It's Angry Emily (TM). As if there's any other kind. This is just an external display of her constant inner monologue. (Dirk Crane is played by Ezekiel.)

Emily's expression is tight and tired, her face and hands smudged with grime, her camos wrinkled and stained. Limp brown hair frames features that are too strong to be pretty. Only her posture and the set of her jaw hint at the privilege she grew up with. She looks like a woman who is not just down on her luck, but on the run from something.
<Head>             an elastic ponytail holder
<Eyes>             some eyeliner
<Torso>            an Auroran BDU shirt
<Legs>             some BDU pants
<Feet>             some combat boots

Dirk Crane arrives from below.

Emily Spencer frowns and holds one side of her headset closer to her ear, listening intently.

Dirk Crane looks as if he hasn't shaved in a few days and wears plain clothes.

You tell Dirk Crane, 'do you look human or goth?'

Dirk Crane tells you, 'goth'

Dirk Crane wears a playful grin on his face.

Dirk Crane has light grey skin and pitch black hair.

Emily Spencer paces nervously, still intent on her headset. She chews on her lip while she listens.

Dirk Crane glances over at Emily.

Emily Spencer glances up at the grey-skinned man and pauses mid-step. Her eyes narrow and she clenches her jaw.

Emily Spencer eases the headset off her ears so that it hangs around her neck.

Dirk Crane says, 'ello.'

Dirk Crane nods to Emily.

Emily Spencer sneers at the man in surprise. 'What did you say?'

Dirk Crane asks, 'I said, 'ello miss, how do ya do?'

Dirk Crane has a very heavy accent.

Emily Spencer mutters under her breath, 'Good god. Not even American, for Christ's sake.' She raises her voice and snaps, 'I'm fine. I've been better.'

Dirk Crane grins and bites his lower lip.

Dirk Crane says, 'Aye.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'You from 'ere?'

Emily Spencer growls, 'I'm not from Hhhhhere. Neither are you, that much is obvious.'

Emily Spencer looks the man up and down disdainfully. 'Why don't you go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under?'

Dirk Crane scratches his head in a sort of innocent bewilderness.

Dirk Crane asks, 'Ave I done somethin' to ya miss to upset ya?'

Dirk Crane frowns and looks down shyly.

Dirk Crane asks, 'Bad day?'

Emily Spencer shudders. 'Your very existence offends me. You and all your kind. Dirty animals!' She spits on the pavement between them.

Dirk Crane perks up a bit with a grin.

Emily Spencer scowls darkly.

Dirk Crane's grin quickly fades into a bit of frown.

Dirk Crane says, 'Ohhh...An' I thought you were jus' PMSin'.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'Yer one o' those, are ya?'

Emily Spencer accuses, 'What're you? Some kind of clay-face?'

Emily Spencer says, 'One of *what*? I'm *human* thank you very much. Show some respect.'

Dirk Crane says, 'hey hey now...I dunt go insultin' you.'

Dirk Crane says, 'An' you should show me sume respect.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'What crime am I guilty of? Lookin' at ya an' bein' polite?'

Emily Spencer rolls her eyes and takes a step closer to the man. 'You and all your dirty half-breed brothers are guilty of sins against God and Nature. We'd all be better off if you'd never been *designed*.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'An why do ya hate me so much?'

Emily Spencer exclaims, 'Don't pretend that you're not after our jobs, our homes, our *children*, for Christ's sake!'

Dirk Crane chuckles loudly, 'An' you think ya humans 'aven't done there crimes against God an' Nature?

Dirk Crane asks, 'An' who declares them your jobs?'

Emily Spencer glares, her eyes glittering dangerously. 'Only the humans who created your kind, and they're already burning in Hell, I assure you.'

Dirk Crane narrows his eyes a bit.

Dirk Crane is starting to show a little anger in his facial expressions.

Dirk Crane says, 'Oh, sure its true, miss. The higher unemployment rate is in "my kind."'

Emily Spencer raises her voice to a shrill screech, 'It's our FUCKING CITY!'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'but dats cause' racists like you us from gettin' jobs!'

Dirk Crane growls a bit, 'Thats all shite! An' you know it.'

Emily Spencer steps up to the man, just a couple of feet away, breathing heavily.

Dirk Crane says, 'Oh sure its easy fer you to live in your ignorant cloud o' hate.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'Is dat why ya do it?'

Emily Spencer continues loudly, 'Our city, *our* country, *our* God-damned planet!' She reaches out to push at the man's chest with one hand.

Dirk Crane asks, 'Its cause its so easy ta fuckin' hate, ain't it?'

