's a good idea.'

Cat shrugs.

Kenneth says, 'In a really messed up way..'

Cat says, 'Rafe's fun sometimes. Especially when he's busy hiding under cannons....'

Razor says, 'uh, yeah. it's a mint flavored toothbrush. I like to suck on it.'

You gasp.

You glare at Cat.

Cat grins wickedly at Rafe.

Kenneth turns to Cat. 'Why is he wearing a dress?'

Rafe mumbles something about oral fixations.

Cat shrugs. 'I guess he likes to.'

Razor closes a magazine.

Kenneth rubs his chin. A thoughtful look in his hunter green eyes.

Cat looks at you.

Cat says, 'it is better than faery wings....'

Rafe straightens the skirt of his nurse outfit, self-consciously.

Kenneth says, 'Faery wings...'

Cat shrugs.

Cat says, 'you had to be here.'

Kenneth says, 'of course. Faery wings. Now I remember.'

Rafe's eyes light up. 'Did somebody say Faery?'

Kenneth looks at you.

Razor says, 'Rafe'

Razor gives a magazine to Rafe.

Razor says, 'thanks.'

You grin.

Cat winces. 'Oh no...'

You say, 'Sure, no prob.'

Rafe puts a magazine back in his bag.

Rafe beams happily.

Kenneth says, 'That's where I remember him from. He's the crazy guy...'

Cat nods.

Rafe's brow crinkles in distress. 'I am not crazy!'

Rafe stomps his foot.

You pout.

You sit down.

Razor says, 'at least you aren't taking anti-freeze.'

Cat pats Rafe, rather distantly. 'Uhm. Of course you aren't.'

Rafe grins mischievously.

You get glittery faery wings from a nylon hockey bag.

Kenneth rubs his chin. 'Why am I even talking to these people.... I don't even talk to these kind even if I'm paid to..'

Rafe strokes his faery wings, but does not put them on.

Cat looks slightly hurt.

Rafe carefully folds his glittery faery wings.

You put glittery faery wings in a nylon hockey bag.

Kenneth mumbles. 'That's the reason...'

Cat blinks. 'You wouldn't talk to me even if you were paid to?'

Kenneth clasps gloved hands behind his back. 'I was refering to the two... gentlemen...'

Cat says, 'ah. well, that's okay then.'

Cat grins.

Kenneth nods.

Kenneth says, 'I'm always willing to talk to a lady. Long as I don't have buisness to attend with.'

Cat nods.

Razor asks, 'what sort of business are you in dude?'

Kenneth chuckles. 'name it.'

Razor says, 'wait I forgot, you're not talking to us kind.'

Kenneth says, 'Better question is. What buisness am I not in.''

Rafe pipes up, 'Drugs!'

Razor asks, 'porn?'

Kenneth says, 'drugs... No.'

Razor says, 'too uptight to deal drugs or do porn.'

Kenneth's calm look wanes. 'I'm a mercenary...'

Rafe mentally undresses Kenneth, evaluating his suitability for porn.

Razor asks, 'you got a gun?'

You nod your head in agreement with Razor.

Kenneth says, 'I might.'

Cat raises an eyebrow.

Razor asks, 'this is my rifle this is my gun, one is for fucking, one is for fun?'

Rafe looks horrified. 'Oooh, I *hate* guns!'

Kenneth frowns.

Cat says, 'except those cannons, Rafe....'

You cringe.

Cat smirks.

Rafe sticks his tongue out at Cat.

Kenneth shakes his head and turns back to Cat. 'What were we talking about?'

Razor says, 'umm...'

Razor leaves west.

Rafe looks thoughtful for a minute.

Kenneth says, 'Don't remember... Hmm.'

Rafe clears his throat. 'Um...

Cat looks at you.

Cat asks, 'yes?'

You ask, 'Aren't lots of, uh, mercenary thingies as illegal as selli ng drugs?'

Kenneth places a foot on the edge of the pool, a faint grin appearing on his lips.

Kenneth glances at Rafe. 'Ever see me do anything illegal?'

Rafe shakes his head, and counters, 'Ever see *me* do anything illegal?'

Kenneth says, 'Maybe.'

Rafe looks surprised. 'Really? What?'

Kenneth chuckles softly, pointedly ignoring the question as his attention drifts back to Cat.

Cat raises an eyebrow.

Rafe straghtens his nurse's cap.

Kenneth stands straight, he offers an arm to Cat. 'Shall we go get a bite to eat?'

Rafe waves cheerily.

Cat accepts Kenneth's arm. 'Okay.'

Cat starts to follow Kenneth.

Kenneth leaves south. Cat leaves south.

Rafe gets a pill bottle from a nylon hockey bag.

Rafe opens a pill bottle, spilling the contents into his palm.

Kenneth arrives from the north.

Rafe looks thoughtfully at the multi-colored pills in his hand, as if trying to decide which is which.

Kenneth approches Rafe quietly from behind.

Kenneth leans closer, then speaks, purposely loud. 'Hello Medicine Man.'

Rafe jumps, startled by Kenneth, and spills half the pills onto the concrete.

You glare at him.

You exclaim, 'Goddamn you, you... bitch!'

Kenneth quietly presses his foot down, crushing most of the pills underneath.

Rafe gets down on his hands and knees, picking up pills.

Rafe slaps at Kenneth's legs. 'Get away, you fiend!'

Kenneth asks, 'And if I get away? What is in it for me?'

Rafe frowns and puts the remaining pills back in the bottle.

Rafe slumps down on the concrete, crossing his legs and sighing.

You say, 'Nuthin.'

Kenneth looks at you.

Kenneth smirks. 'Your balls are showing.'

Rafe grins wickedly. 'Why are you looking?'

Kenneth jerks his foot back, sending the crushed capsules helplessly about the plaza.

Rafe winks at Kenneth.

Kenneth says, 'Because you are showing me.'

Rafe mutters something about repression under his breath.

Kenneth looks down at Rafe calmly, he then turns and walks off towards the pool.

Rafe shifts his legs so that they are folded primly beneath him.

You exclaim, 'Hmph!'

Rafe calls out at Kenneth, across the plaza, 'You know, those cost me a lot of credits!'

Kenneth replies. 'I hope the person you bought them from had a license..'

Rafe pouts and picks at the crushed pills on the ground. He sighs.

You glare at Kenneth.