Favorite Slash Sites (Revised 30-Nov)

the flambeau factory

Torch is my favorite all-around slash writer. Really fantastic stuff. There's nothing of hers that I haven't liked, even if it's in a fandom I don't follow much. She hasn't written X-Files in a while, but there's enough there, and it's good enough, that you can start from the top, once you've finished it all. [lots of X-Files, Star Wars, Voyager. some Highlander, Vampire Chronicles, misc]

Wax Jism

Wax's page is awesome. It looks great, and the stories are fantastic. [Contains: X-Files, Due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sentinel]

Jessica Harris' Slash Fiction  

Jessica wrote the "Bedlam" series, one of my all-time favorites. Her X-Files stories tend to be dark and gritty, with plenty of mental anguish, physical suffering, and balls-out insanity for everyone. Which doesn't explain how her characters are likeable, so you'll just have to trust me that they are. [lots of X-Files, some Due South]

Wombat's Fanfic and Funny Stuff  

Oh, she's the queen of X-Files humor. Don't believe those other spoof sites; demand the Real Thing. Mulder and Krycek Spotter's Guides, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Mulders, and many more. [lots of X-Files, some Phantom Menace and Highlander]


Due South archive and B-movie women's prison. "Bindlestitch--so named for the repair job done on Fraser's lovely, lovely boots--is two-Rays-friendly, kink-friendly, weirdness-friendly and, yes, actorslash-friendly (oh, horror of all horrors!). If you have a sense of humor and yearn to flee the corpse-strewn Vecchio vs. Kowalski battlefield, come and join us." [lots of Due South]

JiM's Fiction Page

What happens to the X-Files main characters 5 or even 10 years down the road? The "Houseboat Variations" offer interesting possible futures. Most of these stories are romantic in a melancholy, "too tired to fight about it" way. [lots of X-Files, some Highlander, Johnny Quest]

The Sith Academy

My favorite Star Wars parody site. Read the first 5 stories in order, then pick and choose based on the summaries. Siubhan only accepts quality stories which have been spell-checked and edited for grammar and content. God(dess) bless a talented Editor. [Phantom Menace, AU]

Siubhan's Fanfic

by the same genius who created the Sith Academy. She seems to alternate between truly silly and devastatingly angstful, but rarely in the same story. "Everybody Loves Yoda"[Phantom Menace], "Prison Buddies" [X-Men], and "Eon Harry - 24th Century Drag Consultant"[Voyager] are very, very funny. "Razor's Edge" is an angstful and hot Phantom Menace piece. "Beneath the Harrow" is a touching and bittersweet X-Men series. [Phantom Menace, Voyager, X-Men]

Blood, Love & Rhetoric

Sleeps With Coyotes' Slash Fiction. Look for "The Abomination" on the X-Files and Highlander pages. It's aptly described. This multi-fandom crossover will bend your brain, and not necessarily in a good way. [lots of X-Files, Highlander, Phantom Menace, Crossovers. Some Velvet Goldmine]

Fanfiction by Kest

Try "Aporia." [lots of X-Files, some Sports Night]

House of Slack

Zen and Nancy are cool. Really cool. Check out "Push". [lots of X-Files, Highlander, Sentinel, Due South, Hard Core Logo, Crossovers]

Cody's Slash

Lots of bdsm among Mulder and/or Krycek and/or Skinner. [X-Files]

Unusual Suspects

Lone Gunmen slash by a variety of authors. It's all here: Krycek/Byers, Mulder/Byers, Byers/Langly... even Frohike gets some action. Serious, touching, and balls-out funny stories for (almost) everyone. [X-Files]


(try typing that one from memory) has a great site full of funny, funny stories. Did I mention funny?

Big Slash Sites
(Revised 08-Nov)

I suggest only using these sites when you are looking for a specific story or author. Say you find a broken link to a story that you want to read (likely if the recommendation was written more than a year ago). You go to one of these pages and search for the title, and POW! There's your story.

Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
Long list of links to every fandom you can imagine, and many you wish you hadn't. Go here if you're a fan of a more obscure show or pairing.

Down in the Basement
has several different archives: Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Skinner, ScullySlash, BadFic, and archives of older stories.Big, big archive of stories. Some are good, many more are not. I'm linking to it because some people just can't get enough.

Red and the Black
Another collection of Mulder/Krycek miscellanea. Quality varies.

Master and Apprentice
Probably the biggest archive of Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon slash. Some stories are good, but it's chock-full of mediocre angst and sappy romance. You have been warned.