Dirk Crane holds up his hands quickly.

Dirk Crane says, 'Oh, sure its people like you dat make many of my people do bad shite.'

Dirk Crane says, 'Hate begets hate.,'

Emily Spencer grins coldly, showing even, white teeth. Her voice drops to a hiss; 'It's easy to hate monsters like you, that's for sure.'

Emily Spencer shoves the man slightly again, to push him back.

Dirk Crane backs up a little.

Dirk Crane asks, 'An' what do ya want me ta do lady?'

Dirk Crane asks, 'Fuckin' hit ya?'

Dirk Crane asks, 'hmm?'

Dirk Crane says, 'You fucking ate' monger.'

Emily Spencer grins and leans in a touch, 'That'd just prove my point, now wouldn't it?'

Dirk Crane says, 'Its not like yer race doesn't go an' do bad shite too.'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'Hell all your fuckin' society problems are created by ya fuckin' humans!'

Dirk Crane is breathing heavily.

Dirk Crane balls up his fist.

Emily Spencer says, 'Yeah, well we had it pretty good until you... animals started popping up all over the place.'

Dirk Crane's anger is visibly rising.

Emily Spencer opens a pocket on her belt and holds her hand over it.

Emily Spencer says, 'You breed like rabbits. Creating more animals, more half-breeds. Kinds we never even imagined.'

Emily Spencer says, 'Dirtying the human race with your inferior genes.'

Dirk Crane says, 'Oh, fuckin' can it ya fuckin' Cunt!' suddenly burst forward holding one finger up. 'I've done nothin' ta you or your kind. Not even you fuckin' racist ignorant arseholes!'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'Neither race is better than the other! We have 'are goones, fuckin' ignorant murderers, and rapests, jus' like your race!'

Dirk Crane says, 'An' who is tryin' ta start a fight with who?'

Emily Spencer sneers, 'Not *just* like our race. Your kind is fucking out of control!'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'just like yours!'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'Its humans that fucked up the world long before the goths were ever even a fuckin idea!'

Emily Spencer rubs her palms on her pants, as if they are dirty. She gets an uncomfortable look on her face and takes a step back. 'And to think...' she pauses, looking at the man distastefully. 'I touched you. I think I'm gonna be sick.'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'So, dunt put dat shite on me an' my people cause you humans are always lookin' fer somethin' else ta blame an' 'ate!'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'Oh, fuck you!'

Dirk Crane reaches for Emily's arm.

Emily Spencer yanks her arm away and screams, 'Don't touch me, you filthy animal!'

Dirk Crane reaches in his pocket and takes out a knife.

Emily Spencer's face flushes redder, and her eyes go wide, looking almost panicked.

Dirk Crane cuts his hand.

Dirk Crane drops the knife on the ground.

Emily Spencer steps back, frightened and horrified. 'Don't get that shit anywhere near me!'

Dirk Crane holds out his bloody hand, 'See this? Do ya?'

Emily Spencer trembles. 'I see you soiling my ground, that's what I see.'

Dirk Crane says, 'You fuckin' see, you wanker, you cry I cry, you bleed I bleed. you sit on the fuckin' crapper, an so do I.'

Emily Spencer backs away slowly, jostling other pedestrians who happen to be in her path. She shakes her head abruptly. 'Chimps do all those things, too. You won't see me breeding with one of them.'

Dirk Crane gets more quiet and starts to calm down some, 'What? You dunt want ta soil your ground rich in my blood?

Dirk Crane asks, 'Isn't that what ya fuckin' want?'

Dirk Crane says, 'Oh, ta be alive is ta be in a shite state of affairs.'

Emily Spencer looks around nervously, trying to avoid contact with the other people. 'Everywhere,' she mutters. 'God-damned animals underfoot everywhere I go.'

Dirk Crane says, 'An' all the purgin' an shite like that ya do, wunt make any fuckin difference...'

Emily Spencer raises her head to look back at the man, her eyes sharp.

Dirk Crane says, 'Well, if thats what ya want.'

Dirk Crane says, 'Come on.'

Dirk Crane asks, 'Why are ya backin' up?'

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'If you an' your race are so goddamn proud then fuckin' face me!'

Dirk Crane says, 'Ere, stain yer 'ands.'

Emily Spencer scowls. 'I can't stand to share the same air with you, much less touch you. Keep the Hell away from me!'

Dirk Crane holds his arms out , as if inviting her.

Emily Spencer turns and runs from the plaza, holding one hand awkwardly over her belt pouch.

Dirk Crane exclaims, 'Come on! dunt be such a fuckin' pussy!'