Here's a list of my really, truly favorite slash stories. Each of them is already linked off my "fave stories" page. I think. Probably. In one fashion or another.

This list may change from time to time, so check back often.
No, not that often. Stop hitting the "refresh" button on your browser. I meant like every few weeks.

Serious Stories

  • Bulletins From Bedlam by Jessica Harris.
    Mulder/Krycek before, during, and after alien colonization of Earth. Dark. I re-read it, and the related stories, from time to time. This is probably my favorite Mulder/Krycek story, ever. It's all about crazy, as I said to a friend of mine. Mulder goes mad, and Krycek sticks by him. Do read the related Sidebars: Trust and Ghosts. [XF, plot, tragedy, insanity, hardlyanysex]

  • Sheltered Life by torch. Krycek/Byers very early on. Short and sweet and funny, and it contains one of my favorite lines, "I'm really horny, why don't you have a drink?" [XF, humor, first time, sex, tarp]

  • One Fine Day in the NSA by Wax Jism.
    Krycek/Oz (from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"). This is the last story in the series, but all you really need to know is that Krycek was sent to Sunnydale to retrieve Oz for his employers, and they fell for each other along the way. Bittersweet, but I like that kind of thing. [XF/BtVS, plot, tragedy, nosex]

  • Grey Havens by Cody Nelson.
    Krycek and Mulder on the phone, late at night. Bless Mulder's photographic memory. It's short and kinda sad, and I like how Krycek's situation is given an archetypal status by its comparison to Frodo's. [XF, mental suffering, Tolkien quotations, nosex]

Humorous Stories

  • Jedi at the Gate by Chat Noir.   Hysterical short parody set at the end of Phantom Menace, when they're trapped between the energy gates. [TPM, nosex, humor, innuendo]

  • Diary of a Horseman by Boadicea and Ellen Smithee. [HL, raping, pillaging, humor, crossover]

  • A Man's Man by Halrloprillalar: Doggett/Skinner. Who's the alpha male, huh? [XF, humor, naked male insecurity, sex]

  • The Judgement of Paris, also by Halrloprillalar: Krycek/Lone Gunmen. Whose Kung Fu is the best? Let Alex Krycek decide. [XF, humor, nosex, crullers]


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