I go to science fiction conventions like ConFusion, ConTraption, and ConClave. These conventions always have masquerades or costume events, and I love dressing up. So I make costumes. Like these:

My Jedi costume at ConFusion 2000 which was actually made by my good friend Raven:

At ConFusion 2001, my half-devil/ half-angel costume which was inspired by the cover of Pantheon. That's bodypaint on top and tights underneath. I made the wings from scratch.

On Halloween (not at a convention) 2001, Jack the narrator and Tyler Durden from Fight Club. I'm Jack, the one on the left.

At ConFusion 2002, Chiana from Farscape. This costume took me an awful lot of hours, but it paid off - I think it turned out great.

This was the first time I entered a costume contest, and I won in the "recreation" category. Go, me!

At ConTraption 2002, Spider Jerusalem from the comic book Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. Most of this costume involved sitting still while my friends drew on me with permanent markers, but I did make the bowel disruptor (that silvery weapon I'm wielding) on my own.

I was late to the costume judging, so they awarded me "Best Costume Not Appearing at this Con." I placed 8th out of 7.


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Last updated on July 13, 2002