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December 3, 2001 - Year-end roundup, part one

A little bit of N'Sync slash won't kill ya.

Wax Jism's series Underworld is sorta about N'Sync, but not really, because it's an AU (alternate universe) where they live in the sewers. Where people live in the sewers, rather than live in the Camps above. It's a dark world. It has nothing to do with pop stars.

Anyways, there's a little side-character named Alex who runs the lower sewer levels "with an iron fist." I found myself thinking I wanted to be "one of Alex's boys," but then remembered how shitty I am at following orders and how much I hate people who rule with iron fists. It's sort of Krycek, but he plays such a small part that I can't really call it a crossover. Also, we don't get to see him screwing anyone.


I also like this interesting collection of stories by Helen. They're sort of about NSync, because all the characters look like them, and they have the same names, but it's so AU (that's Alternate Universe for the uninitiated) that it may as well be about any 5 cute guys who are sorta, sometimes, gay. Start reading the first one [Help You Out] after the picture of the guys in their guerilla-gear. Just ... Damnit! ... Just fucking ignore the fact that it's supposed to be about N'Sync boys. It's not, okay? It's about a bunch of desperate rebels, hiding out in the jungle.


What collection of recs is complete without a Krycek crossover? I like Badbatz's story "The Lamb Entreats the Butcher; Where's Thy Knife?" where Krycek meets JC without knowing who he is, then sees him on the cover of a teen magazine.

December 2, 2001

So I took the Which Reservoir Dog Are You test, but I had to open up IE because the submit button doesn't work in Netscape. Be warned.

I am Mr. White. I've seen my share of the action, and I know what it takes to get things done.

Which reminds me of the only Reservoir Dogs slash story I've seen, Becoming by Debchan, about Mr. Orange (Tim Roth's character) and Mr. White, from White's perspective. I have a big thing for Tim Roth, and a moderate thing for Harvey Keitel. Neither one is pretty, but they're both fantastic actors who can do both subtle and overt stuff with their characters. I don't know if I really believe this story could have happened in the context of the movie, but that doesn't matter to me. [Reservoir Dogs, sex, manners]

Okay, I found another story, Lives Forever Changed by Sarah, from White's perspective. It's darker and, hmm... maybe not as well-written. I can't point at anything that's wrong with it, but it feels clumsy. I should learn how to critique fiction, I really should. [Reservoir Dogs, spoilers, violence, little sex]

Also, it made me think of the quote, "White contains every other shade," from Truth or Dare by Jane Mortimer:

Now Alex looked back at him and flashed an angelic smile. He said, "What's your favorite color?"

Mulder blinked. "What?"

"Is it blue? I'm guessing blue." You fuck. Mulder knew exactly what the man was doing. "Or maybe not, maybe blue is what you'd prefer it to be. Kind of a calm, average color choice. Maybe it's something more specific. Like the shade of light you see through water on the shore of a warm country. I'm fond of that, myself. But no... you'd go for more of a northern light, I think. Less stained glass, more pure."

What are you, a fucking art historian? Mulder bit down on the words.

"White," he ground out, instead.

"Come on, nobody's favorite color is white. Unless you're trying to make some kind of symbolic statement. And if you are, I'd get my hat back from the check-girl and hold it under the light, because it's gotten a little discolored lately."

"White contains every other shade."

"All truth in one place? Jeez, Mulder, that's not a color preference, that's a wish-fulfillment."

July 18, 2001

Wow. You know, these stories are just too cute for words. Byers and Krycek, but not in the way you'd expect from a slash story. They're both by Pares, and can be found at Unusual Suspects, the Lone Gunmen slash archive or at The Ska Lab, Pares' own site. Byers is adorable and prissy and easily flustered, and Krycek is confident, sexy, and a little bit sadistic, kind of like the cat that plays with its prey.

An Uninvited Guest: Saved by the Bell. John Fitzgerald Byers receives an unexpected visit from one Alex Krycek.

An Uninvited Guest: Random Acts of Fate. A variation on a theme.

July 7, 2001

I made up a collection of 6 story excerpts, designed to suck my friends into the Mulder/Krycek fandom. Since I can't give you all a stapled handout, I'll post it here.

May 11, 2001

Bet you thought I'd never post another rec, didn't you? Huh? Huh? ... Tell the truth, now. I did something that was overdue - I went through and corrected all the broken links. After the shakedown of erotica sites on some of the webservers, some pages got moved 'round.

I've got a whole load of miscellaneous stuff to unload, so here it goes:

Jay/Silent Bob: Night Shift by Katherine F. [Dogma, nosex]

Highlander: Lessons in Futility, a parody of Highlander fanfic cliches, by elynross and Luminosity.
And there's a fun story about the Mountie's boots here. [Due South]

Homicide: Life on the Street: Tim Bayliss never gets any.
Bayliss/Kowalski (Homicide/Due South): Lunar Eclipse in G Minor by Wax Jism. Cute take on the "guy walks into a bar" line. Kowalski's running self-narration is funny and self-deprecating.

Bayliss/Krycek (Homicide/X-Files): And Now For Something Completely Different by Amy B. Krycek's on the prowl, and he sets his sights on cute, nerdy Bayliss: "Just before the apartment door slammed shut he thought he heard a plaintive voice cry, 'But we were on a break!'"

January 16, 2001

I RULE! I found a copy of MonaR's Scar Tissue [XF/laFN, sex] on my hard drive. So I've uploaded it in its entirety, exactly as I copied it from her source. The link to her old webpage is broken, of course.

January 9, 2001

Krycek makes such a wonderful crossover subject:

This page describes Krycek as the little black dress of fandom, suitable for any company and any occasion. You'll find a dozen crossovers in multiple fandoms. I especially like "Take Me to Your Leader" [XF/BtVS, Spike] by Cody Nelson and "Battle: Rat" [XF/Iron Chef, Chairman Kaga] by the Spike. Be sure to read the description under the "Neep" link.

Te has a few Krycek crossovers here. Krycek gets to meet Methos from Highlander and Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but not both at the same time). How much I like these stories depends on my mood. Te's done some better stuff, like The Dress. [XF, Mulder/Krycek, very short]

Zen&Nancy have a bunch of crossovers here. Most feature Krycek. I especially like Dogs in the Yard [XF/DS, anonymous sex], where Krycek meets Ray Kowalski, the second Chicago cop from Due South. Rough sex between desperate, wired men. Krycek loves a good beating, but we already knew that. I haven't read the Krycek/Duncan story because I really don't care for Duncan. He's like the anti-Krycek in most personality traits. Booooring!

I really liked "Scar Tissue" by MonaR [XF/laFN], but I'm unable to find it, now. I searched and searched, but it seems to be gone. Which is too bad, because it had Krycek with Michael from La Femme Nikita. Krycek receives his indoctrination to Section, much like Nikita did when she was first recruited, but with more sex.

Your Eyes [XF/HL, vodka, humor] by Sleeps With Coyotes (Ladonna) pairs Krycek with Kronos from Highlander. Kronos was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and a truly bad man. Kinda hot, huh? What kind of man isn't afraid of Kronos? Drunken!Krycek, of course!

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